October 20, 2017

Rebel Roundup: Guests Ezra Levant, Mark Latham & More!

David MenziesMission Specialist

Each week on Rebel Roundup, I get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

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Rebel Commander Ezra Levant joins us to discuss Quebec’s burqa ban. Does it go far enough?

Kristin Tate of Rebel Buzz is on to talk about the ongoing war on Halloween after yet another school has banned the traditional celebration in favour of “Black and Orange” day.

Rebel’s Vancouver Bureau Chief Christopher Wilson discusses how Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board added insult to injury when they rejected the refugee claim of a South African family by deeming their application “white-supremacist hate literature.”

And Mark Latham joins me to discuss an Australian organization called Male Champions for Change which he says is the source from which identity politics is creeping into Australia’s public and private institutions.

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commented 2017-10-21 19:46:23 -0400
Halloween – I’m doing my part to fight back, my 10 yo can go out in whatever |offensive" outfit he wants, and I’ll be giving any cultural Marxist who comments against it a hell of a verbal dressing down. I need another 999,999 parents to join me.
commented 2017-10-21 13:55:15 -0400
More Mark Latham for sure. The commonwealth countries need to stick together.
commented 2017-10-21 00:47:20 -0400
“Quebecois-ness”. English Canada could take a lesson. If we are not more territorial we will lose what we have. For our Canadian culture and values to remain strong and dominant, we had better want to keep what we have more than Islam wants to turn us into what they left behind.
commented 2017-10-21 00:17:28 -0400
Excellent that David could communicate with Mark in Australia.
I have recommended a few times that our comments and the Australian comments are amalgamated to the same page so we can communicate with each other, even if there was a delay for the different time zones. These two newer countries have a lot in common.
commented 2017-10-20 23:59:09 -0400
David Menzies, I agree that the ‘ban’ does not go far enough. In a western country such as ours, there is no place for burka’s in the public square, period. The burka and niqab are political statements NOT fashion statements. It is a way to acclimatize Canadians to sharia. I would wager most Muslim women would be glad to be gone with these suffocating, oppressive coverings if they were able to be honest. Burka’s are a stand against assimilation, both figuratively and literally.
commented 2017-10-20 23:50:27 -0400
The Rebel is hitting it out of the park. Can you have two guests at once…that would be fun to watch.
commented 2017-10-20 23:19:42 -0400
I really enjoyed Ezra’s show tonight and then I really enjoyed David Menzies’ show, too. The Rebel just keeps getting better and better and better.

David mentioned that Halloween is not a religious holiday/day, but I think it is and this is why: Halloween, on October 31st, is also called All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints’ Eve. Nov. 1st is All Saints’ Day and Nov. 2nd is All Souls’ Day. So, technically, it is a Christian holiday/day. Of course, like a lot of the Christian holidays, it can also be celebrated pretty much as a secular day, too. For example, Christmas has Santa Claus who comes to all children no matter whether they’re Christian or non-Christian. Easter has the Easter Bunny who brings all children candies, too. All of these holidays can be celebrated as religious Christian holidays or as secular holidays depending on where you are on the Christian continuum.
commented 2017-10-20 22:51:21 -0400
- Good for Quebec. This needs to spread across Canada. I agree that the burka ban doesn’t go far enough. One step at a time though. The media party be damned.

- Lord save us from the SJW Hallowienies. To quote Rick from Rick & Morty – school’s no place for smart people. I need to get an Arab robe with fake explosives strapped around my chest & a native headdress & Make America Great written on my back.

- South Africa is falling apart. It’s going down the same road as Zimbabwe. The Trudeau Liberals only like Muslim fake refugees.

- PC SJW BS is universal. These people are both pathetic & dangerous. It’s not about women’s rights anymore, it’s about punishing men.
commented 2017-10-20 22:18:42 -0400
One gets busy getting ready for winter , but thanks to your round up, I caught a couple of strays before they escaped
commented 2017-10-20 21:58:49 -0400
Great Round Up David!
David , “fabric coffin” – great description of the niqab and burka. The media party is pushing against what many Canadians want. This isn’t the first time of course!
Bill 62 is indeed a baby step, radical Islamists should suit up in their home only. There are a number of Western nations who see where the multi-culti doctrine has helped Islamists gain ground and undermine our democracy, therefore bans on wearing these extremist garbs are becoming very publicly supported.
There is a push from leftists to ignore female subjugation and abuse of women from the cradle to the grave within Islam.

Great interview with Kristin Tate, welcome Kristin! I agree, many of us are rolling our eyes. Imagine, offering counselling to tender college students who are triggered by costumes deemed offensive by the chronically offended!
The other issue apart from cultural marxism; bent on banning Western traditions, is, Halloween offends Islamists! What doesn’t offend this segment of the muslim population?!!! Why come to the West if the entire culture offends you….it’s prescribed by Mohammad in order to spread the Caliphate to “all four corners of the earth”.

Christopher Wilson, thanks for your reporting on this very sad case of Canada turning away a family who is has been under threat, and, will most likely be targeted again. The non-existent border security is an alarming reality introduced by Trudeau.
The failing Immigration System in Canada can be laid at the feet of Trudeau, Soros, Butts and other globalist losers!

Excellent interview with Mark Latham, I appreciate the effort in working the time difference into getting an interview taped. Australia has many of the same problems as Canada. I enjoy watching Outsiders.
Redefining is the tactic leftists use whenever possible. Their definitions usually end up being a string of nonsensical ideology, spoken with fake authority! Anyone who doesn’t bob their head in agreement is considered a dissident!