Rebel Cruise

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The left-wing tactic of “de-platforming” conservatives continues. After a successful group trip to Israel this summer, we at The Rebel were invited by our travel agency to charter a river cruise along the Danube River in Europe, with educational seminars led by Dr. Daniel Pipes, and Rebel personalities including Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson and myself. 

To our disappointment, today our tour operator advised us of the following:

I was surprised and upset to hear about the cancellation of the cruise and especially after our most successful trip to Israel in June 2018. Needless to say that I know the Rebels are excellent customers and a great group of people. However, The ship’s owner received a report from the company operating the vessel that suggested our educational cruise would possibly be met with violence by extremist opponents and will not operate the cruise. I deeply regret the cancellation of this cruise, but understand the safety of the passengers and staff is paramount.


Ron Wexler
Heritage Study Programs

Although disappointing, we will not be deterred — thousands of Rebel viewers have joined us for live events and tours, and we’ll continue to do so, including later this fall.

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