October 12, 2018

Rebel Roundup: Guests Ezra Levant, Ben Davies, & Sheila Gunn Reid!

David MenziesMission Specialist


Every Friday evening on Rebel Roundup, we get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in and enjoy!


* Is it global warming or climate change? Or are we on the cusp of another ice age or will we boil to death? Whatever – what we do know according to the UN climate hucksters, is that the world is going to end in precisely 12 years.

Sheila Gunn Reid joins us to explain all.

* Yet another attack on Tommy Robinson, this time the British military is going after the young lads who posed for a picture with him recently, as if they had committed an act of treason!

Rebel Commander Ezra Levant will weigh in on this latest outrage in the ongoing Tommy file!

* At first blush, Venom is just another big-budget action movie, but because this is 2018, even a superhero movie can get infected with leftist propaganda.

Ben Davies joins us to discuss the latest Marvel fare.

* And finally, letters. Tonight, I’ll share some of your responses to my commentary on the hateful speakers that attended the Islamic Carry the Light conference in Toronto last weekend.

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commented 2018-10-14 15:50:28 -0400
M-103 on Steroids – The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

Here we thought Motion M-103 was a real and present danger to our Charter Rights. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration stands to do so on an unprecedented scale as host populations are prepped to better accept a massive migrant influx. These preparations include the need to “eliminate all forms of discrimination, including racism, xenophobia and intolerance against migrants and their families”. Does this sound like M-103’s call to “quell” a “rising tide of hate and fear” to you? All this even as the Compact calls for the transfer of wealth to countries of migrant origin, the expenditure of additional provincial health and education resources to service an exploding migrant population, the flooding of job markets with cheap labour and the coordination of border controls with international authorities. Sound good so far? If not, make your voice heard by signing our related C3RF petition here. If not now, then perhaps after you read the material below.

Bit of Background

The Global Compact on migration is an inter-governmentally negotiated agreement coordinated by the United Nations. It has been a work-in-progress for two years with the final text agreed to this past July. It moves forward to formal adoption by UN members states, save for the United States, Australia and Hungary, this December in Morocco. It is noteworthy that the U.S. and Australia see the Compact as incompatible with their sovereignty concerns while Hungary desires measures that deter, rather than promote, migration. The two worldviews for and against the Compact could not be further apart as the U.N. sees migration as a benefit to all while opponents see it as a risk to security and social cohesion. Here are some of the aspects of the Compact that Canada is about to sign onto, it:

is rooted in the U.N 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and is therefore affiliated with related initiatives such as the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC);

affirms the pre-eminence of international law in areas that include national migration policy, protocols that distinguish between regular and irregular migration status, due process, labour mobility and recruitment and initiatives that deal with discrimination and associated redress mechanisms;

requires a “whole of government” approach to eliminating discrimination and intolerance of migrants and their families;

seeks to minimize factors that drive migration through elimination of socioeconomic factors such as poverty, failing infrastructure and climate change while funding sustainable development at local and national levels in originating states;

sees border management as an internationally coordinated and integrated affair;

requires laws that see provision of basic services to migrants absent grounds of discrimination that include “political or other opinion”;

requires the incorporation of national health and education plans and policies that accommodate all migrants without discrimination in a “lifelong” fashion;

requires the minimization of disparities between migrant and host populations;

calls for migrant access to decent work and employment opportunities and safe, welcoming school environments for their children that are absent all forms of discrimination;

requires passage of laws that penalize hate crimes directed at migrants and the training of law enforcement and other public officials to respond to such occurrences;

demands the cessation of funds to media outlets that promote intolerance against migrants and the provision of national and regional complaint and redress mechanisms;

calls for the provision of labour-matching and skills development programs for migrants;

requires the promotion of safer, cheaper and easier means of remittance corridors to originating states; and

calls for the facilitation of return and readmission to originating states including financial support and the portability of social security benefits and earned benefits from host states.

Make no mistake, this Global Compact, with its promotion of available and flexible “pathways” of migration, means supranational coordination of international border controls. This will not be the first time the world has witnessed such developments as they are resident within the European context of the past few years. I speak, of course, of EU migration policy that saw European borders opened to mass Muslim migration from the Middle East and North Africa. The results in areas of security, violent crime, individual rights and finances has been, and continues to be, startling. Is there any reason that similar, supranational efforts at the U.N. level will produce different outcomes for Canada?

Coincidental or Connected?

