July 27, 2018

Rebel Buzz: Fox News, Dan Harmon and Trump's Walk of Fame star

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

Fox News has been losing me for a while.

One recent indicator for me that they're moving to the left was their defense of CNN and CNN's White House press correspondent Kaitlan Collins.

It's no secret that with the exception of a few journalists, the press corps is incredibly hostile to the President and his administration.

Earlier in the day Collins repeatedly shouted questions after the press was repeatedly asked to leave. CNN contends that it's because the President didn't like the question, which is an absurd assertion because literally every single press conference is consumed with rude and accusatory questions from journalists at CNN and their cronies.

Does Fox News have amnesia? Or has the culture of the network changed so much under Lachlan and James Murdoch that they are now more sympathetic to employees of CNN than their own?

I talk to people on a regular basis who are ditching Fox for other televised networks or subscription services like The Rebel, and this is why.

Anyone ever watch Rick and Morty? It's an adult cartoon on Cartoon Network's late night comedy block, Adult Swim.

It's been relatively successful, running on the network since 2013 but one of the co- creators, Dan Harmon, was recently under fire for a video that resurfaced on 4chan. In the video titled "Daryl," the character goes back in time and molests serial killers. Harmon then makes a cameo as a therapist who molests a baby doll.

Harmon apologized, and Cartoon Network also released a statement condemning it but Harmon was not fired.

Now Harmon is under fire again for a 2017 sketch of a nude Barron Trump.

This guy should be investigated. I hope their show gets canceled, not because I oppose freedom of speech but because they are completely classless, tasteless and disrespectful and they should not be allowed to have any influence over any generation of viewers.

Around 3:30am on Wednesday morning, a 24-year-old man carried a guitar case along Hollywood Boulevard, whipped out his pickax and proceeded to demolish the star like a crazed construction worker. It's not the first time Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has drawn attention.

Never mind the fact that rapists like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey's stars on the boulevard remain untouched.

What these brainless Trump-haters fail to realize is that the city is going to replace his star. They do every time. So every time you do this, you are ensuring the fact that Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame is the newest and shiniest star in the city.


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commented 2018-07-28 00:29:51 -0400
I was also disappointed by the “spin” put on the Kaitlan Collins incident by FOX News… It’s one thing to stand in solidarity with the press corps but another to back obviously crude behaviour… A few months ago FOX had no troubles highlighting Jim Acosta’s grandstanding but when yet another CNN reporter plays that game it’s somehow OK?… The absurdity of this double standard would be brought to a head if yet another CNN reporter played that shouting game; better yet all three at the same time!… What then, still OK with FOX News…