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The only thing the mainstream media hates more than the United States is Israel.

The media hate it; leftists hate it; the UN hates it. And they’re all obsessed by it — a tiny sliver of land with just eight and a half million people.

So what’s it really like? And how does it survive as the only free democracy with full civil rights for women and minorities, including their Muslim minority, in a region that is full of violent revolutions, terrorism and medieval theocracies?

Well, The Rebel wants to show you.

Six journalists from The Rebel as well as about 50 fans are flying to Israel to go on a fact-finding tour — to see everything from the Israeli security fence, to Israel's border with Syria, and even the settlements in the West Bank.

We’ll show you what it’s really like — the Israel that you never hear about from the mainstream media.

You can watch all the videos from our trip below.

Katie Hopkins in Israel: A “bizarre” sign on the road to Bethlehem

Published July 5 - Katie Hopkins reports on a troubling sign on the road to Bethlehem.

The man behind the construction of Israel's wall offers advice to Trump

Published July 5 - David Menzies speaks with Retired IDF Colonel Dany Tirza, who was instrumental in building the security wall at the boundary between Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Katie Hopkins in Israel: “They will always be fighting”

Published July 5 - Katie Hopkins reports from the "Palestinian" side of the Israeli security wall, in Bethlehem.

Debunking claims about Israel’s “apartheid” wall

Published July 4 - Sheila Gunn Reid debunks some of the myths about the so-called "apartheid" wall. 

Happy 4th of July from the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem!

Published July 4 - Amanda Head celebrates the 4th of July from the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem!

“Trump's people should come to Israel” and study this border security wall

Published July 4 - Katie Hopkins gives details on Israel's border wall and what makes it so effective. 

Temple Mount is a “mini-apartheid state” — under PLO control

Published July 4 - Ezra Levant explains the history of the Temple Mount in Israel.

Jesus' birthplace is now 88% Muslim: At the wall overlooking Bethlehem

Published July 4 - Katie Hopkins gives her take on the security wall overlooking Bethlehem. 

Canada’s “most diplomatic woman” hits the Temple Mount

Published July 4 - Sheila Gunn Reid visits the Temple Mount in the eternal capital of the Jewish state. 

How Trump’s MAGA policies are “Making Israel Great Again” too

Published July 4 - Amanda Head speaks with American ex-pat Elie Pieprz, Director of International Affairs for Yesha Council, about how the Trump Administration’s policies are also making Israel great again.

Jihad Generation: Clarion’s next film aims to stop the radicalization of children

Published July 3 - David Menzies interviews David Harris from the Clarion Project about their next film, Jihad Generation. 

Israeli Air Force graduation: The planes were impressive — but so were the people

Published July 3 - Ezra Levant recaps his experience at the Israeli Air Force graduation.

Israel is a “nationalist project” that runs counter to global elites

Published July 3 - Sheila Gunn Reid catches up with her friend, Israeli blogger Brian of London. Watch as he gives his take on why Israel is a victim of fake news. 

How UN “welfare” HURTS Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts

Published July 3 - Tanveer Ahmed notices that the Palestinian "refugees" are still called that after so many years. As long as they claim to be refugees, the UN will take care of them. 

Peace through capitalism: This bridge between Jordan and Israel was once “unthinkable”

Published July 3- Sheila Gunn Reid and Katie Hopkins discuss a bridge between Jordan and Israel that represents an opportunity for economic development for the people in Jordan which currently suffers a 50% unemployment rate.

What Israel's wall is really like

Published July 3 - Amanda Head describes the famous security wall in Israel and all the factors that went into building an effective security wall. 

Only life for Syrians in rebel occupied Golan Heights is NO life

Published July 2- David Menzies interviews Roman Rafali on what life is like working at a Kibbutz on the Israel-Syria border.

Syrians keep old city of Quneitra as a “bombed-out propaganda tool”

Published July 2 - Sheila Gunn Reid explains how the Syrian city of Quneitra was rebuilt since the Yom Kippur War while the old city of Quneitra is left as a bombed-out propaganda tool — a testament to Israeli aggression when they pushed back the Syrian incursion at the Valley of Tears.

