I'm going to Milwaukee to find out what's really going on at the Black Lives Matter riots.

Lauren SouthernArchive

Another Black Lives Matter race riot in the United States. This time, it’s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Because a black man, Sylville Smith, was shot dead by police.

Except: Smith was a serial criminal, who wouldn’t drop a handgun when police ordered him to.

And: the police officer who shot Smith was black himself.

Yet the street thugs of Black Lives Matter rioted, burning down businesses — including many owned by black Americans.

This isn’t about racial equality. This is about demonizing the police, creating racial tensions where there are none, and distracting from real political issues that Democrats would rather not talk about.

That's why I went to Milwaukee. To find out what's really going on at the Black Lives Matter riots — who’s behind it, what the facts are, and, just as important, why the mainstream media keeps treating these street thugs like civil rights activists.

I wanted to see with my own eyes what it’s like on the ground in Milwaukee — and to talk to ordinary black Americans about the Black Lives Matter paramilitary movement, and if it really represents black America today. I don’t think it does — but I want to find out.

You'll be able to watch all my coverage on this page below.

Buying plane tickets to Milwaukee for my cameraman and me on short notice cost $2,000. Please help me recoup the cost with a small donation by clicking below. 

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STANDOFF: Voices of Milwaukee — Ordinary people talk about violence, family and broken Democratic promises:

Lauren reports on her trip to Milwaukee. Watch the full episode above! 

Part 1: What's really going on, and who is behind it?

Lauren Southern reports from Milwaukee, a city marked by race riots sparked by the police shooting of a young African-American male.

Part 2: Get out of here, or get shot

Lauren describes being threatened to stop reporting, or be shot. 

Part 3: “Democrats can't help blacks" Interview with a Milwaukee dissident:

Lauren spoke with an African-American resident of Milwaukee who doesn't buy the lie that the Democrats help blacks.

Part 4: Milwaukee rioters burn black woman’s house down

Lauren speaks with a Milwaukee business owner whose home was burned down during the riots.

Part 5: Milwaukee youth: “The police want to kill us.”

Lauren met local youth convinced that the police wanted to murder them. 

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commented 2016-08-20 15:14:13 -0400
Dinesh D’Souza came to the US at 17 years old, with $500 dollars in his pocket…he worked hard and is now very influential and wealthy…he is brown, an immigrant from a minority group…so what’s wrong with BLM people? Are brown people that superior to Black Lives? What is in the way of all these Blacks who can’t even get a job?..Oh, yeah…the Democratic ‘hand out’ party that keeps them at the bottom while new immigrants move ahead like the rest of the world…isn’t it time that those blacks who are still lagging behind gave up the dream of Hillary and Obama and took their futures into their own hands like other blacks such as Condoleeza Rice and Dr. Ben Carson…she from a middle class family and he from a poor single mother…These black complainers have no one to blame but themselves (in general) for allowing themselves to become dependent on handouts instead of being their own persons…that isn’t racism, that is practical politics…and practical politics is Conservative Republicanism…it is the only hope for these people if they want to get out of the deep rut into which they have allowed the Democrats to drag them, not for their good but for the good of that political party’s power. Wake up BLM and decide today to become the master of your own fate instead of being pawns and listen to Trump…he really has the answers you need…
commented 2016-08-19 19:00:32 -0400
No, the police don’t want to kill you . However they will if you don’t put your fucking guns down and stop endangering their lives and those of innocent citizens, INCLUDING many blacks that are scared to death of scum like you.
commented 2016-08-18 18:59:06 -0400
It didn’t take a trip to Milwaukee to tell us who’s behind Black Lies Matter. It’s the usual suspect, radical Islam. Look at the leaders/founders of this (bowel) movement. The leader of the “BLMTO” (Toronto) chapter is an Islamic racist who loves to tweet about murdering whites while the Islamedia eats it up. Same for the American counterpart – radical Islamist belonging to Muslim Brotherhood. That also explains why the Islamedia portrays these street thugs as civil rights heroes. Islam is trying to start a race war in the West with its rapacious migrant parasite invasion, and now it’s starting one on a new front by exploiting blacks, which Islam views (and uses) as slaves. Too bad the blacks don’t seem to concern themselves with that small detail. They are too busy blaming whites for all of their problems.

