November 11, 2015

Rebel Sports Roundup: PanScam Games, Blue Jays' new president isn't p.c. and more

Neil FlaggRebel Blogger

Congratulations to the management team of the 2015 Toronto Pan-Am Games for a job well done!

As reported in the Toronto Sun, the 57 Liberal Party insiders known as “Pan Am Executives” have now been cleared to split their $6 million bonus.

What did they do to earn the bonus? They succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams in throwing taxpayer’s money down a black hole. The final tally came in at $2,430,000,000 spent, with revenues of a paltry $205,000,000 in ticket sales and sponsorships. (If you believe that figure – I don’t). That makes the total net cost to taxpayers of $2,225,000,000.

Original Pan Am Games CEO, Liberal insider Ian Troop, was unavailable for comment, as he was busy counting his $534,800 severance reward after being fired as a result of a spending scandal. His successor, Liberal Party insider Saad Rafi, declared it a success because, among other things, he earned “positive feedback from the public and athletes."

What did we get for our $2.23 billion? Aside from two weeks’ worth of traffic chaos, empty shops and restaurants that were promised a bonanza, totally meaningless athletics competitions from a sports fan’s perspective, and a beautiful aquatics venue now owned and operated by the University of Toronto, we got a pretty, very popular “TORONTO” sign that lights up and cost a few thousand bucks.

And another example of Liberals being Liberals.


Blue Jays’ New President Not a Social Justice Warrior
Toronto Blue Jays fans woke up from their post-Playoffs hangover to find that the architect of the amazing 2015 squad, GM Alex Anthopolous, was walking away from the team.

The blame was being placed on team ownership -- Rogers, always an easy target -- and the new Team President it hired to start work immediately following the 2015 season, Mark Shapiro.

Unlike outgoing Team President Paul Beeston, who came from a banking background and mostly stuck to business operation, Shapiro worked his way up from the baseball side of the Cleveland Indians operation before ascending to the top position there, creating an inherent and unfortunate conflict with Anthopolous, who has earned the professional right to have full on-field autonomy over an organization. He will land on his feet elsewhere, and I believe Shapiro will do good things with the Blue Jays. All indications are that he is an extremely intelligent, competent, and level-headed leader.

I am also impressed that, for 15 years as General Manager and then President of the Cleveland Indians, Shapiro stood his ground as best he could against the Social Justice Warriors who wanted to wipe the team’s classic “Chief Wahoo” logo off the face of the earth. While the team did make the decision (probably forced by Major League Baseball’s politically-correct commissioner’s office) to take the smilin’ Indian off their on-field team caps in favour of a bland red “C”, they have adamantly refused to remove the Chief from the team’s gameday jerseys, or from the team’s branding efforts.

“Chief Wahoo’s not going anywhere,” Shapiro said in a radio interview last year, and I applaud him for that. Nothing is more annoying than political correctness invading the world of sports.


Trudeau’s Minister of Sport and Persons With Disabilities should file an equal pay discrimination suit
Prime Minister Trudeau has appointed an interesting woman to handle sports-related issues at the Federal level. Delta, BC MP Carla Qualtrough was born with a visual impairment, but rose to overcome her disability to lead an accomplished life. A suburban mom of four, with three Paralympics Games medals in swimming in her sporting career, she seems positively Harperian at first glance.

Unfortunately, her career has taken her into politically-correct government circles, using her law degree to chair a Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal, pursue work in “human rights”, and serving an appointment as “Director of Inclusion” for the Vancouver 2010 Legacies Now Society. Whatever that is, it’s got lefty b.s. written all over it.

I suggest she put her Human Rights law experience to work, and file a gender discrimination suit against her new boss.

Seems Trudeau and his minders have worked a neat little scam to make his cabinet appear more “gender-equal” than it really is. As reported, a Minister is not necessarily a Minister in Trudeau’s cabinet. Ms. Qualtrough’s role is actually a Minister of State position, “to be styled Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, to assist to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Minister of Social Development. “

What’s the difference between a Minister and a “Styled Minister”? About $20,000 in salary, and a layer of seniority. And of the five “styled” ministers, how many are women? All five.

