January 20, 2017

Why the rich aren’t entirely to blame for poverty

Rebel Staff

When the left analyze the world, they look at poverty then conclude that those who are living in poverty are victims of an unjust capitalist system. Often times, leftist politicians run on this narrative, saying that the poor are victims and the rich and the upper-middle class are to blame for the disparity in the “have-not’s” income.

It’s clear that the left has a few implicit assumptions within their ideology.

The assumptions are that (a) there is evenness or randomness in people’s income, and (b) searching for causation is always searching for blame and, therefore, searching for a perpetrator and a victim.

You can see this ideology in the political rhetoric that liberal, particularly socialist, politicians, have, like for example, in this Bernie Sanders quote:

“Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.”

Watch as I explain why this quote, and many like it from leftist politicians, is not true and steer liberals towards one of the real causes of a shrinking American Middle Class: failed government policy. 

When the government involves themselves in the free market they have a habit of screwing it up.

They need to leave the free market alone.

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commented 2017-01-21 02:27:18 -0500
And to obtain wealth one must actually work for it.!
commented 2017-01-21 02:25:11 -0500
To the poor people billionaires are assets as they are the ones with enough liquid capital and foresight to create jobs thus creating wealth.
“Wealth creation
What a lot of people tend to overlook is wealth creation is only achieved by four methods and they are as follows 
  1. mining 
    #2agriculture and fishing\ fish farming
  2. forestry 
     #4 manufacturing
    Anything beyond this is merely support, convenience or entertainment.
commented 2017-01-21 02:09:58 -0500
You could have jobs paying $1000 an hour and some people would still not come to work.
commented 2017-01-21 02:09:13 -0500
Rebelation it is good to hear Jay get it right as well, the crash had a lot to do with left wing policy. Trying to make banks into charities is not a good idea.
commented 2017-01-21 00:02:57 -0500
Excellent points…but I would go further…I would say they are NOT to blame for their business activities at all. Its not their business activities that are a problem…it is immoral business activities that are a problem.

The best way to make everyone rich is to do exactly what Trump is doing…reduce taxes, reduce regulation and maybe make regulations that (temporarily) favor their own countries businesses…There is nothing wrong with all thusly ‘relieved’ Americans starting small companies and becoming entrepreneurs…They could all be wealthy if they weren’t under the gun of socialism and unions. That is what built the nation, and socialism is what is destroying it.

There is nothing in business that government cannot screw up royally…the worst thing for business is for government to get involved. So glad Trump won…I vote Trump for Prime Minister of Canada.
commented 2017-01-20 21:53:08 -0500
Jay, you’re the first speaker I’ve ever heard who actually got it right on the financial crash. It was the desire of the Left for “all Americans” to “share in the dream”. I was working in the mortgage department here in Canada and when it all went down, so I was paying very close attention. Good job sir!
commented 2017-01-20 21:46:49 -0500
Jay Fayza is an example of the type of graduates that SHOULD be coming out of our universities. He will do well in life! Thanks Jay!
commented 2017-01-20 18:37:30 -0500
Jay Fayza is brilliant! He is intelligent, articulate, and very insightful.
He is a student at McMaster University in Hamilton presently. I am sure he will write a profound Master’s and Doctoral thesis.
commented 2017-01-20 15:04:55 -0500
Way to pay attention in class Jay. The problem started with Bill Clinton with the introduction of Dodd-Frank and the creation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
commented 2017-01-20 12:57:20 -0500
Excellent video, Jay. I can visualize any socialists that might watch your video will be screaming at their computer screen. The truth in your video will be hard for the socialists to accept and probably won’t.
commented 2017-01-20 12:34:07 -0500
For the socialist left LOGIC IS HARD TO SWALLOW and the truth hearts
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