April 15, 2018

MAJOR RALLY THIS WEEKEND: No pipeline? Fine, then no carbon tax! - Repeal the carbon tax!

Rebel Staff

For years The Rebel and our viewers warned that Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau were coming to destroy the oil and gas industry.

But the fancy people scoffed. Especially the mainstream media. They love Notley and Trudeau — demonizing anyone who protests against them as “far right”.

The truth is, Notley and Trudeau have always hated the oilsands.

So they lied to us: they said if we just pay a carbon tax, then environmental extremists would let the pipelines go through.

They knew that was a lie. It was their own friends who were blocking the pipelines. Even their own staff.

They killed the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Then they killed the Energy East pipeline.

And now they’re killing the last one, Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. 

Enough is enough!

Join us for the largest rallies against the carbon tax ever organized.

Click on the images below to RSVP. Or click here

Edmonton_Invite.jpg Calgary_Invite.jpg

Great speakers are already confirmed including: 

- Ezra Levant
- Sheila Gunn Reid 
- Robbie Picard - Oilsands activist
- Drew Barnes - MLA for Cypress-Medicine Hat
- Derek Fildebrandt - MLA for Strathmore-Brooks
- Scott Winograd - Albertan forced to close his business from Notley's regulations
- Ian Fife, Oilsands activist
- Dan Hozack, past chairman of the Alberta Beef Producers
- Rob Rheaume, retired PPCLI and Oilsands worker

And more to be announced soon! 

*Everyone is welcome.

*Free to attend.

*Family-friendly signs only.

I’ll see you there!

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. They’re going to call you “deniers”. They’re going to call you “ deplorables”. They’re going to call you every name they can. So what. They’re the liars, who claimed a carbon tax would get the pipelines through. 

P.P.S. Please help us recoup the cost of these rallies by making a donation, here

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