Live by the politically-correct sword, die by the politically-correct sword, Libs.


Where does Patrick Kane go to get his reputation back?
In War on Masculinity news, Chicago Blackhawks superstar forward Patrick Kane has been cleared by the Erie County District Attorney of wrongdoing related to a sexual assault allegation by a young woman he picked up in a bar back in August.

After being dragged through a media maelstrom for three months, it seems the only thing the 26-year-old bachelor from Buffalo was guilty of was being too good a playa.

Now I’m not a playa, never have been, never will be, never want my sons to be. But I also don’t want to live in a world where anything that happens between a man and a woman behind closed doors becomes an opportunity to ruin a man’s career through sexual harassment lawfare. Kane has lost sponsorships and endorsements because of this, and if not for the faith and support of the Chicago Blackhawks organization, he may have paid a much bigger price with his career. 

Women cannot have it both ways: they can’t hang out at pickup bars where rich athletes hang out, get picked up by rich athletes, then scream rape when it’s over and done. 



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commented 2015-11-12 17:53:09 -0500
I feel terrible for George, it’s hard to live with the village idiot for a mother.
commented 2015-11-12 17:02:11 -0500
DAN – I have to agree, Southern is clearly smart and articulate and remarkably balanced and objective – for this site anyway. I wonder how long she will stick around.

Sadly, like many who comment on one side or the other of the sexual-assault/no-means-no debate, she identifies some of the complex issues but offers no new solutions. Not that I have much to offer on that score.

Perhaps the best suggestion I’ve heard is that in any case of sexual assault the entire case needs to be sealed and all process held in camera from the moment the accusation is made and nothing is made public unless guilt is established. Of course our justice system relies on transparency to ensure it remains uncorrupted and fair – but I suspect there are ways to limit those risks with oversight.
commented 2015-11-12 16:47:29 -0500
Nice to see you working the sports beat Neil – clearly an area of some expertise.

I was interested to read in your column that you have children. I am ever fascinated by all those who contribute to this site. And as a parent myself – trying my best to build open minded, intellectually honest, empathetic and moral kids, I’m especially curious about those of you that have children.

I often wonder how you justify to all your friends and loved ones – but especially your kids – how you even explain – your lying and dissembling and distortion, the name-calling, the inuendo the disrespectful and often insulting statements you make about others.

I try to imagine what the conversation looks like when your kids get into trouble for emulating your language and your lack of respect with their peers, their teachers, or even with you.

Do you fall back on “do what I say, not what I do”? Do you double down and try to convince your kids that as long as the other guy deserves it – (i.e., he or she disagrees with you) they deserve to be attacked, few holds barred – “just try not to get caught next time”? Or maybe you take a more honest approach and say something like "well, I don’t always feel proud of what I write but, you know, we all kinda egg each other on at the Rebel, and it does seems acceptable cause others are doing it too and … well … I’m hoping it will eventually help pay the bills.

Honestly, so curious.
commented 2015-11-12 12:02:27 -0500
Menzies rocks. I love that Indians aren’t offended by the logos etc of sports teams and in fact they love it.
commented 2015-11-12 03:09:08 -0500
I like the quote the native said on David’s skit: lefts (mostly white but not only) are just fighting among themselves. That just nails it. These SJWs just can’t sit still and before they know it they are like a wheel spinning: they don’t know where they are going, only that it just has to spin to keep it spinning.

Lauren made some great points too, again with the SJWs and it is scary how easy it is for them to abuse it and screw over innocent people. Those feminist quotes are ridiculous. I don’t’ think they have to worry about any men wanting to even go near them let alone have intercourse.

Yeah, the PAN AM games are only really for the athletes and smaller cities or towns. It is a wast to have it in Toronto.
commented 2015-11-12 00:15:46 -0500
Sorry Neil, but after all that, and the fact that I have never ‘watched’ sports, all I got to say is that Lauren Southern is one smart cookie.