November 05, 2015

Revealing and ironic: "Stupid empty suit" Justin Trudeau pronounces "heirs" "HAIRS" during swearing in

Rebel Staff

At yesterday's swearing in of Justin Trudeau, the Media Party and the Liberal Party consummated their romance.

All I could think of was, "Get a room." And in fact, the CBC did — they were allowed to capture Justin's “private moments."

Trudeau promised the CBC a $150 million "success fee" if he was elected. And the CBC’s journalists union, the Canadian Media Guild, actually registered as an anti-Harper campaign group with Elections Canada.

But let me point out one ten second moment to remind you just how dumb our new prime minister is: While taking the oath, he can't tell the difference between "heirs" and "hairs."

Imagine if a Conservative had stumbled like that. But hey, when the media is in love, they’re going to pretend they didn’t notice.


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