January 12, 2016

Refugees pepper-sprayed in Vancouver: Why I'm not convinced it was a hate crime

Adrian MacNairRebel Blogger

A so-called “hate crime” was committed in Vancouver on Friday when a group of newly arrived Syrian refugees were sprayed with an aerosol can of pepper irritant, causing widespread confusion and surprise.

A crowd was gathered outside a Muslim Association of Canada event for government-sponsored Syrian refugees around 10:30 p.m. when a man on a bicycle rode by and pepper sprayed about 15 people, according to local police.

Now, if you thought there was more to this story, you’d be wrong.

That’s it. That’s the entire volume of evidence this case has. Or at least, the amount police and witnesses decided to share with us.

And yet despite this seemingly random act of violence, politicians throughout Canada are treating it as an attack on everything Canada stands for.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was especially quick to jump onto Twitter to scream about the injustice of it all.

And yes, the Vancouver Police told media they are treating it as a “hate crime.”

But why?

What evidence do we have that this was a politically motivated attack?

Did the cyclist scream something hateful during the attack? Was the cyclist white skinned, and therefore more likely to resent the arrival of brown skinned people?

Did the cyclist leave a political manifesto demanding the Liberal government halt all intake of Syrian refugees?

Was the cyclist wearing anything that might indicate he’s a racist or a bigot or one of those many “phobes” we like to designate people these days?

No. The truth is nobody knows who this cyclist is or why he pepper sprayed a crowd of people.

I have a theory though. Maybe he’s just a jackass.

Vancouver does have its share. Remember the 2011 Stanley Cup riot?

In fact, if you do a search for “Vancouver pepper spray” in Google, omitting recent results, you’ll find that incidents like this have happened again and again, with seemingly random reasons behind them all.

In October 2015, a Yaletown pepper spray attack sent 20 people running. Nobody knew why the person began spray restaurant patrons and the suspect fled.

A year earlier, dozens of Super 8 hotel patrons had to be treated after an unprovoked pepper spray attack. There was no known reason for the assault and no racial motive was assigned by police.

Is it at all possible that this crime was simply another in a string of random, pointless, senseless attacks by a degenerate resident in one of Canada’s most unliveable cities?

It’s probably a more likely theory than the one that a highly organized racist decided to pick 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night to gather his belongings, check a government public relations press release, put peppery spray into his bag and then do a calculated drive-by attack on Syrian people.

Perhaps the worst part in all of this is that Trudeau and the rest of the Twitterati decided to make an isolated incident into a politically charged story -- and then ironically claim it was nothing more than an isolated incident and that it didn’t reflect Canadian values.

Well, way to point out the blindingly obvious.

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commented 2016-01-16 10:29:14 -0500
This is obviously a false flag attack designed to invoke sympathy from the left wing anti-Canadian liberals…
There is so many cameras on every Street in Vancouver and they’re telling me with today’s technology even if his face was covered they could identify him by his eyes and as of yet still no alleged perp in custody.. This has all the ear marks of a false flag attack… If I am wrong I will apologize.
commented 2016-01-13 21:22:48 -0500
DJ OATS says, “Contrast the media response to this to the shootings at the Calgary nightclub and the media outrage at suggesting it might be terror-related, then you get a full understanding of the Media Party’s agenda.”
I checked all the MSM reports about the Calgary shooting not being by terrorists and found these ‘outrageous’ comments:
CBC: Despite accusations on social media, police emphasized this incident was not related to terrorism.
CBC: Calgary police have not released a motive for the shooting but in a statement said they have ruled out terrorism, likely in response to social media reaction to the arrests.
Calgary Sun: Of course, seasoned reporters also cultivate sources, for off-record updates on the most likely scenario so far — and terrorism was very quickly ruled out as a hypothesis in Calgary’s weekend shooting.
commented 2016-01-13 16:00:43 -0500
Bill Elder: A good example I remember back when Sun News Media was still on the air and Michael Coren confronted a Muslim man about the lies being used when they were hiding rockets in schools and hospitals if I remember correctly. The man glibly answered sure wouldn’t you do anything to help your country? To which Coren had some sarcastic response like Oh sure why not? with an eye roll added. This kind of thinking is foreign to us but we need to consider all the options as some of these people are masters of propaganda.
commented 2016-01-13 15:37:39 -0500
Bill Elder: I know that several other crimes recently were committed and as it was pointed out little to no evidence was provided. I’m not ruling out hate crimes but wondering if I need to expand the definition of what a hate crime is. All through the middle east we see terrible acts being committed more often than not by people abusing their own children and own communities using children and others as human shields. These grotesque acts we would consider deplorable are to accomplish on goal. Score points in the media by trying to demonize others who have no choice but to try and eliminate legitimate targets. So as much as I don’t like to consider these possibilities they are definitely not off the table.
commented 2016-01-13 15:28:10 -0500
ADRIAN MACNAIR says, ‘Is it at all possible that this crime was simply another in a string of random, pointless, senseless attacks by a degenerate resident in one of Canada’s most unliveable cities?’
Occam’s Razor would suggest that since the ‘attack’ was made on Syrian refugees, it was a hate crime and not just some crazy degenerate. None of the crazy degenerates I know carry pepper spray around with them. Your suggestion reminds me of Obama saying that the attack on the Jewish deli in Paris was a random act of aggression against some ‘folks’ in a deli. A bunch of Canadians have been kicking up a stink about allowing Syrian refugees into the country. I expect the attack was based on that.
commented 2016-01-13 12:18:25 -0500
Contrast the media response to this to the shootings at the Calgary nightclub and the media outrage at suggesting it might be terror-related, then you get a full understanding of the Media Party’s agenda regardless of whether either are true; one fits the narrative, the other doesn’t.
commented 2016-01-13 11:45:36 -0500
Deborah, your reaction could be catlike, as in “meow” with special emphasis on the “OW.” Get in close with some verbiage, bring your left knee horizontally across into their inside left knee, just above their knee, remember to follow through by pushing their’s out and then down, and plug your ears.
commented 2016-01-13 11:11:03 -0500
Kelvin Grabowsky commented
“If the women where wearing their Beekeeper costumes maybe the person on the bike thought they were bears standing on they’re hind legs, common mistake.”

