December 06, 2017

The Rebel takes “Fire Morneau!” message to Ottawa

David MenziesMission Specialist

As Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s indiscretions continue to mount, Canadians are saying they’ve had enough and that Morneau must resign

We decided to remind the meddling multimillionaire of the mounting outrage by taking the “Morneau must go” message all the way to Ottawa with our Jumbotron-equipped truck!

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commented 2017-12-09 01:51:41 -0500
It becomes very clear with the response you got in Ottawa, why the likes of Morneau can consistently violate the public trust and then laugh in the faces of Canadians. All those tight lipped Canadian enablers, it’s because of attitudes like theirs, that we pay millions of dollars to terrorists, allow thousands, what will become millions of illegals into our country and they will remain silent regardless of our freedoms being taken from us. It leads me to believe that they are some of the voters who are responsible for putting into office the Party of Doom, The Liberal Government, who will continue to cast a Dark Sinister Cloud over the land, that if allowed to continue, will cause the demise of Canada. There was one Senior Lady that did speak out, good on her, it seems to be mostly Seniors that show any guts when it comes to criticizing our corrupt government. Take the Jumbotron Truck to smaller town Ontario or Alberta but if you do, in some cases you might want to bring your ear plugs.
commented 2017-12-08 13:11:23 -0500
David. I viewed the video again today.
You just made my day!!!!

It also helps point to a much bigger issue. There are actually gullible people who have bought the Trudeau and Morneau tax script on CBC.

Canada is in serious trouble if this knucklehead is re elected.
commented 2017-12-08 12:41:33 -0500
Thanks for the effort, David. Very bleak and unfriendly place.
commented 2017-12-07 13:43:43 -0500
Didn’t Baby Doc Trudeau state: “I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me”, and “I have tremendous confidence in people who don’t think a lot about politics, terrorism”. So we know of at least one “Canadian” who doesn’t read newspapers, listen to the news, or thinks much about politics and terrorism. Ergo, a slippery politician in his cabinet is of little concern. Possibly he doesn’t even know the facts or that there is even a perception of wrongdoing. Oh well, another day sitting on the throne, grinning like a fool, and checking out the paige boys.

Oh yes, then there are all the “Syrian” refugees and refugees via the USA who can’t read English or French, so local newspapers are of little use to them as reading material. Then there are those too young to read or don’t bother to read other than the Internet. So where does this 36 million number of newspaper readers come from? Better yet, why are newspapers going broke if they have such a large readership?

But one thing we are certain of, and from statements coming from our PM’s very own mouth, he is really into comic book super heroes and is probably an avid reader of the craft. He, uh, can, uh, read, uh, really good.
commented 2017-12-07 13:22:49 -0500
Let’s engage on a positive and robust note for a moment: I, uh, umm…I know -Nothing screams “sexy” like overbearing Brutalist architecture.
commented 2017-12-07 13:08:59 -0500
Regardless of which party is installed on ‘The Hill’, that’s just Ottawa. An unremarkable little enclave inhabited by far too many cowardly, self-absorbed and pretentious governmental trough humpers. Tacit class prejudice is the norm here. There is a reason why Ott has been consistently ranked as one of Canada’s most unfriendly cities.

The truck stunt may not get Morneau sacked, but the video could be used as a tourism tool, “Ottawa – Grey, dank, and yours to dismiss.”
commented 2017-12-07 01:39:50 -0500
After the of excitement and anticipation of The-Jumbotron-in-Ottawa, it was almost a let down show, with all the ‘no-comment’ Ottawans scurrying about in fear and business, as you suggest, afraid to let out a peep, in Justin’s New World Order Canada as a Post National State Fascism. Scary.
The almost spooky music, with the wonderful collage of historic Ottawa architecture and the Jumbotron in the eerily empty foregrounds, and what may turn out to be future famed photography of THEREBEL!
For some reason it’s all made me think of the Kremlin and Red Square…
commented 2017-12-06 23:57:29 -0500
Iain Foulds—I agree Morneau is not the big prize. We should consecrate on the many unlikable people.
commented 2017-12-06 23:22:00 -0500
… Morneau coming or going is irrelevant.
… Rebel is in a strong position. It needs to get smarter in it’s campaigns. Getting rid of Morneau changes nothing. Trudeau is the enemy- of Canada and Canadians.
commented 2017-12-06 22:53:50 -0500
Good for you David. You are a real trouper!
As for Ottawa, that’s their normal….boring, apathetic and unknowledgeable. Reflects in their voting.
commented 2017-12-06 20:25:47 -0500
Trudeau is a fool. Anyone who thinks he is a leader is a bigger fool. He would easily receive an F.
He is an embarrassment. Don’t worry though he has the fiscal wear with all figured out. It’s not often you get to ask the PM a question.
I think if you were to say good morning to him he would be stuck for an answer.
commented 2017-12-06 20:12:10 -0500
… However, firing Morneau will only increase Liberal support. Or, not affect it at all.
… Pointless crusade.
commented 2017-12-06 20:06:52 -0500
opps, i before e except…..
commented 2017-12-06 20:05:55 -0500
I think there is a name for what happened just before the new regulations came into effect ,and all who profited know it damn well. Unbeleivable what Justin’s liberals get away with. Brazen to say the least.
Good try Menzies. Very revealing really.
commented 2017-12-06 19:40:36 -0500
David Menzies—You could be correct in saying that you didn’t get feedback from the people (mostly women) that you tried to interview, because they may be Gov’t Employees.
My view is they are some of the 50% group of women that don’t follow politics, and they vote for the hair and fancy socks. " Rebel Women Excluded"
commented 2017-12-06 19:34:11 -0500
That’s right David…it is unreasonable to expect honest comment from public servants…..they get warnings to refrain from doing it.

Their social media accounts are also monitored and they are warned of that as well.

Thank God the ballot box is secrecy sacrosanct.

I could not even have a conversation over coffee anywhere within four blocks of VAC headquarters in Charlottetown without ears listening and Madame de Farge making knots in her knitting to take back to the Commitee of Public Safety….and the Provincial Public Service in PEI is even worse.

Somehow I was excused for telling off the CBC….guess the flack catchers in public and media affairs appreciated my moxy.
commented 2017-12-06 19:31:39 -0500
David, too bad I couldn’t get the day off yesterday, otherwise,I would have driven to Ottawa to shake your hand and comment on camera.
I think you’re right! There are lots of government drones walking about…no comment is a form of job protection.
I hope a great number of people noted the website and will consider signing the petition.