Given the similarities between the rollout and potential impact on individual rights of both Motion M-103 and the Global Compact, one might wonder if they have been crafted by a common hand. Certainly, they have both flown under the radar with little public debate before their instatement. As well, they both place an inordinate amount of pressure on the host nation to accommodate migrant sensibilities and needs. There is simply no mandate for the migrant to integrate or even consider the possibility that such a capacity might be a part of the migration process. Rather than this, the accepted bigotry of the host population must be “quelled” (M-103) or eliminated (Global Compact). Not great ways to start a “lifelong” relationship between host and migrant communities.

Time for Meaningful Consultation?

The stakes involved by virtue of the Global Compact are potentially nation-changing and include the type of social dislocation we are beginning to see in Europe. Sure, one might say that the agreement is non-binding since it doesn’t constitute an official treaty or UN Convention but it will establish an international norm regards the governance of international migration. It is norms such as these that can become part of what international law experts call “customary international law,” that, in turn, can inform and shape national laws. Given the fact that the Compact calls up the need for significant resources to be expended by both federal and provincial agencies and for individual Canadians to sacrifice their right to criticize such policies and expenditures, is it not time to openly debate Canada’s participation in such a venture? Should you start by contacting your federal and provincial representatives to express your concerns? Why do these same representatives feel it’s OK to keep us in the dark on such critical national initiatives. After all, we elected them, not the U.N. apparatchiks they are seemingly reporting to. Finally, if you haven’t already done so, sign the petition that demands the public consultation that this issue so richly deserves.
commented 2018-10-14 14:33:56 -0400
Looks like Theresa May has backed out of her phony Chequers Deal and is giving in to Conservative MP’s….Her job ????.
commented 2018-10-14 12:50:49 -0400
Look out for the possible resignation of Theresa May, PM, UK. Tomorrow 15/10/2018. Possible that she just gets thrown out. 80 members of the Conservative party are rebelling against her Checkers Plan.
commented 2018-10-14 00:58:00 -0400
commented 2018-10-13 23:03:28 -0400
KEITH BARNES commented 15 mins ago
I have just learned from Jack Rigby that the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party is a… Wait for it…Pregnant Lesbian… a Lesbian, OK but a Pregnant Lesbian….lol…This person has to be a loser or she has been unfaithful to her girl friend…or…her girl friend is in truth a gay guy who was drunk and thought he was seeing double…a hole in one? lol.
commented 2018-10-12 23:49:28 -0400
If you are a Ocean Plastic doubter, click on the link below in my last comment, and scroll down to the first video. Perhaps you will change your mind.
commented 2018-10-12 23:07:36 -0400
The most disturbing thing about climate change, is the number of people who believe in it. One good bit of news, the High Court in the UK has just overturned a lower court order that was stopping a Company in the UK from Fracking, they will re start the operation on the 13th of Oct.

It would be interesting to know which government minister is in charge of the Armed Forces, in peacetime, in the UK. I am pretty certain that it is the Home Secretary but not really sure. If I am right then he is Sajid Javid the Muslim, he is the same one who had Tommy thrown in jail the first time and also had him transferred to the Top Security Jail, full of Muslims.
You can be sure that it is him who is rattling sabers at the Military Top Brass, causing them to come down hard on the Lads and their photo ops and pinning the blame on Tommy.

I fear for Tommy at his next Court appearance.
commented 2018-10-12 22:27:25 -0400
- Going back to the first Earth Day (held on what would have been Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov’s (aka Lenin) 100th birthday in 1970) – the world was doomed by 1985 to 2000 depending on who you listened to. The doomsday predictions get made, they fail to materialize, we’re supposed to forget they were made & they get recycled with a new date about 10-20 years in the future. Man made global cooling/warming/climate change is a scam. It’s getting impossible for them to cover up the fact that it is a scam.

- Tommy is guilty of wrong-think & is therefore a racist & everyone hates him because the leftist narrative says so. Islam is the tool the left is using to dismantle the West so of course the army brass is taking their marching orders from them.

- The superhero movies will die as they’re taken over by the far left narrative. When movies are run by SJW’s you really can’t expect much. One of the great things about the original Ghostbusters was that one of the bad guys was the EPA inspector. It wasn’t set up as an attack on the EPA, it was more a matter of some government stooge that abused his power concerning something he really didn’t understand.
commented 2018-10-12 21:36:14 -0400
Only got a few minutes of this video (froze – I accepted the ‘cookies’ and now it doesn’t work at all)

Julian Assange’s last video. This is what Climate Barbie is probably attempting to cure climate change.
Vaccinate the religious fundamentalists and you cure climate change!
Interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd6u5Los-VM Watch up to 12:04 on video.