May 26, 2017

Right shouldn’t make excuses for “Montana slammer” Gianforte

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The winner of Montana’s sole congressional seat, Republican Greg Gianforte, was charged with misdemeanour assault after allegedly slamming Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs to the floor the night before the state’s special election as Jacobs persisted in asking him questions. 

A Fox News team who saw Wednesday's incident said Mr Gianforte "grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground.”

Gianforte apologized for the mess in his acceptance speech saying, "When you make a mistake you have to own up to it, that's the Montana way. Last night I made a mistake, I took an action that I can't take back.”

I’m glad to hear it because Gianforte was wrong.

I have a unique perspective with regard to political violence against journalists because unlike most of the people opining, I’ve experienced it. I was punched at the Women’s March in Edmonton by a male feminist when he found out I was a conservative reporter.

I take a position that, though I may vehemently disagree with The Guardian, everything it stands for and the ambush tactics of left-wing journalism, those lefties have the same right to do their jobs as I do without threat of violence.

Even though the “Montana Slammer” Gianforte is on our side, I reject the tribalism that causes us to make excuses for the bad behaviour of our own. That's what the Democrats have done for Bill Clinton for three decades. They made excuses for bad actors because even though they were creeps, they were their creeps.

I’m not going to do that. I'm a conservative. I pride myself on being better than the left -smarter, less crazy, more civilized, with better morals and stronger principles that won't fail when put to the test. If being as good as the left is good enough for me, I may as well be on the left.

I get it. I’m a conservative woman on the internet. It ain't pretty out there but I don't body slam a lefty when every fibre of my being is begging me to do it. I don’t act out and lose control because the second we use political violence, we become the fascists the left says we are- especially if the violence is against people whose jobs are protected under the first amendment.

We don’t want “body slam journalists” to be our version of the left’s “punch nazis” mantra.

The left are the ones that think there are different rights for different people depending on how you feel about them. Not me.

Freedom of the press and the right to do your job without violence is for everyone.

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commented 2017-05-27 15:20:07 -0400
“The Montana Slammer!” Good one Sheila. As my mother always said, keep your hands to yourself.
commented 2017-05-27 12:28:16 -0400
As I was dragged along by your reasoning, kicking and screaming, SGR, I realized I don’t have an argument for what you seem to be saying, as unpalatable as it was…
So I’ll just ADD this; Why is it the right who always has to be the adult in the room and who always has to do the right thing and who always has to take the high road and who is always held to split-hair standards by Philadelphia lawyers on the left and their media – while the left is always guilty of every thing they psychologically project on the right and much worse, and who are rarely if ever held to any kind of account – whomever is in office?
Comparing that pencil-dick retard, feminist tough-guy pissant who suckered you, to that Montanan who went a ‘little western’ is not even apples and oranges…
I can’t help thinking some right-to-left-boot-to-ass-two-step needs to happen…before it’s too late.
Hell of a conundrum.
commented 2017-05-27 08:36:22 -0400
Ask any ATVer, sometimes it’s nice to have a smooth, well groomed trail on the high ground to make distance. But really….for most of us, the fun is in the mud.
commented 2017-05-27 02:01:49 -0400
Sheila, please give us an update on the lawsuit against the guy who attacked you.
commented 2017-05-26 21:45:23 -0400
But the audio was sort of gratifying
commented 2017-05-26 21:44:16 -0400
I agree with you SHIELA , it is the only logical conservative conclusion
commented 2017-05-26 20:42:43 -0400
You’re not a saint, yet. A lot of them weren’t at first. Like I said to Tommy, cooler heads will prevail.
commented 2017-05-26 20:37:11 -0400
I have trouble believing that Gianforte first attacked the journalist, who, some say, has put the micro in his face aggressively. Listen, for how long will the Right be attacked, beaten, censored, shut up, fired from their jobs, even now have their children killed by islamists defended by the Left? Free speech is very nice but when you cannot exercize it because of suicidal political correctness and state control, physical violence erupts. And if you have not noticed it yet, it is coming.
commented 2017-05-26 20:08:17 -0400
Should send him around to slam a few of the liars at the CBC, CNN NYT , WP and MSNBC.
commented 2017-05-26 20:02:33 -0400
I agree with Drew Wakariuk’s comments.
Canadian Mongrel raises excellent points.
With other press there, why isn’t there a video of this incident?
commented 2017-05-26 19:45:24 -0400
I would have liked video to see the reporter’s body language and invasion of personal space. Since does not exist, a more complete transcript of the audio before the incident than seems to have been released. What has been released makes the guardian reporter look pretty benign, but that is the purpose of editing. I just have trouble believing a candidate who is a shoe-in to win the election the next day would jeopardize that by body slamming a reporter for a benign question. Particularly, from what I have read in Post Media, when it was a nasty by-election; why suddenly lose his cool when he held it throughout the campaign?
commented 2017-05-26 19:31:44 -0400
George Dyer thanks for that link , shows that the reporter does not have much high ground to stand on and it is a factor that the left will ignore.
commented 2017-05-26 19:30:43 -0400
He did go a little too far a simple f-off would have been enough. I will not defend him a whole lot , but the left would be pretty hypocritical to whine that he did this and still won as they support criminal acts all the time and forgive their politicians in a nanosecond , so they can get bent. This may also reflect how people feel about the media now in some ways.
commented 2017-05-26 19:00:59 -0400
Bill Elder.
We concur..
At some point if some yappie little shit keeps sticking his face in yours and doesn’t take no for an answer and won’t go away and continues to pester and annoy you and hiding behind journalism to pester and provoke.. sometimes you have to swat the fly that’s buzzing around your head.!!
commented 2017-05-26 18:52:10 -0400
Gotta disagree with you on this one Sheila – This is less about press freedom than it is about these provoking cuck beta males yapping at an Alpha male expecting no consequence for their insults, snide innuendo and aggressive rude provoking – it would take a lot to trigger a guy like this but what do you expect if you hound him with these “so is it true you still beat your wife” loaded questioning.

There are many of these smarmy little beta cuck leftard journos who need to be slam dunked for their rudeness.