These beekeeper suits remind me of body bags for the walking dead. If they ever try to force one off these bags on me, they can expect my reaction to be bearlike!
commented 2016-01-13 11:07:04 -0500
So, if this was a publicized event, no doubt, for the liberals to show off, then a cyclist managed to get through the mob without anyone being able to stop him, let alone recognize if the cyclist was green, yellow, red, brown, white, or pink skinned (unless I missed that part in the report stating it was a hate crime.) Can someone help me with that? Did I miss it?
commented 2016-01-13 10:29:59 -0500
Edward Jobin – I feel the same way Ed, when the media clams up and when the Liberal spinners are not turning this into a witch hunt for their ideological opponents, something is being hidden.

It is interesting to note the largest number of people killed in all the factional fighting in the ME are Muslims killed by Muslims – different sects have a blood feud with others – could this drive-by peppering be the welcoming committee from one Muslim sect to another? If so, it will certainly be flushed down the memory hole by the 5th column media.
commented 2016-01-13 09:25:15 -0500
What the Fire Chief Said! Priceless!

For those who understand, no explanation is needed.
For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.
Not fair to make judgment of this,
until you see what the Fire Chief says!!!!

In South Los Angeles, a 4-plex home was destroyed by a fire.
Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:2CB1DEE1DFFE4A06809D49B12A10A304@JanPC
A Mexican family of six, all welfare recipients and gang members, lived on the first floor. They died.
An Islamic group of seven welfare cheats, all illegally in the country from Kenya, lived on the second floor. They, too, all perished.
Six LA, Hispanic, gang bangers & ex-cons lived on the 3rd floor.
They, too, died.
A white couple lived on the top floor.
The couple survived the fire.

Jesse Jackson, John Burris and Al Sharpton were furious!! They flew into LA and met with the fire chief. On camera, they loudly demanded to know why blacks, Muslims and Hispanics all died in the fire and why only the white couple lived?

The Fire Chief said, “They were at work.”
commented 2016-01-13 01:09:39 -0500
Or the cyclist got spooked by some aggressive dog and the pepper spray meant to scare dog traveled a long way with the wind.
commented 2016-01-12 22:02:14 -0500
If the women where wearing their Beekeeper costumes maybe the person on the bike thought they were bears standing on they’re hind legs, common mistake.
commented 2016-01-12 21:48:42 -0500
Pepper spray has nothing to do with Islam.
commented 2016-01-12 21:26:34 -0500
It could be white Christian, it could be black or brown skin, it could be islamic – it could even be a federal government plot to invoke a sympathetic response.

Do I think the gay boy could do this?

