September 14, 2018

Rebel Roundup: Guests Ben Davies, Ezra Levant, & Sheila Gunn Reid!

David MenziesMission Specialist


Every Friday evening on Rebel Roundup, we get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in and enjoy!

* A Syrian refugee stands accused of killing 13-year-old Marissa Shen, but the second crime is the ongoing whitewashing of pertinent details from this case due to “cultural sensitivity.”

Sheila Gunn Reid will explain all.

* Earlier this week, an extremist, leftwing judge tried to undermine the democratic process in Ontario.

Rebel Commander Ezra Levant drops by to talk about how.

* And, remember when filmmakers used to depict real-life bad guys as bad guys in movies? Well, with the release of Peppermint, those days appear to be over because it’s just not politically-correct to depict villains that are tied to certain cultural groups.

Ben Davies brings us all of the details.

* And finally, letters. Tonight, I’ll share some of your feedback on my commentary about former Cosby star Geoffrey Owens who was inexplicably mocked by trolls for working a regular job to pay the bills. Oh, what a scandal!

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commented 2018-09-15 20:00:43 -0400
Protesting a murder of a 13 year old child..then get coffee thrown at you…trudeau must be proud of the coffee thrower..trudeau will probably cut her a check for ..hmmm..a million for that..after all it’s 2018.
commented 2018-09-15 11:22:37 -0400
Wouldn’t it be hilarious – in an ironic kind of way – if that lefty so-called judge was found in his chambers one morning with his head lopped off…and an ISIS video circulating on the internet of the violent act. Well maybe not too funny for the so-called judge…but the irony would be delicious!
commented 2018-09-15 09:37:31 -0400
Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada…….The Death Cult called Islam……..White People dead on the streets…….Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada.
commented 2018-09-14 22:08:06 -0400
- Of course everyone who was behind bringing in fake refugees & illegal border crossers are trying to whitewash & cover up the murder of Marissa Shen, they have her bold on their hands as well. They don’t want to be held responsible for it let alone admit to it.

- As long as Doug Ford sticks to his guns & serves the people the left will only look unhinged & undermine their credibility. As far as the media party is concerned, the Toronto (Red) Star was calling for council reform in 2014. Funny how they forgot about that.

- Who’d have thought we’d see the day when Hollywood would become the propaganda arm of MS-13? I guess people who’ve been paying attention would say it was inevitable. It’s universal because the far left exist in an echo chamber. This is why they’ve lost their ability to be creative. It’s become the creativity of the committee.
commented 2018-09-14 22:04:22 -0400
Leftists truly are unhinged. Everything is about class struggle, racism, and oppression by white conservatives of the coloured masses. How idiotic! Conservatives don’t classify anybody. We all want everybody to be rewarded for hard work without reference to skin colour or gender. We are the ones who believe in equality, not the reprobate left.