February 05, 2016

Refugees caught on film raping unconscious girl while dancing and singing in Arabic. Say “women must obey”

StaffRebel Columnist

Iraqi asylum seekers were caught on video raping an unconscious 17-year-old girl in Ostend, Belgium.

According to Post Media, the two were part of a larger gang who danced around her and sang in Arabic as she was being gang-raped.

The incident happened back in November, but is only now receiving wide-spread media attention.

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Police say the girl doesn't remember what happened after being piled with vodka.

Four men and three boys between the ages of 14 and 25 were arrested.

The incident only came to light after a teacher alerted authorities to a student's Facebook picture of him with a gun. Fearing he had been radicalized, the teacher called police who then discovered a video of the rape on his phone.

While some of the accused have confessed, others are claiming the girl consented.

“She can't complain. Women must obey men,” one told police.

The mayor of Ostend called the rape “a very painful thing, which hopefully leads to severe penalties.”

“The suspects will be prosecuted. If they are convicted they will have to serve their sentences. When they're released, there is probably no other option than to turn them back (to their home countries) to suffer,” Belgium's secretary of state for refugees and migrants, Theo Francken told TV station VRT.

Feminists have been unusually quiet about the rape with no one speaking out against the claim that “women must obey men”. Probably because they're too busy attending a protest against 'Manspreading'.

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commented 2016-02-06 18:06:42 -0500
If anyone is interested—- this is the G@B version, as dictated by the cops, priests and politicians. No Proof.

The pedophiles of Cornwall

Margaret Wente


Published Thursday, Mar. 08, 2001 12:00AM EST

Last updated Saturday, Mar. 21, 2009 9:38AM EDT 1 Comment 16 16 0 Print / License AA

The little city of Cornwall, Ont., is not a place you’d expect unspeakable secrets to lurk. But for the past seven years, it has been racked by a dark drama that has shredded reputations and driven men to suicide. The villains, it’s alleged, are that most loathsome form of human life — pedophiles. The pedophiles allegedly include Catholic priests and the city’s leading citizens.

The so-called pedophile ring has sparked endless charges of cover-ups and corruption in high places. The local MP is demanding a provincial inquiry. Some people even think the police may be in cahoots with the guilty. “The hysteria has been palpable,” says Jacques Leduc, a respected lawyer who has lived in Cornwall all his life. “It has been a rather dark moment in our region’s history.”

The latest effort to track down the sex abusers is called Project Truth. It was launched in 1997 by the Ontario Provincial Police after the local police force was torn apart by the controversy. Since then, Project Truth has laid more than 100 charges against 14 men. But, so far, there has been not a single conviction. Six of the cases have yet to proceed. Four of the accused are dead. One man was acquitted; one was found unfit to stand trial; one had his charges dropped last fall. And one case was thrown out of court last week after a spectacular prosecutorial debacle. That case was Jacques Leduc’s.

It all began in 1992, when the local Catholic church, in an effort to avert a criminal case, paid $32,000 in a private settlement to someone who said he was abused as an altar boy by a parish priest. The priest’s guilt or innocence has never been tested in court.

Then along came a crusading cop named Perry Dunlop. Mr. Dunlop was scandalized that his own police force had decided there wasn’t enough evidence to nail the priest. It was personal; Mr. Dunlop was a fervent convert to Catholicism, and the priest was his family priest.

His bosses told Mr. Dunlop to mind his own business. But he became obsessed, convinced that Cornwall’s children were in peril from the priest and other predators. “If a loose cannon is protecting children, then I’m a loose cannon,” he told the CBC’s fifth estate in 1995. “We need to protect our children no matter what the rules say.” He and his wife, Helen, launched their own private investigations and scoured the town for more victims. Eventually, other men came forward with stories of abuse by priests, probation officers, even a judge. The Dunlops claimed the Cornwall pedophile ring went back for decades. They were depicted as heroes in Chatelaine and, last month, in The Report magazine. CBC Radio aired other stories that left no doubt that something evil had happened in Cornwall.

Meantime, another loose cannon named Dick Nadeau cranked up a crackpot Web site full of wild conspiracy theories and lists of alleged perpetrators. Three of the many men accused in the past few years have killed themselves.

