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2015 was a disaster for conservatives. We need a plan to rebuild the right. Not the political parties on the right, but the non-partisan organizations. Here, let me explain in detail.

You can also watch a four-minute summary of my plan below. 

We need to give Canadians the other side of the story that the media party won’t. And we need to highlight the good work being done by conservative activists.

I want to build up the Joseph Howe Institute, the conservative journalism non-profit. Start a conservative journalism club at campuses across the country. Sponsor internships – both at the Rebel, and other media too. Have an annual student journalism conference – and an awards gala for the best conservative journalism in the country. And finally, create an endowment to sponsor the kind of journalism other media won’t do – like investigative journalism into Liberal corruption, which you know is coming back hard.

My second main idea is what in Silicon Valley would be called a start-up incubator. The goal would be to raise money – to give it away to young conservatives with big plans. Most would be micro-grants – a thousand dollars, a few thousand maybe. Anyone with an idea would apply for a grant, and every few months we’d review the applications and cut cheques – like we were venture capitalists financing a dot-com. Except that we’d be social investors – financing conservative NGOs. The rate of return wouldn’t be financial – it would be political.

We’d also help them with best practices – drafting corporate bylaws; helping with legal and accounting and insurance. Things that are important, but probably too boring or difficult for young activists. We’d do that, and help them focus on the good stuff.

So: one full time staffer. A volunteer panel to review and approve grants. Total budget $250,000 dollars. Of which at least half would be given away. That’s how the left-wing Tides Foundation does it. They give away 24 million bucks a year to Canadian leftists. Let’s start with 1% of that.

So that’s my plan. It’s not a huge plan. But I think it helps get things going. Total budget for 2016 is 500,000 dollars. Total staff: two people, plus some volunteers. But over time, we’d plant a lot of seeds. Some wouldn’t grow; maybe even most wouldn’t. But even if we graduated just half a dozen great conservative journalists a year, and helped start just half a dozen conservative NGOs a year – well, imagine what that might look like in the year 2020 or 2025.

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Check out The Rebel. I just joined.
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Check out The Rebel. I just joined.
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Check out The Rebel. I just joined.
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