November 02, 2018

UPDATE: The Rebel investigates challenging landscape awaiting migrant “caravan”

David MenziesMission Specialist

The road ahead for those in the five thousand plus migrant “caravan” heading to the U.S. border, is an arduous one.

Watch as I give you a glimpse of the mountain range en route to Oaxaca City that awaits these people.

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commented 2018-11-04 20:44:52 -0500
commented 2018-11-03 00:01:57 -0400
Well maybe David should have called them mujeres pronounced Moo hair ease
commented 2018-11-02 18:18:28 -0400
David Menzies, please learn the difference in pronunciation for singular and plural of the female sex. Woman is not pronounced the same as women. Where on earth did you learn this botch job?
commented 2018-11-02 13:52:42 -0400
SEAN LANCE commented 13 mins ago.

No problem Soros and the boys will be providing trucks.
You have that right Sean. They is pretty good at supplying the people also.
commented 2018-11-02 13:35:58 -0400
No problem Soros and the boys will be providing trucks.