October 26, 2018

Rebel Roundup: Guests Ezra Levant, Ben Davies, & Sheila Gunn Reid!

David MenziesMission Specialist


Every Friday evening on Rebel Roundup, we get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in and enjoy!

* With Canada heading into an election next year, Justin Trudeau is hailing the merits of a carbon tax, but is anyone buying what he’s selling?

Sheila Gunn Reid has all the nitty-gritty details.

* Rebel Commander Ezra Levant is just back from the U.K. and he’ll weigh-in on the very latest in the ongoing Tommy Robinson saga.

Ezra Levant will weigh in on a story that gets more absurd by the day.

* Jamie Lee Curtis is yet another Hollywood celebrity who loves to condemn guns, but she seems to have no reservations about wielding them in her recent instalment of Halloween.

Our Hollywood Rebel, Ben Davies, joins us to try to make sense of it all.

* And finally, letters. Tonight, I’ll share some of your responses to my commentary on a private member’s bill in Ontario that, should it become law, will strip returning jihadis of all their provincial benefits!

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commented 2018-10-29 09:57:14 -0400
I thought there was a law criminalizing travel to join or aid a terrorist organization … did Trudeau remove that law?
commented 2018-10-27 21:00:58 -0400
Perhaps some one should inform the Liberals, they are creating so much Hot Air over their Carbon Tax that they are warming the Planet up.
commented 2018-10-27 20:42:28 -0400
The next Election results will depend on how many Muslims are in the Country when the Election is called.

Look out for Taxpayer funded ‘free flights’ from the Middle East and North Africa. All they will need is a bag with holes for the eyes or a Zombie Knife and they have it made, they will all know how to mark ‘X’ next to Trudeau.
commented 2018-10-27 12:23:38 -0400
The whole thing is a scam and a tax grab. This has absolutely nothing to do with climate change and people are fools to think it does. How does financially strapping families help change the climate?? Utterly stupid and insane!
commented 2018-10-26 22:01:06 -0400
We really do need to care about Tommy Robinson. This is a case of judicial tyranny and bullying. And if those folks who just want Canadian news could get a clue, bad stuff from other lands ends up here. Western civilization is being murdered by leftist lunatics. A day could come where people like Ezra Levant could be jailed just for not having the right opinion.
commented 2018-10-26 21:52:38 -0400
- I’ve been saying since the beginning of this Liberal nightmare that Justin “Groper” Trudeau is a moron in charge of a government that is as corrupt as it is incompetent. Politics 101 says that if you’re going to do unpopular things, you do it in the first couple years of your mandate. Then you play the moderate & attempt to buy votes in your last year. It’s a game I hate but it was at least somewhat effective. The Liberals will go into the election with a people who are wondering how much worse it will get if they get reelected.

- What Tommy has been put through is a disgrace to Great Britain. Taking a group to his latest trial was a great idea & paid off big time. Hopefully this gets dropped now & there won’t be further trials but we’ll see what happens.

- Hollywood celebrities are the kind of people that’ll lecture the little people about their carbon footprint, rising ocean levels, gun control & open borders – then hop into their private jet & fly out to their oceanside mansion protected by walls & walled security.