Watch all of Janice Atkinson's reports from the migrant jungles of Calais

Rebel Staff

I'm travelling to Calais and Ouistreham, two French ports that are under siege from a migrant invasion with one country as their destination — the UK.

We're exposing the lies told by the mainstream media, the EU and our own government

It's not the first time I will have been there. But it appears that things have changed for the worse. Migrants are walking across continents and multiple countries in the EU Schengen area, unchallenged. 

From across Africa and the Middle East, they invade the UK because they are told by the NGOs — the human rights industry — that borders do not matter, the UK is a utopia where they will find welfare, jobs on the black market and housing. 

We are seeing the mainstream media pictures of migrants in boats — it's good, cheap pictorial copy. The invasion of the boats is minuscule compared to the hidden invasion via trucks. They come in their thousands

President Macron had ordered the closure of the jungles and camps and dispersed the migrants around France. Paris became a sh*thole, other towns saw an increase in crime. 

The migrants made their way back to Calais. We are told there are only a couple of hundred migrants in and around Calais. This is a lie. There are still many hundreds, possibly thousands. 

Many migrants been holed up in makeshift tents for up to two years and are now ready to use whatever means to get here. They hate France and other EU countries — for many of them, there is only one destination, the UK. 

These illegals are entering the UK on a daily basis. Despite the tough talk from Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, the government is not being honest about the dangerous illegal immigrant population in the UK. Some estimates count them at 3 million. 

We're going to tell you the truth about the migrants and the dangers facing the innocent UK truckers and small business owners. 

This type of reporting is quite costly — and unlike our mainstream competitors, we’re not backed by big corporations or government funding. For myself, a camera crew, and a small security team to protect us from people smugglers and criminal gangs, we expect our total costs to amount to about £5000. 

If you are able to chip in to help cover our expenses, please do by clicking here. We'd greatly appreciate it.


“Why don't you want to stay in your own country?” Janice Atkinson interviews migrants in Calais

March 8, 2019: In the area that once housed the Calais Jungle, Janice found at least 100 illegal migrants in a camp in the middle of a business park.

“Send these people back”: Trucker describes harrowing experiences with migrants in Calais

March 8, 2019: Janice meets Kevin, a hard-working, no-nonsense truck driver from Huddersfield, UK. Kevin sat down with Janice in a truck stop in Calais, to describe some home truths about how criminal migrants impact his life.

Old Calais Jungle still occupied, British taxpayers sent £100 million for these flimsy French security fences

March 7, 2019: We are told that there is no migrant problem in Calais; that they have all been dispersed around France. But as I’ve discovered firsthand, many have made their way back to the former “Jungle" and they're determined to break into Britain.

“The impact of migrants on Ouistreham has been catastrophic”: Local French business owners speak out

March 6, 2019: Janice wanted to hear about the effects of the migrant crisis on local businesses in Ouistreham, France. 

Invasion IRONY: African migrants camp in WWII bunkers on Normandy beaches

March 5, 2019: When people think of the migrant crisis, they often think about the Calais Jungle. What few people realize is that once the Jungle was destroyed by French authorities, many of those migrants simply decamped to smaller, lesser-known French ports.

“Two migrants attacked our car”: The Rebel in Ouistreham, France

March 1, 2019: The migrants in Ouistreham are angry. They are being told by the people smugglers and charities that Brexit will stop their passage. All lies. They're becoming increasingly desperate. We were threatened earlier in the day when we tried to interview them, so we retreated to our car. But they kicked the doors, thumped the windows and tried opening the doors.

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commented 2019-03-07 02:51:43 -0500
Clem Alford, it is great you think of yourself as a complacent sub-servient Scot in London. I notice Mark Ratte’s comment just below yours: “Imported the Clans/tribes with all their hate.”
commented 2019-03-06 15:33:42 -0500
I see a direct parallel between the Czech who was recently killed by his pet lion, and the Europeans who (stupidly) welcome Muslim migrants with open arms. The naive thinking is, “If my heart is pure, I won’t be harmed.” Wrong! You’ll just die with a pure heart.
commented 2019-03-06 07:55:47 -0500
The politicians in UK and Europe have a lot to answer for over immigration. Apart from Orban, they all seem to not give a shit about the country and its population they are supposed to represent. Merkel even threw away the German flag!!
In London, I as a Scot, am an ethnic minority in the city. Whites are as a whole are in the minority. The Mayor of London is a Muslim of Pakistani background who, as a lawyer, legally represented an extreme Islamist group. The Home Secretary likewise with Pakistani parents and both swore their allegiance to their respective offices on the Koran, a medieval book which demands submission of the Kafir, that is non believers, the killing of Jews and gays and treating women as second class citizens and beating them if they are disobedient. The Mayor was supported by the UK Labour Party and the liberals who know nothing of what Islam instructs and then accuse those who do expose it or talk about it, of being racist and Islamophobic even though Islam is not a race!!
If the former Bangladeshi Muslim Mayor of Tower Hamlets in East London is an example of things to come, better watch out as knife crime has increased like anything. Corruption and racial cronyism was and is on the increase.
commented 2019-03-05 18:00:31 -0500
Imported the Clans/tribes with all their hate. Remember the Hutus and the Tutsis?
commented 2019-02-28 19:19:24 -0500
I wish you wouldn’t. Not a safe place for a blonde woman. Remember what happened to Lara Logan? She was reporting in Germany and a gang separated her from her security and gang raped her. Just fix what you can where you are. You can’t save Europe. Columbus sailed west to avoid the Middle East and now we welcome them here
commented 2019-02-28 10:32:02 -0500
The British Government is a fiasco and it’s members are idiots, (Canada too), In my opinion an election is the only answer. Look around Parliament and you see people who label themselves Remainers they infest all sides of the political spectrum and are terrified of leaving the EU. Theresa May is the Remainer in Chief, and because of her position, this makes her the most dangerous one of all. In truth, these so called Remainers are are nothing more than Marxist, flying the flag of Democracy and hiding their NWO affiliations. Their agenda is to rid the western world of the white working class, these people who are responsible for the creation of Democracy, are undesirable as far as the NWO is concerned because they have the ability to think and make decisions for themselves. They like a reasonable standard of living and comfortable accommodations for themselves and their family’s.
The NWO’s plan is inundating Western Countries with people who are obediant to their own trible leaders and follow the dogma of their religions with unquestionable faith. Islam is the answer and the NWO is seeing that it happens. This dose not bode well for the White Race and perhaps we should start to hone a fine and sharp edge on the working end of our Assault Rifles……The cheap labour is undesirable and the like to cut throats as do our Politicians.