July 11, 2016

Rebel’s new billboard BANNED in Montreal: Fears of City Hall and Muslim backlash — even Saudi retribution

Rebel Staff

Politically correct censorship rears its ugly head in Montreal — our new billboard has been banned, after pressure by City Hall, and out of fear of a backlash from Muslims, and even the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

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For months we’ve had a billboard right across from Montreal’s City Hall pushing back at their Liberal mayor, Denis Coderre, for his opposition to the proposed Energy East pipeline. That pipeline would bring ethical oil from Alberta, all the way to New Brunswick, where they currently import conflict oil from OPEC dictatorships.

We initially put up a giant billboard that said, in French, “You don’t want oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan? Fine — then no equalization payments from oil.” And it promoted our French-language website, RienDePlus.ca, which means, "no more."

Well, that sparked quite a fuss in Montreal — every newspaper covered the billboard, very favourably. I think they really hadn’t thought of that point before. Coderre himself was scrummed by Montreal reporters about it. 

But we weren’t done.

We put up a second billboard in the same place. And this one poked fun at Coderre’s claim that he deeply, truly cares about the environment. It says, in French, “Sorry, Alberta, Denis Coderre prefers sewage pipes to oil pipes — but keep sending equalization payments”.

That’s a reference to Coderre dumping billions of liters of raw Montreal sewage into the river — this from a guy who claims he’s against a state of the art pipeline, because he loves the environment so much.

Quebec Liberals love equalization payments from Alberta and Saskatchewan oil. But they refuse to let that oil pass through in a safe, state-of-the-art pipeline, called Energy East. As if they don’t drive cars or fly jets in Montreal.

Of course they do — they just prefer oil from OPEC dictatorships, like Saudi Arabia.

And that’s the message of our new billboard:


In English, that means "when Denis Coderre says no to the Energy East project, he’s saying yes to sharia oil exported by OPEC.

And then there's a picture of the king of Saudi Arabia.

To reiterate, we’ve been paying this billboard company, called Outfront Outdoor, thousands of dollars. Not just for Montreal billboards, but for a couple in Toronto too.

So, everything’s fine. We pay all our bills. Our ads are political, but they’re not obscene or illegal in any way.

But when we went to them with our latest billboard, they refused to run the ad. They ripped up our contract.

We asked them why, and they told us: they are afraid of offending Muslim activists and even the Saudi dictator himself.

But the billboard company also told us that Montreal’s city hall was pressuring them to stop running our ads — and if they continued, their business might be in jeopardy. Liberal politicians might not give them any more permits.

In the video above you can see the e-mails and hear the phone call where the billboard company told me we’re forbidden from criticizing the Saudi king — and that Liberals were threatening their business. It’s shocking. But somehow not surprising.

But I live in Canada, not Saudi Arabia, and not some banana republic where Liberals can threaten businesses.

We have free speech here. We’re allowed to criticize the King of Saudi Arabia, or the Liberal mayor of Montreal.

We’re going to run this billboard in Montreal, even if I have to literally stand on the street corner and hold up the poster myself.

If you want to help us pay for the advertising, then please click here to contribute to our ad campaign!

If Quebec Liberals like Denis Coderre hate these billboards, then I want to do more of them.

I don’t want to waste money suing the mayor for his threats, or suing Outfront Outdoor for breach of contract. I just want the ads to go up.

I estimate an average billboard in Montreal is about $2,000 dollars. Radio ads would be about a hundred bucks each.

Visit CutThemOff.ca now, and help me fight back.

Denis Coderre isn’t my mayor. And Queen Elizabeth is my monarch — not some desert dictator like “King” Salman. Let’s fight back against these sharia leftists.

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P.S. Were we doing anything wrong? I checked — with one of Canada’s leading media lawyers, Stuart Robertson. He’s been a senior lawyer for just about any major media outlet you can think of. I asked him to study our billboard, and write an opinion letter — is the billboard defamatory? Does it violate anyone’s privacy, like the King of Saudi Arabia? Does it violate hate speech laws, or even the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards?

No, no, no, and no. The billboard is fine. You can see his three-page letter below:

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