December 15, 2016

Reporter threatened at rally? REWARD for information

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Haley Jarmain, a reporter at our Calgary anti-carbon rally said she received death threats from a men (or men) in the audience.

But weirdly, she waited two hours after the event to mention it. She also said she didn’t report it to police because they “have much better things to do with their time.”

But if Haley Jarmain doesn’t want to find a would-be murderer, I sure do.

I have the names and email addresses of 759 of the people at the rally who RSVP'd in advance. And as to the other 350 people, cameras captured every person coming and going.

I have written to both Haley Jarmain and her boss, offering to arrange a time to go through the hotel’s security footage with them.

I’m also announcing a $1,000 cash reward for anyone who can identify this man, or these men.

I will keep this website up as long as necessary to find the criminal.

If you know who this man or these men are, contact us at

When social justice warriors throw out accusations like this, and then run away from any proof, or even contacting police — it’s tough to come to any conclusion than that they just want to smear unemployed Albertans.

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commented 2016-12-13 18:33:16 -0500
Someone may have mentioned that the mainstream media was dead and in true leftist tradition, she twisted their words.
commented 2016-12-13 18:14:09 -0500
She doesn’t want to see this through by going to the cops or security in the first place or identifying said person. All she wanted to do was to point out that this behaviour was ‘not okay’, and that we should be ‘better’. Just a friendly warning I guess.
I’d like to point out to Haley Jarmain that anybody can say anything. If you want to be believed you try to come up with some evidence. If all you were attempting to do was to smear those at the rally, then leaving it open ended like this works just as well for your purposes.
If someone did indeed come up to you and say ’you’re dead’, isn’t it possible that the context might be in reference to the msm who many are more than a little bit dissatisfied with and as ‘go to’ news sources, are in fact dying? Maybe you shouldn’t have tweeted that you had received death threats when you knew darn well none were made to your person.
This is what happens when you send a ‘student of social law?’ read social justice warrior, on a reporting job instead of a grown up. Unless of course someone really did threaten her person, in which case please identify him. You’re making a name for yourself Jarmain but only as someone who’s word and reports aren’t trustworthy. No credible reporter would have handled it the way you did.
Big fail.
commented 2016-12-13 17:54:35 -0500
Ezra, ask her to take a voluntary lie detector test!
commented 2016-12-13 17:48:07 -0500
I would interpret a failure by Haley Jarmain to rapidly take up Ezra’s offer to seek out those who allegedly threatened her as massively impeaching her credibility.

Something to keep in mind when reading any of her future “reporting”.
commented 2016-12-13 17:41:05 -0500
The lugenpresse is aptly named and in full swing. I’d ask for her head on a pike but it would be taken as a threat since the left will not take us seriously but they insist on taking us literally.

Ezra, I will add $100 to the reward and I implore other Rebels to do likewise to catch this psycho. So we’re at $1100 as of now. Anyone else?
commented 2016-12-13 16:59:39 -0500
Hardball. Excellent and responsible response to find the truth with this matter. Without prejudice, and the appropriate consequences to said truth could then happen. Either the perps would be found, or a false claim could be exposed.
commented 2016-12-13 16:46:51 -0500
She is simply looking to stir the pot.

Bet you a Timmies she is lying and now is wondering how to get out of it.