July 27, 2016

Refugee rapes 79-year-old German woman in cemetery while she visited her sister's grave

StaffRebel Columnist

It's not just young women at risk of being sexually assaulted by refugees – even the elderly are targeted.

A Eritrean refugee is in custody and charged with rape after he allegedly raped an elderly German woman in a cemetery.

According to Express, the 79-year-old victim, who lives in a nursing home, had to go to the hospital to receive medical treatment as a result of the attack.

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She was visiting the cemetery to visit her sister’s grave in the town of Iddenbueren. Luckily for the woman, a witness heard the woman's cries for help and called the police.

The alleged rapist came to Germany in 2013 as a refugee and lived just 15 minutes away from the crime in a nearby refugee shelter.

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If found guilty the alleged rapist could face 15 years behind bars.

It seems like there isn't a day that goes by in which a sexual assault by a refugee isn't reported.

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commented 2016-07-28 16:20:04 -0400
Perhaps the muzzie thought she was already dead….being in a Cemetary and all. Necrophilia is a part of Islam. Look it up. Mohammed engaged in it. The perp will be let free by the spineless German authorities. My opinion.
commented 2016-07-27 20:44:02 -0400
Thanks for the advice Paul! I pick up my car this Saturday, and I plan on following up with the owner, to ensure the Sales Manager passed on my complaint. If he didn’t pass on my complaint, he’s going to be in trouble with the boss too. If the owner doesn’t fire him, I’m contacting the car manufacturer, to let them know about this pervert. The beauty is that he had given me a sheet with his information on it, so that will come in handy. I will let you all know what happens, once I am able to speak directly with the owner.

I’m not certain that the police or the HRC would even give me the time of day!

But if I don’t get satisfaction by having him fired, I may have to let Ezra know and hopefully he can expose this pervert in our midst!
commented 2016-07-27 19:20:13 -0400
This can happen again and again but the millennials I have spoken to will insist this is just a few refugees and they pose no threat to Canada. After all we can’t leave them to die in Syria – their words.
commented 2016-07-27 18:46:08 -0400
DEBORAH GRAUPNER …contact the car manufacturer and advise them of what happened and that you’re going to hold a press conference outside the town hall of the community you’re in to let the community know what kind of pigs this auto manufacturer has in its dealerships. Also, you need to file a sexual harassment case with your province’s Human Rights Tribunal. After that, go to the police to launch a sexual harassment complaint and follow-up with a lawsuit against the A-hole, the sales management, the dealership, the manufacturer and the government of your town, the province and finally Mr. Trudeau himself…
commented 2016-07-27 16:44:04 -0400
The German government should hang this Islamist Terrorist Thug!!!!!!!!
A message needs to be sent by our Western governments that this kind of thing is not tollerated with ordinary citizens of our respective countries, so why should Islamist extremists get away with it!

Thomas Pratt
commented 2016-07-27 15:40:07 -0400
Hey, you horny Muslim guys, go to 24 Sussex Drive. Justin Trudeau is bending over and spreading his ass for you.
commented 2016-07-27 15:38:40 -0400
The Muslim pig should be fired, Deborah. Keep us informed about the outcome of your complaint to the car dealer.
commented 2016-07-27 15:20:17 -0400
Deport all Muslims, not just the ones who commit crimes. Muslims who were born here can also be deported, they are still Citizens of the land of their Forefathers, get rid of them.

They are not here just to provide votes for idiot Trudeau, they are in the process of committing Hijrah or Jihad by immigration. Take heed of what is happening in France.
commented 2016-07-27 13:45:11 -0400
This happened to me last Saturday. I went in to trade in my vehicle, and the lady that I normally deal with in finance was busy. So she passed me on to a Muslim fellow in finance. He literally laid back in his chair and proceeded to rub his groin area, with his whole hand, as he talked to me. I was in shock, so I tried to avert my gaze. When I got home, I phoned the owner of the company, but he was on vacation, so I spoke with the head of sales, and I told him what that pig did while I was sitting in his office. I told him that if that pig worked for me, I would fire his ass out of the door that very second. I also said that I will not deal with him, and if they didn’t pass my file on, that I would purchase a vehicle somewhere else. I told him that I thought he should know that he has a pervert working for him, and I also passed this information on to the head of the finance department. Just in case she wasn’t made aware of the details of my complaint. She wasn’t told the details, so I filled her in. We were both grossed out! I don’t know if they will fire him, but I told her that they shouldn’t allow any lone women to be in his office alone.
commented 2016-07-27 12:49:17 -0400
Meh, no problems here, it was just another migrant “sexual emergency”, nothing to see here, continue grazing so we can shear you wee sheepies down.
commented 2016-07-27 12:49:14 -0400
Meh, no problems here, it was just another migrant “sexual emergency”, nothing to see here, continue grazing so we can shear you wee sheepies down.
commented 2016-07-27 12:48:52 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,402 Attacks, 199,522 Killed, 280,273 Injured.
commented 2016-07-27 12:29:39 -0400
He has been living in a refugee shelter since 2013. Free lodging and food. No need to join society. These shelters were supposed to be temporary housing until the “refugee” was able to get a job and a place of their own. I wonder how many others have been there for five, ten or fifteen years, or will be there for five, ten, or fifteen years?

If convicted, let him keep getting free room and board at a local prison, and then deport him after he finishes his time. A ride directly to the airport and back to whatever hell-hole he claimed to be running from. Let us just hope that Baby Doc Trudeau (aka Prince Dumb) and his wife, Princess Hasnobrains will not still be around to offer him free room and board in Canada.
commented 2016-07-27 12:19:10 -0400
Here is something to take your mind off of the slaughter

warning those under 50 years old never heard of these people
1…DORIS DAY————————
7…CARY GRANT———————
See how many you know.
I’ll post the answers at the end of Ezra’s show on tonight.
Just another reason to watch THE REBEL only $8 bucks a month or $80 bucks a year.
The only voice that shines a light on the news and brings you the news the other media won’t. Just think of all the comments you leave FREEDOM OF SPEECH….use it or loose it.
commented 2016-07-27 12:02:28 -0400
The astonishing thing about this story is not that a “refugee” raped an old woman but that the police actually arrested him. It will be even more astounding if the rapist is actually convicted of anything. Has anyone yet been convicted – or even charged – for the mass sexual assaults in Cologne at New Year? I still remember the mayor of Cologne saying, in effect, those assaults were the fault of Germans for provoking the Muslims with their Western dress. The police there initially insisted nothing of any significance had happened.
commented 2016-07-27 11:52:24 -0400
Was this asshole a Muslim?
I ask because nowhere in the report does it say so. If he is, then is the Rebel going the same way as the rest of the MSM and refusing to call these sick bastards Muslim? Also the report is full of ‘allegedly’ and ‘alleged’ in relation to this POS.
The asshole either raped this elderly lady or he did not. He was arrested for it and why would an 79 year old lie anyway? So as far as I’m concerned he is guilty, so call him a Muslim and a rapist if he is and ship the asshole back from where he came from.
commented 2016-07-27 11:47:03 -0400
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