August 24, 2018

Rebel Roundup: Guests Ben Davies, Martina Markota, & Katie Hopkins!

David MenziesMission Specialist


Every Friday evening on Rebel Roundup, we get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in and enjoy!

* Bradford, England is a city that is increasingly divided by nationality, religion, and race, but one major issue cuts through everything in Bradford — illegal drug use.

Katie Hopkins recently visited Bradford and joins us to weigh-in with her thoughts.

* A bunch of mostly white teenagers were triggered by a century-old statue in North Carolina, so they had a hearty debate about it. No they didn’t – they tore it down.

Ben Davies discusses this latest instance of statue vandalism in the name of political correctness.

* On-line provider of basic health information,, is ignoring science in favour of feelings by renaming certain body parts to be more inclusive to the trans community. And so it is that the website will now refer to “vagina” as “the front hole.”

Martina Markota will update us on the latest in transanity!

* And finally, letters. Tonight, I’ll share some of your feedback regarding my commentary on the awful film, Hurricane Heist. Why is it that even a corny action-adventure movie these days feels compelled to deliver a preachy leftist sermon on man-made climate change?

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commented 2018-08-27 00:56:36 -0400
Front hole, Back hole and now Liza has confused me with a Middle hole?
Oh well any Port in a storm.
commented 2018-08-26 21:40:10 -0400
Good for Doug right Andrew… kicking that pedophile endorsed sex-ed curriculum to the sidewalk where the trash belongs.. and not a moment too soon.! 😎⚡️
commented 2018-08-26 21:36:54 -0400
And about time.. kids never had any problems finding their M/F parts and what to do with them later down the road.!! Just wondering if a PhD could find that out without help from a knowledgable outside source… LMAO
commented 2018-08-26 13:17:12 -0400
liza Rosie commented 1 day ago
Geez Louise, its the middle hole for cryin out loud. What are they teaching kid’s in school these days. "

Nothing, if you live in Ontario. Doug Ford removed anatomical terminology from the curriculum.
commented 2018-08-25 01:29:37 -0400
Geez Louise, its the middle hole for cryin out loud. What are they teaching kid’s in school these days.
commented 2018-08-25 00:31:15 -0400
Martina and the Front Hole:

There is a very real and serious problem the MSM faces every day at work on the street getting us the news, and it’s not a laughing matter.
Namely, those crude, criminal louts shouting FHRITP, at those courageous reporters. Shameful. At the behest of the MSM, the police are at work on this very serious problem as we speak. Arrests, job losses, quelling…
Maybe the Media Party worker-victims, who are all lefty/liberals, wouldn’t be so offended if the lout’s shouts were FHRITFH, instead of FHRITP, ‘…right in the front hole’, being much more PC than ‘…right in the pussy’.
We should take a lesson from the left and try and be more proactive. Hire a bunch of government ‘workers’, develop a policy, hire more government ‘workers’ to enforce it…educate the people…hire some more government ‘workers’ to monitor it…if it saves the feelings of one reporter, then we must do the right thing, er the left thing, er… tax the rich. Racists!
commented 2018-08-24 23:56:25 -0400
Obviously a man with a constructed “front hole” denying a woman the right to identify her own anatomy as a vagina is toxic masculinity at its worst…
commented 2018-08-24 22:45:30 -0400
Tearing down Statues, making up names for body parts and the like, gives these people an IQ quotient equal to that of a six year old child. All compliments of numerous Marxist controlled Educational Systems, around the western world. Whatever happened to normal people?
commented 2018-08-24 21:49:57 -0400
- What you’re seeing in Bradford, UK is a lot of people with very little hope & no direction. The foundation of Western Civilization has been undermined. We’re importing people who are bringing their 3rd world s***hole culture with them. This is the future of the West if we don’t reverse it.

- They want to erase Democrat history so they can rewrite it. The Democrats were the party of slavery. They fought on the side of slavery. When they lost, they formed the KKK. They fought against women getting the vote. The trail of tears happened under them. They are the party of Jim Crow laws. Every segregation law was passed by Democrats. They fought against the civil rights movement & when it became obvious that they were going to lose, they changed tactics. Go to most inner cities where Blacks have been electing Democrats & see how that worked out.

-, what a bunch of silly front holes. Gender theory has no bases in science. Its “science” is based largely on a failed study that is hailed as a success by idiots who don’t know any better. In pervert pseudoscientist John Money’s experiment with twins, the one that was supposed to be the “female” reverted back to being male & both ended up committing suicide – this is what success looks like to the left. What should they call a penis? Front pole? Why is this being pushed? The left see everything as a social construct & they’ll reengineer humanity to perfection no matter how many people they have to murder.

- DL – if you invented the term “Lecturtainment” you should have attached your name to it because I’m going to use the hell out of it from now on & I’d love to give credit where credit is due.