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Rebel Staff

The only thing the mainstream media hates more than the United States is Israel.

The media hate it; leftists hate it; the UN hates it. And they’re all obsessed by it — a tiny sliver of land with just eight and a half million people.

So what’s it really like? And how does it survive as the only free democracy with full civil rights for women and minorities, including their Muslim minority, in a region that is full of violent revolutions, terrorism and medieval theocracies?

Well, The Rebel wants to show you.

Four journalists from The Rebel are flying to Israel to go on a fact-finding mission — to see for ourselves, everything from the Israeli security fence, to Israel's border with Syria, and even the settlements in the West Bank.

We’ll show you what it’s really like — the Israel that you never hear about from the mainstream media.

You can watch all the videos from our trip below. 

The cost for our airfare, hotels, ground transport, meals and other expenses for the week is about $5,000 dollars per person. If you can help us crowdfund this visit, and our journalism that we’ll do when we’re over there, please do, by donating below. 


Israel: UK activists admire Trudeau, say Palestinian Authority are puppets of the Jews

Published on 15 Mar 2017 - While on a fact-finding mission in Israel, Ezra Levant ran into two British pro-Palestinians who worked for a charity...

Mission accomplished on “hugely illuminating trip” to Israel

Published on 14 Mar 2017 - Wrapping up Rebel's whirlwind tour of Israel from the beach in Tel Aviv, Faith, Gavin and Sheila take a moment to reflect on their mission and share what they learned. 

Living in Sderot: Ten seconds to save your life

Published on 13 Mar 2017 - Less than 1 km from Gaza and the target of over 10,000 rockets, Mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi, tells Sheila Gunn Reid why he stays in what he describes as “the front line in the battle against evil”.

What would Che do to fix Palestine?

Published on 13 Mar 2017 - While walking around Palestine, Miles McInnis has an epiphany about what the revolution needs to succeed.

What Gavin McInnes really thinks about the Holocaust

Published on 12 Mar 2017 - Gavin arrives back from his Israel trip into a "Justine Sacco moment." Unfortunately for them, they're basing it on an out-of-context clip where he was calling them "nutjobs."

Israel: Miles McInnes at Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel

Published on 12 Mar 2017 - Gavin McInnes' left wing brother Miles followed him on his mission to Israel, because he wanted to see Banksy's "art project," the Walled Off Hotel.

A woman’s place in Bethlehem? They're only seen in propaganda graffiti

Published on 12 Mar 2017 - Standing across from the Church of the Nativity and in front of a mosque during the mid-day call to prayer, Sheila Gunn Reid notices something about women in Bethlehem. They're only seen on walls in propaganda graffiti.

Israel: “If you were Christian, would you hang around” Muslim-majority Bethlehem?

Published on 11 Mar 2017 - Ezra Levant reports from Bethlehem, Israel on the town's majority Muslim population and the submissive Christians who remain.

It’s Crusade O’clock in Bethlehem

Published on 11 Mar 2017 - Gavin McInnes and Faith Goldy are in Israel, wondering why Christians aren't angry that Bethlehem is now Muslim majority.

Israel: Military Service, Not Snowflakes!

Published on 10 Mar 2017 - Faith Goldy and Sheila Gunn Reid report from an Israeli Defense Force base in the Jordan Valley.

Israel’s greatest enemy isn’t Palestinians — it’s “the West’s political diplomatic culture”

Published on 10 Mar 2017 - Ezra Levant reports on the situation on the ground near the Gaza Strip. The area has complete autonomy and could be "another Dubai" but Ezra argues that Hamas and the west are keeping it from thriving.

A father in Sderot speaks: Raising children in the shadow of Islamist terrorism

Published on 10 Mar 2017 - Sheila Gunn Reid speaks with a Sderot father whose young family lives on the front lines of the constant terror campaign against Israel.

From the West Bank: A message for ignorant leftists

Published on 10 Mar 2017 - Faith Goldy doesn't believe your liberal arts profs or the mainstream media when they discuss "Israeli Apartheid.

Israel: Living Beside Gaza

Published on 10 Mar 2017 - Faith Goldy reports from Sderot, a large town bordering the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. From bomb shelters to children with PTSD, Faith shows you the side of the story that the mainstream media won't. 

Israel: Goldy at Gaza

Published on 10 Mar 2017 - Faith Goldy reports the truth about Israel's treatment of Gaza vs. Hamas's authoritarian rule.

A Nazi take on Israel

Published on 10 Mar 2017 - Gavin McInnes answers the questions that anti-Zionists always ask about the Jewish state. 

Israel: “I came here believing in the two-state solution, but…”

Published on Mar 10, 2017 - Faith Goldy changed her mind on one important issue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Dear President Trump: “There is no Arab-Israeli crisis”

Published on 9 Mar 2017 - Ezra Levant reveals the one thing he learned on this trip that surprised him.

Israel: “I see a lot of weakness here” (and they hate Trump!)

Published on 9 Mar 2017 - Gavin McInnes argues that Israel is too worried about looking moral. 

U.N. guards in Golan Heights only “keep the peace” during banker’s hours?