3 reasons the IDF has the lowest PTSD rates in the Western world

Published July 2 - Tanveer Ahmed explains why veterans of Israel's armed forces, the IDF, have the lowest rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among the Western world's military.

Living in Sderot: A mission to preserve the Jewish homeland and the West

Published July 2- David Menzies interviews the mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi, on what it's like to live under constant threat of rocket attacks from Hamas.

Hezbollah funds Lebanese border town to make Israel uncomfortable

Published July 1 - Sheila Gunn Reid describe the difference between Lebanon and Israel at the border. On one side you see green where land is being farmed, and you see business and industry but on the other, you see no green, no businesses and houses with no windows — and there’s a reason for that: the people who live there are being funded by Hezbollah to make Israel uncomfortable.

Syria/Israel border: “You have to choose your monster”

Published July 1 - Katie Hopkins stands at the border between Israel and Syria. We often hear that Syria's Assad is a monster, but knowing what we know and seeing what we've seen of ISIS, we have to face the fact that sometimes you have to choose your monster.

American expat in Israel on becoming an “integral part of history”

Published June 30 - David Menzies interviews Aryeh Ben Yaakov about what motivated him to move from Cleveland to a kibbutz in Israel near the border with Lebanon, and why he calls the UN the “United Nothings.”

Katie Hopkins in Israel: Europe is naive about open borders

Published June 30 - Katie Hopkins is at the border of Lebanon and Israel, where the fact that the Jewish state is surrounded by enemies becomes clearer than ever. 

Katie Hopkins in Israel: UN are the “United Nothings”

Published June 30 - Katie Hopkins compares the representatives of the "United Nothings" as they sit idly by in their UN trucks, with the real work of protecting the Israel/Lebanese border here in Rosh Hanikra falls to the brave men and women of the IDF.

Katie Hopkins: “Israel is my natural home” (FULL SPEECH)

Published June 29 - Katie Hopkins gives a speech in Tel Aviv.

Should the US adopt Israel's military service model?

Published June 29 - Amanda Head contemplates whether mandatory military service is something the United States should consider. 

Mayor of Sderot, Israel: “We are on the frontlines — but we've already won”

Published June 29 - Katie Hopkins talks with the mayor of Sderot.

Media ignores terror threat at Gaza/Israel border

Published June 29 - Sheila Gunn Reid shows the contrast between the peaceful town of Sderot and the violence in Gaza. 

Israel: Conflict is about "territory — but refracted through religion"

Published June 29 - Tanveer Ahmed gives his unique perspective to the conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis. 

Katie Hopkins in Israel tells Trump: "Build that wall DOWN"

Published June 29 - Katie Hopkins tells President Trump to take notes from Israel on how to build an effective wall.

“Israel is not an afterthought to the Holocaust”: A history lesson by Avi Zimmerman

Published June 28 - Avi Zimmerman, executive director of Friends of Ariel, gives a presentation debunking the fake news, loaded terminology and malicious misinformation that enemies of Israel spread about its founding and present-day policies. 

Sderot: The bomb shelter capital of the world

Published June 28 - Sheila Gunn Reid describes how living one kilometre from Gaza means children have to play inside within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter.

Israeli Chef detests Trudeau . . . but loves Canada

Published June 28 - David Menzies meets a chef in Israel who doesn't like Canada now that Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister.

A “surreal” day in the “West Bank”

Published June 28 - Amanda Head explores the West Bank and how boycotts to the region have actually backfired. 

Sderot, Israel: Where your playground is also a bomb shelter

Published June 28 - Katie Hopkins shows a children's play centre made out of bomb shelters in Sderot, a city that is in constant threat of rockets from neighbouring Gaza. 

How UN’s anti-Israel motions harm productive cities like Ariel

Published June 27 - Sheila Gunn Reids explains how the Left turned the city of Ariel into the most boycotted city in the most boycotted country in the world.

Why Israel will not compromise on “consensus” city of Ariel

Published June 27 - David Menzies interviews Avi Zimmerman, executive director of Friends of Ariel, on the difference between the myth and the reality of Ariel, a modern-day region known as Samaria, and talks about what’s in its future.

