November 09, 2017

Remembrance Day shame: 3 stories of government failing veterans, soldiers

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

As Remembrance Day approaches, nothing should trouble us more on this important public holiday, than seeing how poorly our veterans and active service members are treated by our government. 

This isn't a partisan Liberal or Conservative issue either. It’s well documented how the Harper government and controversial former Veterans Affairs minister Julian Fantino, let our veterans down.

Veterans Affairs under Fantino was dogged by scandals and controversies, as they were unable to solve many of the same issues dogging the Liberals. Now, many of the veterans groups who united to oppose Harper in the 2015 election, are demanding more from the Trudeau Liberals.

Many Canadians know that Liberal years tend to be lean times for the Canadian Forces, but CTV News reports that we currently have 770 homeless veterans living on Canadian streets, a number that has grown from 578 in January of 2015.

Can you imagine one of Trudeau's Syrian refugee families being allowed to be homeless like one of those veterans?

Or how about the resources and effort dumped into helping and housing the illegal immigrants who are crossing our border irregularly to make asylum claims?

They’re being housed and taken care of in a way that is far more compassionate than how we treat veterans.

What is wrong with us?

But, even more ominous than those two stories is news today that our active special operations forces, including our elite JTF2 are having their benefits scaled back.

Watch as I share the effect of policies enacted quietly by the Liberals in September.

Sadly, and all too often, it seems the only time our media party and politicians want to discuss the hardship veterans and active service members face is in and around Remembrance Day.

What a shame. These brave individuals are the 1% of Canadian society who volunteer to keep us safe and fight for the freedom of those who cannot fight for themselves.

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commented 2017-11-09 23:02:34 -0500
BRAVO ZULU commented 1 hour ago.

Bravo Z, The real problem is the number of Muslims in Europe. They will all rush to join this new army. They will all be trained professionally.The end result will be Muslims taking over whole Army Camps, robbing the Armory, stealing Artillery, Tanks, APCs and tons of ammo. The end of the white race will have begun.

The IRA did it, I am sure the Muslims will. When I first joined the army, when you pulled Guard Duty, you were issued with live ammunition, keeping in mind that I am talking about England, the live ammo was for the IRA. I do not expect the death loving Muslims to be any different.
commented 2017-11-09 22:27:43 -0500
Well, there’s no doubt that Liberal governments in general, and turdo la first’s and turdo la doo’s governments in particular hate (hated) all things military. And 770 “homeless” veterans may sound like terrible thing. But the vast majority of veterans, just like the vast majority of truck drivers, loggers, paramedics, or undertakers, don’t end up “homeless”.

According to Veterans of Canada ( ) there are approximately 700,000 veterans in Canada. So taken in perspective, 699,230 of those have managed to avoid the “homeless” designation.
commented 2017-11-09 22:10:01 -0500
Speaking as someone who worked for Veteran’s Affairs for 25 years…let me assure you that this is nothing new.

There have been veterans homeless and living on the streets since 1919.

I could write a book on the subject…nobody would publish it….and nobody would read it…
commented 2017-11-09 21:49:06 -0500
Bravo Zulu said in part, “Time for Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech and a few more to leave the EU asap.”
I agree 100% These countries must boost their military to deal with secret EU Armed Forces.
commented 2017-11-09 21:42:00 -0500
The islamic federal government hates the Canadian military.

The Canadian public as a whole does not give a damn about the Canadian military.

The social justice thugs of Canada would rather see full support to the illegals over getting veterans a safe place to sleep this winter.

The media, the politicians and indeed most other Canadians do not give a single thought to the veteran on more than about 2 days out of the year – the day before Remembrance day and the day the islamic prime minister of Canada and his governor general stand in front of the crowd and prove to the world that Canada now has a failing military – with more old veterans going hungry than ever before.
commented 2017-11-09 21:37:15 -0500
Keith Barnes – that standing army is being formed to invade countries like Poland and force them to open their borders to islam.

Time for Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech and a few more to leave the EU asap.
commented 2017-11-09 20:27:12 -0500
Well said Christopher Wilson. I believe the number of homeless vets is much higher than reported. There are vets who haven’t registered with a reporting agency or veterans advocacy group who are not represented in these reports.
Trudeau will continue to dismantle the armed forces in Canada, and treat our vets with disdain. This shameful treatment needs to stop.
commented 2017-11-09 20:16:48 -0500
Justin Trudeau is, without doubt, the biggest Rectal Orifice that ever walked the streets of Canada.
commented 2017-11-09 20:03:29 -0500

It has just, today, been revealed, by Nigal Farage, that the British Government is going to attend a meeting at the EU, this coming Monday. They are going to decide weather to form a European Armed Forces, made up of all European members.
Nothing has ever been mentioned about this in the Press, Farage only found out about it by accident.

If this happens it will be a disaster for NATO and a disaster for the UKs relationship with America and Canada..

The fact that everything has been kept so secret, makes the whole conception ominous.

President Trump, please invade the UK, as soon as possible. If You do not, the UK will cease to exist.

The EU with it’s own Armed forces, Commanded by God knows who is a dangerous situation.
commented 2017-11-09 18:52:34 -0500
DEBORAH GRAUPNER said, “I think the Rebel should do a crowd funding for our veterans.”
Well said Deborah, I will contribute to such a worthy cause.
Even though my only income is Canada Pension and Old age security, I still have a roof over my head for now and will be glad to give whatever I can to help our Veterans.
I feel sick when I read that there are Canadian Veterans that are homeless.
The Government should be ashamed of itself. Trudeau has a lot to answer for and I hope that his time to answer comes very soon.. This traitor has given away millions of our tax dollars to foreigners and despots while totally ignoring our own people especially our veterans.
This is the same Trudeau that calls himself a Catholic and very proudly declares himself to be a Feminist.
I hate this son of a bitch so much I could choke him with my bare hands.
Justin Trudeau and ministers of his like Butts and McKenna (Climate Barbie), and Freeland and a host of others are not worthy to lick the boots of Veterans that have fought for this country, may all of them burn in hell!
commented 2017-11-09 18:29:52 -0500
I think the Rebel should do a crowd funding for our veterans.