Published on 9 Mar 2017 - Observing from the peaceful side of the Golan Heights, Sheila Gunn Reid notices UN security forces tasked with monitoring the ceasefire, keep banker’s hours

Israel’s security wall: A model for America?

Published on 8 Mar 2017 - Ezra Levant interviews IDF Col. (Ret) Dany Tirza, who headed strategic development for Israel’s security wall, which has reduced terror attacks from the West Bank by approximately 99%

Israeli settlement mayor: Walls are not the solution

Published on 8 Mar 2017 - Gavin McInnes talks to Oded Revivi, the mayor of Efrat. Revivi is fostering relationships with his Palestinian neighbours and argues that walls only create an "illusion" of security.

Palestinian Christian persecution: "Today, Bethlehem is a Muslim town."

Published on 8 Mar 2017 - Sheila Gunn Reid stands at the border of the West Bank and Jerusalem as Retired Colonel Dany Tirza explains the mass exodus of Christians that occurred in 1995.

Israel: Banksy’s “wall” art project shows he’s “a dunce”

Published on 8 Mar 2017 - Gavin McInnes explains why Banksy's art project along the security fence in Bethlehem is stupid.

Israel Defense Forces: “A moral army fighting in an immoral neighbourhood”

Published on 7 Mar 2017 - Faith Goldy speaks with Shachar Liran-Hanan about "My Truth" an organization which provides IDF soldiers with a means to tell the truth about their missions.

The Rebel lands in Israel!

Published on 7 Mar 2017 - Faith Goldy's first report is an explanatory video of the main holy sites in Jerusalem.

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commented 2017-03-17 19:14:51 -0400
TERRY MACLEOD …you’re smart not to, because I’d tear you a new one. I’ve been studying Mid East and Palestine/israel history for 8 years, read over 50 books on these subjects..thousands of articles by experts, diplomats, high ranking military and intelligence officers and historians and US State Dept communications from the 1940s. The ignorance/gullibility of you zionist nutcases here is simply mind-bending. The only thing that surpasses your ignorance of the history is your shameless self-righteousness.
commented 2017-03-17 01:43:29 -0400
Dean Havens; Such a gullible troll. This thread is getting nauseating though. I won’t waste my time on you.
commented 2017-03-17 00:12:38 -0400
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commented 2017-03-16 22:09:27 -0400
This blog is simply nauseating. Truly. Do any of you naive israel worshipping Christians (or Catholics as the case may be) know how much the Jews hate you? You’re their useful tool as long as you spout their disingenuous talking points, but you’d find out quickly if you read the right books by the right Jews. Quote: “Anyone who lives in Israel knows how deep and widespread these attitudes of hatred and cruelty towards ALL Gentiles are among the majority of Israeli Jews.” -Israel Shahak (former professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem) in his book ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’

Or Google these:
“Christians want Jews to stop spitting on them in Jerusalem”
“Israeli MK tears up new testament”

Or: As the Chief Israeli rabbi Ovadia Yosef put it, “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the people of Israel.” (800,000 israeli jews attended his funeral…)

Or: "Anywhere where the influence of Gentiles constitutes a threat to the life of Israel, it is permissible to kill them….Babies and children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since “it is clear that they will grow to harm us”" From The King’s Torah (a 2009 work written by two of the leading “settlements” Rabbis, Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur)

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson wrote the following: "The Gentile does not want anything. He waits to be told what the Jew wants!” – Menachem Mendel Schneerson (Tel Aviv bus ad)
Rabbi Schneerson was posthumously given a Congressional Gold Medal at a White House ceremony.

Rabbi Manis Friedman: “I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites…The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).” -Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Manis Friedman in Moment Magazine (May/June 2009). “Ask The Rabbi”
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Jesus Christ…read a book or something will ya?
commented 2017-03-16 19:15:25 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,974 Attacks, 211,475 Killed, 295,598 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-15 15:10:06 -0400
Well that’s a helluva thing. At least I’ll be in good company.
commented 2017-03-15 15:09:18 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,972 Attacks, 211,463 Killed, 295,570 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-15 01:07:06 -0400
D B yeah if you say so.
commented 2017-03-15 00:47:24 -0400
Well, I tried. The war is for your soul. Enjoy eternity.
commented 2017-03-14 14:58:42 -0400
D B will believe anything so long as it supports his/her/its preconceptions.
commented 2017-03-14 14:11:56 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,965 Attacked, 211,409 Killed, 295,445 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-14 04:24:06 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,960 Attacks, 211,389 Killed, 295,408 Injured that we know of.