Nope – he is not smart enough to come up with the idea – but his staff could and in my opinion – would.
commented 2016-01-12 20:06:34 -0500
This was a despicable act that should be denounced but it falls far short of a hate crime. It is hardly surprising though that our left wing “masters” and the radical outrage crowd would as quickly as possible label it a hate crime. What better opportunity to denounce and shut up anyone who has questions about juniors new immigration policy. The message is clear, disagree with their plans and you too could be accused of being a racist or supporting hate crimes.
commented 2016-01-12 19:56:13 -0500
OK I hate to confess that it did cross my mind that it might have been another Muslim pulling this off in order to move public opinion to their favor. Again it could have been a hater or just a jackass but the lack of details from the media and police leave me an an all too familiar place of wondering what are we not being told.
commented 2016-01-12 19:09:14 -0500
My son was randomly pepper sprayed in the GVRD a few years back, during some Hallowe’en fun.
commented 2016-01-12 18:58:26 -0500
So we cannot Pepper Justins Muzly Wuzly friends but it is just fine if they assalt us. (spelling intentional)
commented 2016-01-12 18:33:47 -0500
In all likelihood you’ll find a Liberal party operative behind it – a pathetic false flag attack to give credibility to the incredible Islamists-as-victims narrative – pretty pathetic as an intentional attack compared to what Islamists do on non Islamists.
commented 2016-01-12 18:26:59 -0500
It was a bicyclist and they were standing outside on the sidewalk and in the bike lane. It’s not the first time an ahole cyclist lashed out at non cyclists and it won’t be the last.
commented 2016-01-12 18:21:26 -0500
I thought it might be a homeless war vet, with PTSD, that got sick and tired of being ignored by Justin and the Liberal Elite,as they cater to the exact same people that he fought against. They get parkas , food, homes , medical, dental and psychiatry help . The Vet gets a food kitchen , maybe a bed if there are any left and all the food he can steal out of the garbage bin.
There is no big conspiracy here.
commented 2016-01-12 18:18:37 -0500
January 11, 2016
Dear Diary;
Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone in Vancouver pepper-sprayed a crowd of new voters from Syria. Of course everyone in their right mind (and my own people too) are denouncing that, so I’m following along, like the great leader that I am, and immediately went to Twitter and tweeted to all the twats and twits who follow me that “this isn’t who we are” (I’m confident that no one in the media will point out that this isn’t actually a denunciation).
I’m not only brilliant, but also inspirational. I’ve just given myself an idea for our 2016 Tee-shirts.
There’s just one itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensy problem. McCallum and I have been saying all along that my government would absolutely not be approving or categorizing any applicants based on their religion, in fact, old stock McCallum even told Brian Lilley that such information couldn’t even be captured and retained. So now that pesky rebel Lilley will probably want to know how come this welcoming event was scheduled to take place at the centre for the ‘Muslim’ Association of Canada?
This is another fine pickle McCallum’s got me into.
Allah bless you, Gerald. Gerry’s just told me that, instead of admitting to my Canadians that we lied, we’ll tell them that using that facility was just a lark, a humorous attempt to offend any Jewish and Christians refugees, no, not you Harjit, you’re okay. (I have to watch Harjit, Gerald put him in charge of the guns).
That should take the heat off, and who knows, maybe even pick up a few more votes from my Muslim chums.
commented 2016-01-12 18:17:28 -0500
It is a hate crime. We don’t want these people here.
commented 2016-01-12 17:52:59 -0500
I thought it might be a Liberal who could have perpetrated the attack.

They do stuff like that.

I remember back in Sept on the first day of school at the UofT in downtown Toronto where someone made an online threat to women at the school that prompted a spontaneous protest.

Police were called to investigate, haven’t heard a peep since.

How hard is it to track down something online these days, but it was probably a Liberal Feminist perpetrating a hoax in order to rally the troops, so mandatory silence is the order of the day, because you know, if it was legitimate threat from a Marc LePine type, you know we would have heard about within a week?
commented 2016-01-12 17:50:39 -0500
When I think Pepper Spray, I remember Chretien’s goons at the APEC summit in Vancouver protecting international despots from peaceful protester.
Hate crime, no.
commented 2016-01-12 17:43:48 -0500
Any time there is a mass invasion of terrorists, the media release faux stories to further their agenda. Lies, lies and more lies. I don’t believe it at all.
commented 2016-01-12 17:31:18 -0500
Ok, fair enough, if they want to call this a hate crime, then the shooting spree at a Calgary night club is a terrorist attack.