Why would any accuser (none of whom can be identified) level false allegations? An obvious answer is money. In the past decade, people claiming to have been abused as children by men in positions of power have won millions of dollars in civil settlements. Some of these claims were legitimate; many were not. A dozen men from Cornwall are currently suing the province for $4.8-million.

Jacques Leduc was the church’s lawyer in 1992. For conspiracy theorists, that was proof enough; they believed he was at the heart of the cover-up. In 1998, he was arrested after two men claimed he’d assaulted them while they were teenagers doing casual jobs around his house. “I am not a man who is faint of heart,” says Mr. Leduc. “But this was devastating.”

His trial began in January. Then, last week, came a stunning revelation: The crusading cop’s fingerprints were all over the case. The mother of a witness testified that Mr. Dunlop had told her the best way to bleed Mr. Leduc dry was through a civil action. After that, her son went after Mr. Leduc for $2-million. (In a different trial last year, a witness described how Mr. Dunlop had coached him to perjure himself.) What’s more stunning, the Crown attorney knew of the Dunlop connection but concealed it.

The judge declared that Mr. Leduc’s chance for a fair trial had been ruined, and threw out the case. “The two of them,” he said, referring to Mr. Dunlop and Mr. Nadeau, “have the capacity to destroy lives and wreck cases.”

Jacques Leduc and his family can now get on with their lives. Perry Dunlop, perhaps sensing the heat, has moved to B.C., where he continues his rants. But he leaves behind a legion of converts who were furious at the judge’s ruling. They’re still convinced that an army of child molesters roams free in Cornwall.

So far, Project Truth has found as many real pedophiles in Cornwall as there were real witches in Salem. But as Jacques Leduc and many other blameless men know, that is one truth that Project Truth is not deterred by.

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commented 2016-02-06 17:49:59 -0500
John Landry- You must be referring to that large paedophile ring, that ranged from Kingston to Montreal, with its’ home base’ in Cornwall. The same one that the ONE honest cop, Perry Dunlop , was ostracised over and forced to leave Ontario. I think he moved to BC . It went on for decades .
commented 2016-02-06 14:14:33 -0500
From the link Sue provided: “Unwinding her legs and moving her purse to the vacant seat next to her, Rachel consciously transformed herself from a self-policing inmate of Foucault’s Panopticon [one of the left-wing postmodernist’s theories] to a fashion designer intrigued by the spatial consciousness and tendencies of the subway’s occupants: the majority of females sit with their bags on their lap, while the majority of males allow their belongings to occupy the space next to them. ‘Why?’ She asked. And with that question in mind, the Pussy Pouch was born. Inspiring stuff. If you’re wondering, though, Manspreading is the deplorable act of men sitting comfortably on public transport, whereby they position their legs in such a way as to not restrict blood passing to their nether region, which feminists insist is “an expression of patriarchal authority.”"

Is this for real? No, can’t be! Oh I cannot stop laughing!!
I agree Sue, God help us the world has gone mad.
commented 2016-02-06 11:45:23 -0500
Thanks Rebel for posting this and keeping us informed about real news that WILL effect us, those who choose to live in Justin’s little fairy land of unicorns and leprechaun’s don’t want to see the truth, that’s why these stories are never seen on CBC. Smart people are informed and prepared. Again thanks…
commented 2016-02-06 10:41:59 -0500
DANA GOLDSTEIN-I’m not saying Canadians are as pron as Muslims to gang rape, all I am saying is that sexual impropriety, including gang rape and pedophilia has been a problem here in the past, The City of Cornwall and the Catholic church’s orphanages for example. While our own disgraces due not exempt others, and I am no advocate to allow mass immigration from the Middle East, it is highly hypocritical of us to tar an entire people with one brush. And I am a small c conservative to the max!
commented 2016-02-06 10:14:10 -0500
Dana Goldstein commented
“John Landry, you would be my hero……if I believed all your BS about Canadians being as prone to rape as Muslims.
Go join the Liberal party”

He probably is a card carrying Liberal.
commented 2016-02-06 10:11:23 -0500
Lad Reme commented
“It is OK for Muslim Punks to do this, their holy book the Quran says so. Hope Justin is proud of himself. "

