October 13, 2017

NEW! Rebel Roundup with David Menzies & friends

David MenziesMission Specialist

Welcome to my new show, folks! Each week on Rebel Roundup, we'll get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in with your favourite beverage — maybe even some popcorn — and come hang out with us every Friday night!


Tommy Robinson talks about the threat of Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Prime Minister Theresa May’s new laws targetting “far-right” extremism.

Actor Ben Davies gives his take on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

John Cardillo explains why cracking down on proactive policing is a danger to our public safety.

And Sheila Gunn Reid exposes the CBC’s one-sided reporting on climate change.


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commented 2017-10-14 18:09:27 -0400
Dave, “mass extinctions before man was on the planet”, you don’t have to invoke evolutionism to debunk the notion of man-made climate change.
commented 2017-10-14 13:39:29 -0400
Those that use the “Race Card” are the Real Racists.
commented 2017-10-14 12:07:44 -0400
I would have liked to have heard what Ben Davies was going to say about that lying, fat, hypocrite, lefty, wannabe filmmaker, Michael Moore…
…otherwise looking forward to the Rebel Roundup next week, pardner.
I’ll probably save your show for the weekend when there is less traffic on THEREBEL.
commented 2017-10-14 11:07:06 -0400
The one thing that John Cardillo and David Menzies re: US supreme court decision to rule against law enforcement did not mention is the likelihood of decreased interest applicants to the police force. Why would anyone want to become a law enforcement officer if they are restricted from actually enforce the law?
commented 2017-10-14 10:55:13 -0400
Always a pleasure to watch.
commented 2017-10-14 10:25:31 -0400
Fantastic first show, David!

I like the format you have chosen and you make an excellent host. Keep up the good work!
commented 2017-10-14 09:11:31 -0400
Trudeau’s unyielding support for Islamic terrorists, and, purposefully leaving our nation vulnerable to an ever increasing number of them entering Canada, is but one measure globalists are implementing to
de-stabilize North America. The longest undefended border in the world makes Canada a base for terrorist organizations to plan attacks, and, cross into the US in an attempt to carry them out.

I thank God the we had PM Harper through most of Obama’s reign; and now, President Trump is countering Soros/Trudeau’s measures in defense of the American Constitution and freedom from the oppressive globalist agenda. Islamists and globalists are working in tandem for the time being, both are totalitarian regimes which use censorship; violence; coercion; severe punishments; hoarding resources; disarming lawful gun owners; stealing our wealth through tax schemes;rigging elections and making slaves of the people, while the elites prosper. Millions upon millions have died of starvation (planned famines) or, state sanctioned murder throughout our human history; and yet, here we are. Others have been imprisoned as political enemies of the state, and worked to death in labour camps, also, re-education centers are used to torture and brainwash people who oppose their own oppression & seek a free democratic society.

Research C-33

We know there will be legislation following the sham study of “Islamophobia”. I firmly believe the proposed Bill resulting from M-103 has been sitting in Iqra Khalid’s desk since she introduced this deeply offensive motion in Parliament. We must vehemently fight any proposed legislation which would ban any criticism of Islamic ideology & texts.
commented 2017-10-14 01:07:05 -0400
Nice to see a review of the best of the best rebel stories of the week. And I always like the Menzoids delivery.
commented 2017-10-14 00:47:12 -0400
- It’s not about stopping terrorism. It’s about encouraging terrorism so with each attack they can take away more of our rights. Gun control, censorship, etc. All for the “greater good”. Use those new powers to attack their opponents & line their pockets. Pass more measures to protect terrorists & insure another attack.

- Weinstein is an example of Democrat leftist values on display. This has since spread to other execs & actors. It’s actually the most entertaining thing to be turned out by Hollywood in ages.

- Funny how many of the same people that want to disarm law abiding citizens, want to get rid of the police as well.

- Journalism isn’t dead. It still goes on in the alternative media – like The Rebel, Project Veritas, etc.
commented 2017-10-14 00:08:55 -0400
On Weinstein: Isn’t it interesting that Angelina Jolie was omitted from the movies nominated for an Oscar on her (director) movie ‘Unbroken’ plus other movies she’s been involved with?
Isn’t it interesting that Brad Pitt’s career kinda took a nose dive over the past number of years; poor scripts, etc.?
How many others were blacklisted. Let’s see if ‘they’ make a comeback, rather than this master manipulator.
On John Cardillo’s story: There needs to be a review of who is sitting as judges. Judges seem to be the ones screwing up this society with their biases and distorted interpretation of the law. Maybe that would be a good start.
commented 2017-10-13 22:33:53 -0400
Hey David, nice to meet you last week. You are much taller in person.
Glad to see you have become a bigger contributor than Ezra. Your show is 10 minutes longer.
Good Job.
Ezra is ok too!
commented 2017-10-13 22:31:55 -0400
Good stuff. Glad to see you getting more airtime.
commented 2017-10-13 22:28:21 -0400
It isn’t only climate change. Everything the CBC does has a political agenda behind it. This is what makes the CBC so tiring to watch. Even if you just turn to CBC for entertainment or momentary distraction, you’re confront with CBC political points they want to impress upon viewers, as though they are constantly saying, “Think this way.”
commented 2017-10-13 22:18:29 -0400
MENZOID , this great for the likes of us that miss a few days in a row
commented 2017-10-13 22:11:51 -0400


Composed by Fraser McBurney in 35 minutes just think if I had more time……and a night or two, to dwell on it.
Fraser Friday the 13th

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and let the breeze take us away
commented 2017-10-13 22:09:20 -0400
Great Round Up David Menzies.
Excellent debut for a brand new format, Congratulations!
commented 2017-10-13 22:06:39 -0400
Very much enjoyed this premier show. Hopefully, in the future, the time zone constraint can be figured out to include Mark Latham, making a round-up magazine of four countries.