The Rebel Goes To Texas!

Rebel Staff

Our Rebel Commander, Ezra Levant, went down to Texas for a few days. The most important reason was to check out Texas’s famous slow-cook BBQs and get a proper pair of boots. But along the way Ezra did manage to interview a few Texans about fracking, the technology that has given new life to the oil and gas industry, and new economic hope to ranchers and other families who had been financially struggling. Check out Ezra’s video journals below — and a surprise visit on Glenn Beck’s radio show, too!


Ezra gets fashion advice -- Texas style!

I'm in Texas right now, and I'm trying to look the part.Watch me get some much-needed fashion advice (I tell you what.) Thanks to the great folks at Ryon's Western Wear in Fort Worth, who've been in the business since 1919.Don't mess with Texas!What do...


"It's bunk": Texas "Frac Commander" challenges anti-fracking propaganda

Texan Rick Standridge calls himself the "Frac Commander." He's been involved in fracking since 1976. He and I debunk some of the anti-fracking propaganda spread by environmentalists. Standridge says there is no documented evidence, for instance, that fracking has any connection to earthquakes and contamination....