Of course Junior is proud of himself, quite evident by the constant smug look on his face in the media photos and videos. He is an arrogant SOB like his father was.
commented 2016-02-06 10:05:57 -0500
John Landry, you would be my hero……if I believed all your BS about Canadians being as prone to rape as Muslims.
Go join the Liberal party
commented 2016-02-06 02:43:07 -0500
This is probably the nastiest story I have heard on the migrant topic. It makes me wonder what else has not been given proper attention to.
commented 2016-02-06 01:30:19 -0500
At one time in Canada, I was told that if someone was convicted of Rape they had a prescribed punishment to them of 6 lashes with a whip called the Cat of Nine Tails, apparently it was used in the old Kingston prison at Kingston, Ontario Canada! I was thinking with these Refugees who have been noted for Raping women as part of their culture, possibly Canadian law should bring that punishment back on the books?
At any rate maybe that type of punishment would prevent some further acts of this crime?
commented 2016-02-06 00:23:30 -0500
I thank the Rebel for having the courage that the main media fails to have so most Canadians are not aware of the danger they are in but the truth is Canadians are used to living in fear of the corrupt dirty cops who can violate your rights and as I found out there is no where to go to report it as even the media is afraid and I am begining to believe the Rebel may have that same fear as I have yet to hear any negative comments about the police from any of your reporters including my favorite reporter Ezra
commented 2016-02-05 21:38:14 -0500
It is OK for Muslim Punks to do this, their holy book the Quran says so. Hope Justin is proud of himself.
commented 2016-02-05 21:00:25 -0500
Belgium’s secretary is merely trying to placate the populace with words. Justice will not be had by the poor girl. They will blame everything under the sun except blame the actual islamic rapists !! In their socialistic utopian nightmare up is down and down is up. “It is the woman’s fault she was raped” they will say and “look how she caused such a stir”, then they will give these islamic rapists money to appease them, warn them politely not to do that again, then invite even more to come to the country.
commented 2016-02-05 20:40:27 -0500
They’ll just tell the court that raping infidels is part of their religious freedom and get all charges dropped. #Rapeguees
commented 2016-02-05 19:44:28 -0500
Been telling these stories for years and at the same time been called all sorts of names for simply telling the truth – I have little pity to anything bad that might happen to any of the “decision makers” – because they ALL know – never doubt that.

They all know.
commented 2016-02-05 19:11:54 -0500
burn the scum alive.
commented 2016-02-05 18:24:37 -0500
Socialist utopia – rape-fugees are just like everyone else. Foul dirt people!!!
commented 2016-02-05 18:17:09 -0500
filthy animals, hang em high and then ship whats left of them back in a plane and drop them from 20 000 feet
commented 2016-02-05 17:58:36 -0500
MERRILL MEIKLEHAM- If you came here for charming, you’re in the wrong place.
commented 2016-02-05 17:57:42 -0500
The Dub- No, it was well known to happen in the more seedier places around Queen St. during the 70’s and 80’s. In the second incident that occurred in DND housing, I lost some friends there due to my actions. I was the guy in the school yard who broke up fights. Very few people liked me when I did that. It would be an odd fantasy if it was the right thing to do even when your peers despise you afterwards.
commented 2016-02-05 17:34:24 -0500
John Landry Thanks for sharing. Charming.
commented 2016-02-05 17:21:49 -0500
goddam swine!

John Landry: i call b.s. on both accounts. the first is an urban legend, the second is mere fantasy. But your agenda is as clear as day: minimize and distract. keep trying.
commented 2016-02-05 17:11:49 -0500
Many years ago, I remember hearing in Toronto about girls getting gang raped at parties after they got drunk. In one case a large German Sheppard performed cunnilingus on the girl after the incident. When the boys tried to pull the dog off of her the dog aggressively growled and the girl said, “Aw, leave him alone, it’s OK”. In a incident I observed a girl about 12 years old who was very drunk was about to get raped by a 18 year old punk. I pulled the young man off of her and kicked him out of the party. The girl looked at me, called me an asshole and told me to mind my own business. She then ran off after him. I have no idea of all the circumstances surrounding alleged rapes by young Muslim men, the incidents of stabbings and beatings suggest a more violent nature to them over and above from what I have witnessed or heard about in our own sometimes seedy culture. However, we sure as hell do not need or want more of it and parents, please take care of your daughters.