April 13, 2017

Report slams Notley NDP’s handling of “freedom of information” process

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner has released a damning report into the freedom of information process in Alberta.

It slams the former PC government but it’s also a condemnation of Rachel Notley and her promises to be more open and transparent than her PC predecessors.

The commissioner's investigation began when PC mishandling of the FOIP process caused long delays and political meddling.

CBC News reports that they received an internal memo where former Progressive Conservative deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk told press secretaries to, “gather information about active FOIP requests which have the potential to generate media, session, political or other reputational issues for the government.”

Now that’s bad, but in the report it became clear that the NDP is equally meddlesome if not worse than the PCs, even though they promised to be better.

By the time the questioning of the information coordinators happened, the NDP were in power, and the NDP government was lawyering their own witnesses.

From the commissioner's report:

“In addition, all witnesses for the investigation were represented by a lawyer from Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, who also represented the respondent ministries. This is unprecedented in the history of the office’s investigations, and, in addition to significantly delaying the investigation, may have prevented witnesses from candidly sharing their experiences and assessments.”

At the Rebel we know all this stuff. The meddling and roadblocks happen to us all the time.

We get handed huge bills just to get access to documents, sometimes in the thousands of dollars.

We routinely see huge delays and are denied documents we know exist only to see them leaked out to the media later on.

But the mainstream media doesn't care when we get stonewalled, blocked and paywalled; they only care when they get inconvenienced.

If you can help fund our independent investigations into the NDP and help me pay the huge fees Rachel Notley gives me to stop me from looking for her secrets, you can donate at WhatIsSheHiding.ca.

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commented 2017-04-13 20:08:29 -0400
The words freedom and ndp should never be used in the same sentence. Going out for a big feast at the Gast Haus in Peachland….hope I didn’t ruin my supper by poking my nose into one last Rebel thread. See you all in a couple of hours….I hope.
commented 2017-04-13 19:50:15 -0400
Canadian Mongrel, I don’t agree. Your comment (as far as I understand it) would absolve the NDP from responsibility because they could just blame the bureaucrats. Is that what you meant to say or did I misunderstand your comment?
commented 2017-04-13 18:57:40 -0400
To post again: to obtain information from the government, a constituent should simply be able to request the info from their MLA, regardless of party. The Elected MLA then demands the info from the Unelected bureaucracy, because the unelected work for the elected. Yet it is increasingly apparent that the converse is true, the elected work for the unelected in our system…provincially and federally.

I have become a believer that the executive needs to be removed from the legislators, which may give MLA’s and MP’s the independence to represent, if they have the courage to do so. Currently, the executive, regardless of party, has subsumed and neutralized legislators such that we no longer have representative government.
commented 2017-04-13 18:52:14 -0400
“Report slams Notley NDP’s handling of “freedom of information” process”

Well the report must be wrong because we all know the NDP government is the most open, transparent and responsible government that has ever been in office in Alberta!!!