September 28, 2018

Rebel Roundup: Guests Jack Buckby, Ben Davies, & Sheila Gunn Reid!

David MenziesMission Specialist


Every Friday evening on Rebel Roundup, we get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in and enjoy!

* Of 900 fugitives who have illegally crossed into Canada, only SIX have been deported.

Sheila Gunn Reid will tell you why so-called Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, Bill Blair, has some ‘spalining to do!

* The UK legal system is throwing the book at Tommy Robinson right now, but at the same time treating an Islamist hate-monger who encourages terrorism, with kid gloves.

Jack Buckby will weigh-in on this sad state of affairs across the pond.

* And, Mockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore is mad as hell – probably because his latest flick bombed, so he’s threatening to move to Canada, but we don’t want him!

Ben Davies joins us to explain.

* And finally, letters. Tonight, I’ll share some of your responses to my commentary regarding child-killer Terri Lynne McClintic being transferred from prison to an Aboriginal healing lodge.

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commented 2018-10-01 12:18:59 -0400
The liberal’s hate the rule of law and have undermined and twisted our laws at every opportunity for their chosen victim groups. A young and innocent white girl’s life was snuffed out with the assistance of this monster, but the monster is entitled to a her get out of jail card because she’s native. There are no words for how evil this is! She thinks she’s home free now, but on judgement day, she and those who have allowed this travesty of justice will be held to account.
commented 2018-10-01 11:16:18 -0400
How do you rehabilitate someone who would do something like that? Child-killer Terri Lynne McClintic should never see the light of day.
commented 2018-09-30 14:30:21 -0400
While watching your segment with Jack on ‘the enemy of the entire world’ – Islam – I had my usual recurring feeling that the only practical and effective solution to our very dire Islamic Invasion problem is to KILL every Moslem terrorist…deportation is like trapping and relocating varmints, like bears – it merely moves the problem somewhere else…and they often just come back. Consider these verses from the Koran: 2:191, 5:33, 8:12, 9:5, 9:29, 9:123, 22:19, 47:4, et al…
…and then I remembered Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code, the Hate Crimes legislation…
So, I state here, that I retract the above (please take note Hate Crimes Division of the RCMP, and other aiders and abettors of the Islamic Invasion) and I offer this as my opinion instead:

A shameful confession: After 13 or 14 edits, I added ‘terrorist’ to “the only practical solution to our very dire Islamic Invasion problem is to KILL every Moslem terrorist…”

Doncha just love fear of the state and self censorship…

N.B. – I’d share your on my Facebook page Jack, but I’m in Facebook jail for a month…again.
During your segment on the big-fat-smelly-pinko-whale-coming-to-Canada, I found myself visualizing myself holding a .600″ Nitro Express in one hand and a Winchester .458, in the other, weighing them…and idly wondering if there will be tags issued and sold by the state. LOL.
The thing about your ‘compromise’ on the death penalty vs actual life in prison for dirty, low savages, et al, is a poor one Menzoid. I used to be against capital punishment, mistakenly thinking actual life in prison, with no chance of parole, would be worse punishment than being put down by the state the next day.
I don’t think that way anymore. People are eminently adaptable to harsh and unrelenting living conditions – look how many victims of forced labour, concentration camps and other gulags survived them! (Gulag, abbreviation of ‘Glavnoye Upravleniye Ispravitelno-trudovykh Lagerey’, Russian: “Chief Administration of Corrective Labour Camps")
That filthy, murdering savage McClintic could have a nice, comfortable life paid for by the taxpayer, in the 4 Star hotels that are Canada’s hug-a-thug prison system…or we the people could choke out the evil demon and her ilk at the end of a state sanctioned rope!
…and don’t get me started on that Indian-victimhood-entitlement BS! Gladue – and all the BS reasons why it’s there – has to go!
commented 2018-09-30 13:05:16 -0400
commented 2018-09-30 10:51:09 -0400
commented 2018-09-29 20:21:30 -0400
Britain’s problem is the fact that the Prime Minister, Theresa May is a NWO Marxist, who’s job is to drag the UK down to her and the UNs level of Marxism. Their foot soldiers are the Muslims who roam the streets doing as they wish, with no fear of reprisal from the Law. Like Trudeau, Theresa May needs to be stopped, as in dead stop. There is a slight possibility that her reign as PM might come to an end at the PC conference that starts tomorrow, Sunday.

As for Tommy, he is expecting to be put down for two years when his new trial is held and I feel that he is right in his assumption. With the new Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, a Muslim, pulling the strings, a death sentence would not surprise me.

We, as Canadians need to learn from the UK. Do not allow Trudeau the chance to kill Canada, as he surely intends to….STOP Trudeau END.
commented 2018-09-28 22:12:21 -0400
Another good show, Dave. We sure do live in an upside down world. War is peace, freedom is slavery, and some people are more equal than others. Let’s hope we have enough normal-but-fed-up folks angry enough to turn the world the right way up again.
commented 2018-09-28 21:46:57 -0400
- Bill Blair has no idea how to do his job – par for the course with these Liberals. The plan is to overwhelm the system & then use that to justify an amnesty – bet on it.

- The government is at war with its own people (& not just in the UK). Socialists believe that everything is a social construct & humanity can be reengineered to perfection by them. This has resulted in mass murder whenever it’s been attempted. This time they want to replace the uppity lower & middle classes & if people start fighting back they’ll use the chaos to seize absolute power. They’re hoping most people stay asleep & focus on funny cat videos until it’s too late.

- If Jabba the Moore moves to Canada you can bet he’ll return to the US whenever he needs healthcare. Remember that he “fled” to Canada when he was promoting his movie “Sicko”. Apparently the men in black trench coats got distracted with something else & gave up on him. His movies are failing because he’s a proven fraud at this point.