December 15, 2017

Rebel Roundup: Guests Ezra Levant, Kristin Tate, & More!

David MenziesMission Specialist

Every Friday evening on Rebel Roundup, we get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in and enjoy!

* When a video with an emaciated polar bear went viral recently, there was of course only one conclusion to draw. Yep, that bear is being done-in by climate change! Sheila Gunn Reid weighs-in on why one sickly bear up north doesn’t mean the entire planet is in dire straits.

* U.S.-based Rebel, Kristin Tate, has a lot to say about NYC’s most recent terrorist attack, in particular, how one media organization really dropped the ball when it came to covering this story.

* Rebel Commander Ezra Levant drops by to talk about the number of attacks against Jews by Muslims in Sweden, and how the media self-censorship on these kinds of attacks is indeed part of the problem.

* And finally, we get your letters every day and I’ll share some of my favourite fan mail – and hate mail!

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commented 2017-12-17 03:50:08 -0500
Billy Howard the entire left would be Triggered to death.
commented 2017-12-16 23:22:23 -0500
Billy Howard—Great Imagination, you have even filled the Ottawa——Ontario political hole left behind when Brian left. A lot happening in S. Ont. this coming year. I agree Le Drew is entertaining.
What about the Can. Radio & TV Commission? (CRTC) I can’t even get Fox Business News!
In Canada we do need a TV Station that gives the people unbiased 24 hour news.
I also would like to see more on Atlantic Canada; maybe by the time this happens, the cod will be back, and there will be more action in the Maritime Provinces.
commented 2017-12-16 22:17:23 -0500
Just dreaming of the day when…
The year is 2019
The Five w/Ezra Levant, David Menzies, Eric Duhaime, Candice Malcolm and Special Guests
Special Report w/Candice Malcolm
Your World with Stephen LeDrew
The International Show w/Tommy Robinson, Mark Latham, Daniel Pipes, and Tarek Fatah
The US Report w/John Cardillo, Kristin Tate, and Joel Pollack
The Western Standard w/S.G.Reid, C.Wilson, H.Nicholas, Brad Wall
The Muslim Angle w/Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah
Menzie’s World
Ahhh, Television at its best (and live streamed, of course)
commented 2017-12-16 21:54:33 -0500
Hate to disagree with Ezra’s prediction that Sweden will miss the turnaround and become an Islamic State. Last month I learned that Sweden has 16% membership in an Anti-immigration Party. Two days ago, I saw a new News Video that said the party has 26% of Sweden signing up. In fact it said that the Migrants were worried about losing their easy lifestyle, and are physically attacking some of the members in their stores or at their homes.
Compare the above to Great Britain where The Conservative Party in power won’t say a word about Immigration, while the Labor Party Opposition loves Muslims for their votes, and they expect to return to Government within 3 years.
The only hope Britain has is the New Party led by Ann Marie Waters, (a Woman, which is a tell tale sign of the weak British Men). Although Waters just started, I hear that she only has 1% of the British vote. Even my favorite Nigel Farage seems extremely afraid to talk about the Immigration problem his Country has.
In summary , Sweden has 26% resistance compared to Britain’s 1%.
Who will the Crocodile eat first?
commented 2017-12-16 08:59:17 -0500
Great interviews David.
Rebel reporters, please investigate the story of the 25 year old, Egyptian born man who entered RBC with explosives and guns; held bank employees & customers hostage; no demand for money, rather,he demanded to speak with President Trump. The police neutralized this threat and the “bank robber” who is actually a terrorist, left the building in a body bag…as he should have. Thankfully, no one else is reported to have been injured during this newsworthy incident…

Climate Barbie deserved ALL the criticism she received concerning her fake post on Twitter!

Paul McCullough said in part, “If CNN wasn’t played in airports it wouldn’t have any ratings at all at this point.”
Good one Paul!
commented 2017-12-16 01:15:01 -0500
So sad journalists have become lobbyists for adgendas instead of reporting the news. I guess the internet will end their bad business. Where is Walter Kronkite when you need him?
commented 2017-12-15 22:08:40 -0500
I’m glad to see that Ezra mentioned the “bank robbery” that was more of a terrorist attack at the bank in Vaughan, Ontario. With 9 bombs, a gun and hostages, this should have been front page news for everyone in the GTA in all the news, but it wasn’t. It’s a little too serious and close to home to brush off.
commented 2017-12-15 21:49:08 -0500
- The lesson about the dying polar bear – if we just give the government unlimited wealth & power polar bears will become immortal. Seeing Hillary falling while getting into the van at that 9/11 ceremony I can’t help but wonder if the Hildabeast shouldn’t have used climate change as her excuse for losing the election instead of the Russians. Man made global cooling/warming/climate change/climate disruption/climate crisis isn’t causing mental disorders, it’s a product of mental disorder.

- Why is the mainstream media ignoring the attacks on Jews going on? Because they’re leftists. They ignored the Muslim attack on Jews in Sweden. They’re ignoring Jewish flight from the Paris suburbs. Hell, they weren’t big on reporting on attacks on Jews by the KKK back when that was a thing. (Just for the record the KKK was created by Democrats who were angry about losing their slaves after the American civil war.) I see hope, if you can call it that. Just not one that doesn’t involve a blood bath.

- CNN has become a joke & Trump has helped them get to that point by calling them out. Steven Crowder did a Christmas special last year where he was water boarded over & over. In an attempt to outdo that torture, he will be doing commentary while watching CNN for 16 hours on Thursday Dec. 21st. I’m wondering how he can outdo that next year. If CNN wasn’t played in airports it wouldn’t have any ratings at all at this point.