February 01, 2016

Right-wing German party leader: Muslim refugees should be shot if necessary

StaffRebel Columnist

You should just consider her to be the anti-Merkel.

Frauke Petry, leader of Alternative for Germany told newspaper Mannheimer Morgen that people should not be afraid of turning refugees back and create border protection installations.

MUST WATCH: German mayor tells worried grandfather “don't provoke refugees” after they sexually harass school girls. Then this happened...

She added that border guards should shoot refugees trying to illegally enter the country if necessary.

In regards to pulling the trigger, Petry said, “I don't want that either but, ultimately, deterrence includes the use of armed force.”

As Express points out, support for AfD has grown after the massive Cologne sex attacks by Muslim refugees on New Years Eve.

Merkel and her party have been criticized internationally for their handling of the refugee crisis, including getting Facebook to censor anti-refugee comments online.

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commented 2016-02-02 11:47:51 -0500
Acuna… Germany will rise again and they will drive the hordes from their country my only concern is will Justin Trudeau be standing there welcoming the ones from Germany into Canada…??
commented 2016-02-02 09:42:30 -0500
great…start shooting or is this just another hashtag campaign?
commented 2016-02-01 23:58:41 -0500
Guten Morgen Bürger Deutschlands … verstehe ich und sympathisiere mit der Kategorie, dass Ihre korrupte Regierung darin abreist. Sie haben Sie wehrlos verlassen und bewegten Ihre Feinde Nachbar- Ihren Frauen und Kindern. Sie haben keine Rücksicht oder Anerkennung für das enorme Geschenk, dass Sie sich ihnen, Frieden und Freiheit für keinen Preis, nichts boten, um für von ihnen bezahlt zu werden. Ich hoffe nur, dass mein Land denselben Mut wie Ihrig zeigen kann, wenn wir gedrückt und gegen die Wand der Vergessenheit gestoßen werden, wie Sie sind. Gott segnet und Godspeed zum Reinigen selbst von diesen unerwünschten Parasiten, wer keine Rücksicht für das Leben oder Freiheit haben.
“Germany has the right to exist”
commented 2016-02-01 23:46:09 -0500
When everybody was in their own land the world was at peace…
Even a kid in kindergarten after a while realizes you cannot fit a square peg in a round hole..!!!
commented 2016-02-01 23:43:28 -0500
Germany like all countries…
“has the right to exist”
commented 2016-02-01 22:47:42 -0500
To Do List.
2. Install concertina wire at vital entry points.
3. Position observers and long range snipers at key grid references.
4. Position 50 calibre sentry posts at vital entry points.
5. Establish and employ communications, standby defence and security force, food services and administration.
5. Bring lots of ammo and food.
6. Tunes and videos.
That would be a decent start.
commented 2016-02-01 22:46:09 -0500
Ich werde Versetzungen auf Deutsch tun, indem ich auf die Verbrechen antworten werde, die gegen sie getan worden sind, um die freundlichen und sanften Leute zu unterstützen, die um ihr Recht kämpfen… zu überleben!!!
commented 2016-02-01 19:10:23 -0500
MG1934 Wird gerade fein arbeiten
commented 2016-02-01 18:22:36 -0500
Elton Braun – our Primate PM is trying to get his terrorists here as fast as he can!
commented 2016-02-01 17:43:17 -0500
Nice to see the pendulum getting yanked back to the right. Hopefully it never gets as bad here as in Europe but the stupid shortsightedness of the left can’t be undererestimated.
commented 2016-02-01 16:48:22 -0500
All Muslims everywhere should be stopped from entering western country’s,they are incompatible with human beings. Those Muslims that brake the law should be punished in the same manner that genuine residents would be. If shooting illegal trying to enter a country where they are not permitted is what it takes, then so be it. They would do the same to us.
commented 2016-02-01 15:33:20 -0500
Right-wing German party leader: Muslim refugees should be shot if necessary.

Finally. Someone speaking common sense – if these animals from the desert can’t behave, arrest them or shoot them in defense. Governments aren’t arresting them, so citizens should take matters into their own hands.
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