Donate to help cover The Rebel's reporting on Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America — and the mainstream media couldn't be more upset.

You really can’t trust the CBC or any other Canadian media to give a fair representation of Trump — they've spent the last 18 months slandering and misrepresenting Trump.

That's why The Rebel is sending the fearless Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy to Washington to report on President Trump's inauguration.

But we also need to send Oliver, our cameraman, and Hannah, our Producer to help coordinate reports on the ground.

For example, in addition to “official” events, The Rebel will get into places where the mainstream media won’t go — like the pro-Trump ‘Deploraball’. And of course, we’ll cover the anti-Trump protesters in a way the mainstream media won’t.

But reporting like this has high costs for travel. And unlike the mainstream media in Canada, The Rebel doesn't get any money from the government.

The flights for the trip are about $500 each. We booked an Airbnb for everyone to stay in (that way we avoid expensive hotel prices), and our team is even going to mainly take public transit. Add in costs for food and other miscellaneous expenses, and this trip will cost around $5,000.

If we were the CBC, we wouldn't even blink at spending $5,000 — the CBC would at least triple that cost on a two-day trip.

But we're doing everything on the cheap, trying to stretch every dollar. And we need your help to cover the cost.

If you think it's important for The Rebel to be in Washington for the inauguration, then please click below and help us crowdfund the cost of this trip.