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What is France’s Marine Le Pen really like?

If you rely on the CBC to tell you, you probably won’t get the truth.

They call her "far-right", "dangerous", and even "racist." But that’s what the CBC calls everyone they don’t like, from Stephen Harper to Donald Trump.

That’s not good enough for me. So I’m flying to France to find out for myself.

Along with a cameraman, I’m off to Paris for five days.

We’ll attend campaign events, speak with people on the street, and we’re even expecting an interview with Marion Le Pen – Marine Le Pen’s charismatic niece, who has become a powerful force within the party, especially for French youth.

What are they really like? What do they really stand for? Is she really the most popular woman in France  or is she a natural response to extreme events, like the relentless terrorist attacks on France, and the constant Islamification of French society?

But I’ll keep my eyes open, and my mind open too. I’ll report it like I see it – in French for, the French-language bureau of The Rebel, and in English too.

I promise you this: it will be unlike any report you’ll hear from Canada’s mainstream media.

Speaking of the mainstream media, unlike the CBC, we don’t get $1.5 billion in annual bail-outs. So we have to watch our pennies. The cost of flying me and my cameraman/producer to France is $1,200 per plane ticket. To save money, we’re staying in an AirBNB.

The total cost of our trip, including cab fare and meals, is approximately $4,500. That’s how much the CBC would spend on Peter Mansbridge’s hotel room alone!

But we are 100% crowdfunded. If you want to hear the truth about Marine Le Pen, please help us bring it to you.  Please donate below.  

In return, I promise to give you the best journalism in Canada on this important European election.

Yours truly,

Eric Duhaime