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In 2016, Val Trudeau (no relation to Justin) was working at Shared Services Canada, and on his own time, he was riding President for the Liberals in Glengarry Prescott Russell.

Public servants are allowed to support political parties, but where Val went wrong was using his government email for Ontario Liberal business.

So, we filed an Access to Information Request to see what exactly Val was using his government email for.

As it turned out Val was doing Ontario Liberal Party business while working using his federal government email and on the federal government time. The tax payers time.

After we filed another access to information request we discovered that our original story was circulated internally at Shared Services Canada. That made Val panic as he proceeded to try to illegally delete his emails.

The cover-up prompted the President of Shared Services Canada to write to the office of the information commissioner to ask if they would start their own investigation, and they did.

All of this thanks to the investigative journalism we do here at The Rebel. 

Mark Feigin is a California Trump supporter who was wrongfully accused of and charged with an anti-Muslim hate crime -- making threatening phone calls to a  mosque.

Not only did Feigin not do it; but evidence suggests that the threats were called in from the phone number owned by the son of a prominent Democrat.

Why did the Los Angeles Police Department charge the Trump supporter anyways -- and have a massive press conference to that effect? And why did the prosecutor at the time -- Kamala Harris, now a U.S. Senator -- offer Feigin a plea deal that included demands that he make political renunciations?

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