Demand that Trudeau put a pause on his dangerous refugee plan!

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UPDATE: Syrian refugee attacks girls at West Edmonton Mall pool — and CBC treats him as the victim:

February 11, 2017 - Ezra reports on a horrific series of sexual assaults at the West Edmonton Mall, all perpetrated by a Muslim Syrian refugee.  

UPDATE: More stories of Syrian refugees left to “hang in the wind” BUT Liberals to bring more?

August 2, 2016 - Brian Lilley reports on a recent story of a Syrian refugee family which confirms Trudeau's poorly executed 'refugee rush' is still having consequences. 

UPDATE: The Liberals are going to build refugee camps on Canadian military bases and taxpayers will be funding the mosques and Korans:

Feb 8, 2016 - The Canadian military has been ordered by Trudeau to draft plans to house more than 6,000 Muslim migrants on a long-term basis at military bases. 

POLL: Despite Trudeau admitting he will not make his deadline, most Canadians still agree that 25,000 refugees is too many:

November 25, 2015 - Most Canadians agree that 25,000 refugees is too many!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada in less than six weeks needs to hit a big and giant pause button.

At least one of the terrorists who carried out the atrocious attacks in Paris entered Europe through Greece. Ahmed Almuhamed, entered Europe from Syria as a registered refugee on October 3. Just over one month later on November 13 he helped murder 89 people in Paris before he blew himself up.

There have been terror cells found in Calais, France, a place where refugees gather trying to get into Britain. In Germany, the federal police force is investigating 10 different cases of terrorists or war criminals hiding among refugees, more than 40 cases of attempted recruitment have been lodged. In Italy, convicted terrorist Ben Nasr Medhi was arrested on a boat with 200 migrants.

But despite all this, Canadians are told not to worry, we can bring in 25,000 refugees in a matter of days from a civil war zone and terrorist hot spot and not put our safety at risk.

The reason this is such a problem surrounds the United Nations. 

Page 120, section G 26 of the UN’s Handbook for processing Refugees, states that being a part of a terrorist group doesn’t mean you can’t be a refugee.

“The fact that an individual is designated on a national or international list of terrorist suspects (or associated with a designated terrorist organization) should trigger consideration of the exclusion clauses but will not in itself generally constitute sufficient evidence to justify exclusion.”

The UN, which outsources the processing of refugees to third party groups, doesn’t really see a problem with people being on a terrorist group list.

Prime Minister Trudeau said the safety of Canadians is paramount. 

But how safe can we be when the people we bring here as refugees are most likely accompanied by terrorists and war criminals?

If Justin Trudeau is serious about bringing in refugees, then he needs to do it right. Hit the pause button. Listen to Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall who says don’t let quotas or dates determine the outcome.

If you think we should pause this plan until the safety of Canadians is assured then please sign the petition below and share this petition with your friends and family. 

With terror attacks in Paris carried out by "refugees" and terrorists found among "refugees" in Italy, Germany and at the Calais border crossing from France to Britain, it has become obvious that there is real danger to rushing the refugee settlement. 

Sign the petition and demand that Justin Trudeau pause his dangerous plans to bring 25,000 refugees from Syria to Canada until the government can ensure the safety of the Canadian people and guarantee terrorists will not be brought to this country. 

Sign the petition!

We the undersigned demand that the Government of Canada halt all plans to bring refugees from Syria to Canada until the government can ensure the safety of the Canadian people and guarantee terrorists will not be brought to this country. 

Will you sign?