First day in Tel Aviv: Meeting a Trump fan & other adventures

Published June 27 - Amanda Head lands in Tel Aviv and gives her first impressions of Israel!

The “Boomerang” effect: Fighting back for Israel in a war we didn’t start

Published June 27 - David Menzies talks with Ezri Tubi, the founder of a non-profit organization called “Boomerang: Fighting for Israel”.

How anti-Israel boycotters put well-paying Palestinian jobs at risk

Published June 27 - Ezra Levant challenges the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement that aims to shut down Israeli businesses that give good jobs to Palestinians. 

Debunking Pallywood’s propaganda war against Israel

Published June 26 - Sheila Gunn Reid lands in Tel Aviv and tells you about the all the fake news she's ready to debunk. 

Intense security is what keeps beautiful little democracy in Middle East safe

Published June 26 - David Menzies explains why Israel needs to have serious security checks in place for anyone entering the country.


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commented 2018-07-02 10:11:37 -0400
sheila reports 70 % of Sderot children have PTSD symptoms —thats my expertise and from 2014-2016 my non profit supervised and funded training the Jerusalem Herzog Hospital PTSD Center in Clinical PTSD Research with DSM classified PTSD victims using our unique methods which are the only methods worldwide proven to reduce blood cortisol levels by up to 24% within 30 muinutes of self application (the stress indicator chemical) AND OUR METHODS CAN BE TAUGHT TO YOUNG SCHOOL CHILDREN IN only several hours training. I have presented worldwide and would happily teach school teachers and kids in Canada too. We are old city centered and I would happily interview with Ezra.
commented 2018-07-02 07:54:46 -0400
a very lovable genuine Jew Aryeh—bless him —we live in an unjust hypocritical world and Jews need to take responsibility for exemplifying the solution, being ethical, and even Holy -—-we can only judge the Jews by those who are living this genuine model -not the phonies and we need to examine only behavior as today-in every group --there are lots of phonies —-look for real Jews and Aryeh smells like one!
commented 2018-06-29 20:15:23 -0400
What frustrates me most is all of my low-information friends who believe every word from the mainstram media. I must sound like a mad man when I tell them of 15-second warnings and the monstrous hatred of Muslims – yes Muslims – of Israel. All they hear is how big bad Israel are using weapons of war against the beleagered Palestinians. What they don’t hear is the massive psychological toll these rocket attacks take on children. Jews were in the area three-thousand years ago but jihadis want us dhimis to believe that they only came in back in 1948. Neither do people realize that Obama was right, there are 57 states. They’re all Islamic states but there’s only 1 Jewish state in all the world. If some naive dufus tells me about how bad Israel treats Palestinians, I’ll certainly give them an ear full of facts to counter the cow poop shoveled out over the airwaves daily by Israel-hating socialist useful idiots of Jihad.
commented 2018-06-29 14:23:06 -0400
Love the Rebel and rarely comment but this is important! I am a 69 year old Christian but have had Jewish best friends since I was a boy but they and myself do NOT support ultra Orthodox Zionists as do millions of modern Jews around the world! Of course, I too consider Hamas a terrorist organization but there are many intelligent, reasonable Palestinians who want peace and it is critical that they be engaged. I totally support the many Jews for Palestine organizations who want a fair and honest peace + solution to this endless conflict! It is 2018!! and long overdue to have an honest resolution to this problem since Palaestina came into being in 135 AD! Please educate yourselves about this and everything in your lives! AND
Always praying for the best for our world!!!
commented 2018-06-29 02:28:39 -0400
Love the commentaries. Really opening up our eyes . Enjoy and stay safe.
commented 2018-06-28 07:45:29 -0400
Looks beautiful I would not have thought so many Palestinians were employed in Israel.
Keep up the good work Rebels.
commented 2018-06-27 18:54:15 -0400
I hope that Ezra and the Gang keep an eye out for thse gasoline bombs that come flying across tied to Kytes, they have already taken out 600 or more acres of farmland and caused some serious building fires.
commented 2018-06-27 13:11:50 -0400
Yay, Rebels in Israel! Go Rebels, go Israel!