June 06, 2019

Richmond Hill Councillor triggered by trash, wants to ban plastic straws

David MenziesMission Specialist

So Richmond Hill, Ontario city Councillor David West went on a canoe trip, and the trash he found along the way encouraged him to propose a ban or reduction on plastic straws and grocery bags.

Weeks after the ill-fated trip, West officially proposed his plastics crackdown to the Council. Councillor Karen Cilevitz played along beautifully, choking up as she displayed a photo of a dead whale, itself choked with an alleged 40 pounds of plastic.

Councillor Greg Beros challenged the photo with a quick Google search, and — hold on, didn't we visit David West in his office during our investigation on his dislike for the national anthem and found him hoarding plastic utensils and a Styrofoam cup? Roll that footage!

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commented 2019-06-07 09:54:14 -0400
David West is quite right.
Torontonians may not see it, but here at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, the ‘plastics problem’ is quite clear. For example;

1 – only last week the ferry to one of the local islands was prevented from docking by the floating mass of plastics and dead whale bodies.

2 – On a recent visit to the Iroquois seaway locks, several cargo ships were denied entry into the lock by massive floating ‘plasti-bergs’. These ‘plasti-bergs’ consisted of billions of plastic straws, tons of fast food styro’ containers, thousands of plastic Conservative campaign signs, at least a dozen dead whales and the bodies of several ‘climate deniers’ dressed in polyester shirts.

So, Dave is quite right. Save the lake Ontario Whales. DON’T USE PLASTIC STRAWS! (and denude our forests to manufacture the paper alternative)
commented 2019-06-06 22:12:27 -0400
A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to a restaurant for supper. We asked for straws and the waitress told us nicely but condescendingly that this restaurant was phasing out straws to be more environmentally friendly. Next time we should bring a reusable straw.

However they still served the sour cream in a little plastic dish with a lid on it. Straws bad. Dishes OK. So why do all these leftist loons hit on some symbolic representation of what they arbitrarily declare to be evil? So the orientals in the Far East throw straws ( and a whole lot more I’m sure) into the waterways but so the solutions for we in Manitoba to not be given straws anymore.

How sweet to be an idiot.
commented 2019-06-06 21:19:45 -0400
Imagine if all the plastic in this world vanished. No electronics would work. Power lines would short out, causing worldwide blackouts. We’d have to go back to the 19th century way of living. People would have to re-learn how to farm and ride horses.
commented 2019-06-06 14:20:37 -0400
David, I don’t know about the whale as shown in your video but plastic is a problem. Go to You Tube and search ’Sky News.Plastic Ocean. In this video you will see a Whale dissected. The amount of plastic found in it will amaze you. There is a island of plastic floating around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is approximately three miles in diameter. This is also displayed in Plastic Ocean.
Sky News is a far left Marxist comic book that is banned in Canada (by Canada) but can be viewed if you change your Pin number. Plastic Ocean is not restricted and can be viewed by anybody.