June 15, 2018

Rebel Roundup: Guests Ezra Levant, Sheila Gunn Reid & More!

David MenziesMission Specialist


Every Friday evening on Rebel Roundup, we get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in and enjoy!

* They said it couldn’t be done, but there was President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung Un signing an historic peace agreement in Singapore.

Ezra Levant joins me to discuss what that deal really means.

* For having the temerity to attack the Canadian commodity cartel that is supply management, Maxime Bernier has been fired from the Conservative Party’s shadow cabinet.

Sheila Gunn Reid will explain how CPC leader Andrew Scheer has created an unnecessary crisis.

* From Robert De Niro to Eminem, why do lefty celebrities feel the need to use profanity and carry out character assassination in order to make political points?

Ben Davies will drop by to discuss this issue, hopefully without resorting to any bad language.

* And finally, letters. Tonight, I’ll share some of your feedback regarding the shameful anti-Semitic hate-fest known as Al-Quds Day, which took place last Saturday in Toronto.

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commented 2018-06-17 13:44:14 -0400
A green link won’t copy. Here is his e-mail #. info@maximebernier.com
commented 2018-06-17 10:46:27 -0400
Max Bernier raised close to $40,000. this weekend. I believe he is close to making an announcement.
If he does, Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada should run for the hills.
commented 2018-06-16 22:13:36 -0400
Islam is the problem and cowardly officials are the enablers. What if a neo-Nazi group did and said the exact same things? The lunatic left would go insane with rage. But because their jihadist pets are involved, they just shrug. Maybe it’s projection. They’d doubtless like to say what the Islamists are saying but they don’t have the courage to do so.
commented 2018-06-16 14:12:32 -0400
- Trump used the carrot & the stick masterfully. He used the stick first putting the pressure on China & North Korea, matching or exceeding the rhetoric, walking away when Kim showed disrespect. Then came the carrot – treating Kim like a world leader, showing him a vision of a greater destiny for himself & North Korea. If Kim reneges what has Trump or America lost? They delayed the war games for a while? As far as the mainstream media is concerned – I seem to remember them praising North Korea a few months ago at the winter Olympics.

- Scheer keeps finding ways to show weakness. I would love to see him replaced as leader. I have no doubt that Trudeau will defeat himself in the next election but I doubt that the CPC under Scheer would last more than one term. I want to see Liberal policies replaced or eliminated but I don’t see Scheer doing that. The CBC might say something mean.

- De Niro has one of the worst cases of Trump derangement syndrome in Hollywood. Maybe he thinks he’ll get a bit part on a couple B movies out of it. The leftist narrative has become impossible to defend as they’ve moved to the far left extreme. They depend on emotion & as they continue to move left that emotion must become more & more intense.

- I’m loving what I’m seeing from Doug Ford so far.
commented 2018-06-16 11:32:40 -0400
Mike Krchnak, you are not alone. The Conservative party will not be hearing from me either. Sheer is a disaster, planted by another party. Who else could be so anti-conservative?
commented 2018-06-16 01:36:42 -0400
Sent a letter to my mp and cc’d Scheer stating no funds or a vote in the next election as long as smiling Andy is the leader.
commented 2018-06-15 23:57:37 -0400
Al Quds is such a gross event. I suppose the mainstream media not showing up because they don’t want to show what crazy some “pro Palestinian” people actually think, is that no one is listening to their stupid “protest.”
commented 2018-06-15 22:10:05 -0400
Myself I know who I’m not going to vote for in the next federal election( Liberals, N.D.P., Greens, Communist Party or any other far left party) BUT I’m also sure I cannot vote the Progressive Conservative Party led by Shear, I am a Conservative so who can I vote for or maybe just not vote.
Unfortunately I live in Hamilton Center and this riding is so red it turns the shy pink. My vote means nothing.
commented 2018-06-15 21:49:38 -0400
Calling John Tory a “disappointment” is the understatement of the year.