November 09, 2017

Rebel Reel Reviews: Why does even “Jigsaw” have to be political?

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

It's been 13 years since we were shocked (and somewhat impressed) by the original horror movie Saw. The new film in the series, Jigsaw, is out now.

How does this new chapter stack up to the original, which actually explored the concepts of redemption and confession? 

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commented 2017-11-10 13:38:15 -0500
You seem to ignore the fact that the general public tend to have the worst taste in everything. So I would tend to believe movie critics in this case over the lowest common denominator of Joe Public.
commented 2017-11-10 03:57:24 -0500
- I was never really into the saw series. Every movie seems to have to be political these days. That’s fine if it’s genially part of the story but it rarely is.

- A movie I came across recently that I like was “Coherence”, made in 2013, billed as a mystery – Sci-fi – thriller. Very low budget (about $50K) but not really requiring a big budget. I’d say it’s worth a look.