March 24, 2017

UPDATE: “Red Pill” movie coming to Calgary despite politically correct opposition

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The politicians and feminists who helped shut down a screening of The Red Pill at the University of Calgary over an inflammatory email subject line, really don’t seem to have watched the movie. 

The backlash came from both feminists and politicians including leader of the Official Opposition, Brian Jean, Wildrose MLA, Jason Nixon, NDP Minister Shannon Phillips and feminist Professor, Rebecca Sullivan.

Brian Jean took to Twitter with a talking point suggesting the film deterred women from entering politics and in a CBC interview, Sullivan said this of red pill “rhetoric”:

“a metaphor for what women really want, in the real world, is domination and subjugation.”

But the term is actually an allusion to The Matrix, where taking the blue pill means blissful innocence, while taking the red pill subjects a person to hard truths – there’s even a clip from the popular film right in the documentary.

Watch my video as I chat with Monique Dietvorst from CAFE and Candace Muttit from Father’s Rights Alberta, the group that is sponsoring the rescheduled screening.

Political correctness won’t win this time. The screening will take place at The Plaza in Calgary on April 4th, 6:00 pm. Click HERE for tickets.

Honey Badger and well known Men’s Rights activist Karen Straughan, will be in attendance to answer audience questions at the end of the film.

Admission is free, but CAFE will be collecting donations to help cover the costs of the services they offer like counselling and group sessions for men.

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commented 2017-03-24 21:14:36 -0400
OMG I love it. a FEMALE who actually talks sense about the systemic assault on fathers, men and boys in this country (Family Court, CAS, Police, you name it). I have one (of several parenting issues I vehemently fight for) which is: 50 /50 joint-split parenting must be default law across the land (unless both parents agree a different arrangement is better suited to them).

I know this is going to hurt the revenues of lawyers, Family Court, CAS etc. but it’s BLOODY TIME we place the actual welfare of children AHEAD of financial gain or this predatory and adversarial and destructive crap system we allowed all these evil people to spawn.
commented 2017-03-24 18:46:57 -0400
Agreed Peter, I am embarrassed to say I’m a woman when I hear Feminists shoot their mouths off. Father’s rights are so marginalized just because angry women don’t know how to share, even at the expense of their own innocent children. The pictures, twenty years from now, of them marching with their pink hats and vulgar signs will be a great laughing point if we can evolve beyond that.
commented 2017-03-24 13:40:48 -0400
The last thing that Feminist SJWs want is for people to view the movie and decide for themselves. The Feminist SJWs want to tell you what to think and do.

And I will say it. Modern Feminism IS a cancer, a cancer of the most insidious and destructive type. Modern day Feminism is 100% hate/despise/loathe all males. The do not want people to see the truth about the oppression of men and boys as depicted in this movie.
commented 2017-03-24 12:01:10 -0400
This White, Christian, heterosexual, gun-owning man is quite capable of taking care of myself, thankyouverymuch…
But I would like to thank CAFE and Fathers Rights Alberta, et al,for your good works and to please, keep it up!