August 13, 2015

Republicans need to think fast to trump 40 years of leftist Democrat presidents

Neil FlaggRebel Blogger

Have the Obama years given you the fright of your life? Are you as disturbed as I am that the world’s beacon of free markets and empowered citizens - the land President Reagan called the world’s “shining city on a hill” - has meekly rolled over for the leadership and policies of the hard-core homewrecker left? 

Sadly, unless the Republican Party figures it out soon and does a major course-correction, we’re in for a long run of leftist domination. The left has figured out how to use one of humanity’s biggest motivators - guilt - to get masses of people otherwise hostile to leftist ideology and culture to vote for them, support them, and solidify their hold on power.

It started with Barack Obama. There’s no question in my mind that the Homewrecker-in-Chief would not have been elected had he not carried with him the label of “First Black President.”

Put it this way: if the Democrats’ candidate in 2008 was a middle-aged white man with the face of Al Gore, who was raised until the age of 10 in a foreign country, developed as a teenager by alcoholic communist grandparents, marinated in Marxist extremism at university, employed only at inner-city rabble-rousing, ushered into Chicago politics by a domestic terrorist revolutionary, and thrust onto the national scene seemingly out of nowhere, would that man have stood a chance running against even so much as a brick wall?

The overwhelming theme of the 2008 election was: “How can deny your country the chance to have its first black President?” It worked, and it worked again in 2012 - “how could you possibly reject the first black President?” No scandal, failure, or past stain was big enough to overcome the guilt factor.

Which brings me to the problem the Republicans face in 2016. The left is once again gearing up for a guilt-trip election with Hillary Clinton - every bit the radical leftist activist as Barack Obama - as the next standard-bearer. “How can you deny your country the chance to have its first woman President?” And in a generation informed by leftist professors, celebrity culture, and pathological liars masquerading as journalists, this is bound to work on the mass of today’s American electorate. Gender will trump scandal and ideology - Hillary will skate by, dismissing every allegation as a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Want to be even more depressed? If we’re not careful, the guilt-trip strategy could work for a very long time, and we could be staring at 40 years of leftist rule in America. It started with the “First Black Leftist President” (Obama 2009-16). We are staring at the “First Woman President” (Hillary 2017-24.) You can bet your life that the left is already identifying and grooming its candidates for “First Gay President” (2025-32,) and then will move on to “First Transgendered President” (2033-40.) After that? The country will have become so beaten down, they’ll meekly go where no man has gone before: “First Animal President” (Cecil’s Grand-lion, 2041-48.)

How can this be stopped? Sadly, in this era of the low-information voter, the Republican non-left has no choice but to play the game. How can the Democrats’ “First Woman President” be defeated? Certainly not with Donald Trump or Jeb Bush, two old male liberals who, despite contrasting styles and occasional forays into populist common-sense, would get eaten alive by the guilt machine.

There’s only one way to do it, and that is to nominate their own “First Woman President” candidate, to neutralize the guilt machine and thus return the election to a fair common ground, where ideas, temperament, and background will be the deciding factors.

It can’t just be any woman, which is why Carly Fiorina won’t cut it. It has to be someone smarter, younger, prettier, more accomplished, and more likeable than the unimpressive Hillary Clinton (or the hysterical socialist Elizabeth Warren, the left’s backup in case Hillary goes to jail.)

The options? I happen to be a big fan of Governor Sarah Palin, who scores big on all of these points, especially on “more accomplished” (I highly recommend checking out this review of her exceptional record as Governor.) Another option would be Condoleeza Rice, whose spotty record as Secretary of State still matches up brilliantly against Hillary’s disastrous tenure there. A third would be Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, who was most impressive during the aftermath of the recent Charleston church massacre.

To me, it’s irrelevant that there are already 17 candidates in the race. The fact that Jeb Bush, who has raised tens of millions of dollars already, can’t break 10% in the polls, and that Donald Trump, who has received more free publicity than anyone since William Hung, can’t break 20, tells me the whole slate could be wiped clean. With the first primary date still more than five months away, there’s more than enough time for new candidates to jump in and inject some fresh blood.

Speaking of blood, let’s not dismiss the next logical step for the left after Cecil III’s second term ends in 2048. Who needs blood? In 2049, get ready for the “First AI President.” Certain to be programmed by the finest minds of the left.


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commented 2015-08-13 15:20:22 -0400
Hillary looks good in the North Korean hair cut, very becoming. As far as an animal pres, that’s been done what with all the jackasses and all