Please help us cover the cost of our anti-carbon tax rallies

Notley and Trudeau have always hated the oilsands.

So they lied to us: they said if we just pay a carbon tax, then environmental extremists would let the pipelines go through.

They knew that was a lie. It was their own friends who were blocking the pipelines. Even their own staff.

They killed the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Then they killed the Energy East pipeline.

And now they’re killing the last one, Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. 

Enough is enough!

We're planning the largest rallies against the carbon tax ever organized. Please consider chipping in to help us cover the costs of these rallies.

Unlike Notley, Trudeau and the CBC, we take no money from the government — we’re 100% viewer supported.

These rallies are free to attend, but if you can help us, please do.

We’re still organizing our budget, but we expect each rally to cost:

$1,000 for public address system
$2,000 for security
$1,000 for advertising
$1,000 for travel

Total: $5,000 per rally, $10,000 total

If you can help us — please do!