commented 2017-03-14 00:53:26 -0400
D B Jews are leaving Europe , and that video is pathetic propaganda. The Muslims are the ones invading Europe with the aid of marxist useful idiots on the left. And it is not Israel that is committing Christian genocide.
commented 2017-03-14 00:37:52 -0400
Pretty dishonest or pretty lazy DB; Israel has no shortage of young enthusiasts wanting to do good, even if it is misplaced. They do some dumb things along with much good around the world. The problem here is the two goons in the video spreading misleading propaganda. To the red ice crew it’s not these Israelis it’s “The Jews”. DB, do you honestly think Greece doesn’t know these people are their?
The red ice goons also make it sound like the invasion of Europe is the responsibility of the Jews. It’ll be on them. Gimme a break, the migrants being helped by IsrAid is miniscule. Talk about fake news.
commented 2017-03-13 21:31:58 -0400
commented 2017-03-13 21:31:58 -0400
commented 2017-03-13 19:41:05 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,960 Attacks, 211,389 Killed, 295,408 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-13 16:52:23 -0400
D B the truth is that Israel is a liberal democracy with rights that extend to all citizens. If you cannot accept this then that is your problem. Our rights are being trampled in Canada and Christians are being
marginalized here more than they are in Israel in case you have not noticed.
commented 2017-03-13 16:49:53 -0400
D B the article is wikipedia , it is not fact checked. And the Rebel reports the truth ,they never claimed all Jews were saints. And they do not just focus on what you want them to. You are welcome to go there and report on what you wish. Zionists are not committing genocide.
commented 2017-03-13 01:31:57 -0400
Liza, the article clearly states the disdain zionists show towards the ultra-orthodox. None of this seperatism and marginalization was shown by the rebel. If zionists ghettoize fellow jews what do you think they want for the rest of the world? The verses from the talmud I noted earlier exemplify the hatred shown toward christianity.
commented 2017-03-13 00:43:37 -0400
Adam Buchanan this is honest and balanced journalism, just because it does not fir your world view does not mean that it isn’t.
commented 2017-03-13 00:40:36 -0400
D B you posted videos, and what attacks? I never attacked you. And these few people hardly represent Israel, more people like that in Canada , does not mean we are a horrible country. Christians face this everywhere and unlike in Muslims countries , in Israel they are not being wiped out.
commented 2017-03-13 00:37:11 -0400
Adam Buchanan umm you flung the first insults, i mirrored yours. And i do not need a safe space like you do,
commented 2017-03-12 23:36:19 -0400
DB; when you come with something worthwhile may be I will. Until then keep playing with the foil wrap, there are other shapes besides hats you know.
commented 2017-03-12 23:20:21 -0400
7% DB, 7%. Have some perspective.
By the way DB, my troll comment was for Adam Buchanan, you at least comment on the topic. What Buchanan does only qualifies as trolling.
commented 2017-03-12 17:34:23 -0400
Adam Buchanan, what specifically is it about this trip to Israel by Rebel Staff and their reports that you find so objectionable? You haven’t been clear on that. Also, do you really believe all of us Rebel supporters just accept opinion pieces by Rebel reporters, which by definition are necessarily subjective, as gospel truth without doing any research or critical thinking of our own? If that’s what you think, you’re definitely wrong, at least in my case. I can’t speak for anyone else. And further, do you not believe that what is happening in Israel and the rest of the middle east right now is, and will continue to have, a profound impact on the rest of the world (and Canada)…. particularly under our current federal government? Because I do. I don’t consider the reports from Israel by the Rebel reporters to be the complete story. That would be stupid. It’s their impression, from their perspective, but it is additional information that you will never get from MSM. Like you, I very seldom post comments, except for the hard numbers and stats for the atrocities committed daily in the name of Islam, or when I have a strong opinion or specific knowledge about a subject. However, I appreciate the Rebel, I’m very thankful that it’s here and I will continue to support it as long as I am able to do so, regardless of what you think, say or do.
commented 2017-03-12 17:14:59 -0400
I was in Israel several years ago and we couldn’t visit Bethlehem if our tour guide, driver or even if our bus was Jewish.
We had to hire a Muslim guide in a Muslim vehicle.
commented 2017-03-12 17:12:07 -0400
Ad hominem attacks and paranoid delusions expose your desperation. Your links reinforce my position on religious extremism. DrewTerry can now pick some words from my post and make them their own.
commented 2017-03-12 16:52:32 -0400
You are nothing but a troll. You don’t post on topic you just blather innuendo , go do it somewhere else.
commented 2017-03-12 16:46:27 -0400
lol drew, I understand you’d get used to seeing the same 6 names who actual comment here. A new one must be terrifying, especially if they say something you don’t like. This is supposed to be your safe space. How dare someone post an opposing opinion in it! Standard, canned response of alt! alt! alt account! Nice well thought out counterpoints. Autistic Screeching much? Nope, not an alt acct. Just a long time viewer and rare poster.

Nobody I know watches, listens to, reads cbc or believes what they say. Don’t know anyone that thinks a state funded “news” org is a good idea. I’m sure there’s some worthwhile projects that could use that billion per year (ie: not foreign aid or gov’t propaganda). lmao liza, take a close look and realize that therebel isn’t the all knowing unbiased truth factory, and follow it blindly. Unquestionably. Is it cbc vs rebel, left vs right, and everything your side says is a pillar of truth, and never a shade of grey in between? Big picture, therebel’s showing it’s agenda. And it’s not one I care about, that is all.
Also, name calling? lol, isn’t that what you make fun of leftist type folk for doing? Or the same decorum doesn’t apply to the enlightened rebel reader? It’s that type of behavior that gives anyone with a right leaning (on any subject) a bad rep.