There are also the theories about global elites pulling the strings of radical Islamics and BLM to create chaos and facilitate a takeover. Either way, there’s a conspiracy afoot to bring about a race-based war in the West.
commented 2016-08-16 17:52:46 -0400
Bravo. Lauren! Keep up the courageous work! (But please be careful…….for your sake and your teams sake. You are working in the face and middle of anarchist anti-civilization anarchy.)
commented 2016-08-16 15:24:19 -0400
Only a matter of time till the blm idiots go to far and try to burn down or loot the wrong business or house, Then they will pay with there lives. My guess is it will take less than a year to happen.
commented 2016-08-16 15:10:06 -0400
This is about police doing a hard job. But it Vollenter job as no on forces you to be a police officer. The simple old rules is protect and serve. Something the USA police lost and with that the respect of the people.
commented 2016-08-16 13:28:53 -0400
The reality that BLM and self-loathing SJWs ignore is that as long as you obey the law in America, even languishing in a self-imposed inner city welfare culture is a more prosperous existence than almost any social position in sub-Saharan Africa or the ME.
commented 2016-08-16 12:15:37 -0400
Want to bet members of Black Lives Matter or similar White Hating sympathizers like “White Privilege exist” types like Sun Columnist Tarek Fatah or a token self-loathing White like Rosemary Westwood type of the Metrol will be hired to in:


ie we will employ you at this extremely well paid position in order to shut you up in your constant complaining about racism and no one is doing anything about it.

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Organization: Cabinet Office
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Job Code: ARD/01 – ARDARD Recruitment
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Understanding the job ad – definitions
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Job ID: 96980 View Job Description
The Anti-Racism Directorate was created in February 2016 and works to address and prevent systemic racism in government policy, legislation, programs and services. It is the government’s authoritative body of anti-racism knowledge and expertise, and promoter of racially equitable and fair practices, strategy and research. The Anti-Racism Directorate provides anti-racism leadership and expertise focused on systemic issues in collaboration with government, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the community and business organizations. For more information, please visit us at ontario.ca/antiracism.

Our objective: to look at what lies beneath the trends and statistics associated with the systemic racism that continues to create barriers for Indigenous and racialized communities in Ontario, and identifying, addressing and removing these barriers wherever possible.

What can I expect to do in this role?

• Decreasing and eliminating systemic racism in institutions governed or regulated by the Ontario government through the development and implementation of racial equity frameworks and anti-racism capacity building.

• Developing and promoting fair practices, policies and strategies that lead to racial equity.

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Additional Information:

11 Permanent, Toronto, Toronto Region
Compensation Group: Management Compensation Plan
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Category: Management and General
Posted on: Monday, August 15, 2016
commented 2016-08-16 01:39:10 -0400
It is known that the National Guard were deployed because of BLM threats to attack white neighbourhoods. Instead, BLM attacked black neighbourhoods and businesses. So much for black supremacy.

Here in Texas, we are well-armed and BLM knows this. After what happened in Dallas, everyone is ready. Police departments across the state has ordered that there will be, under no circumstances, any public BLM protests for any reason. They may only be small private indoor assemblies, but no public marches will be permitted. An attempt to start a march without permit was immediately shut down and many were arrested. Houston Police have been very active, as have the State Troopers, in detecting BLM activities. Dallas police have been especially active, preventing another mass demonstration, and potential for incidents.
commented 2016-08-16 01:28:52 -0400
BLM is a bunch of racists. They are just mad that another deck now hold more race cards than theirs does.
commented 2016-08-16 00:32:18 -0400
You should periscope from there live
I was watching the other night BLM had two people reporting live from the middle of it all .It didn’t help their cause much every second word was F this and every third word was the bad N word .And a lot of kill whitey stuff .
It was like a war zone with gun fire going off and police in armoured trucks driving by but it was surreal with all the blacks on the streets driving around playing loud music and celebrating like its the forth of July
Whats going on ? I would have to say black racism towards whites ,it’s a black supremacy movement where only black lives matter no one eleses
To hear them talk they are the most bigoted people on the planet earth and have chosen to self segrate cause they don’t want to live near whitey
Sadly blacks in Canada look to American blacks on how to live their lives and act so we will be seeing the same stuff here at Jane Finch .
commented 2016-08-15 21:53:17 -0400
Lauren Southern says, “… I want to see with my own eyes what it’s like on the ground in Milwaukee — and to talk to ordinary black Americans about the Black Lives Matter paramilitary movement…”
That is not a good idea, especially without some armed and able help!
I guess a man has got to do what a mas has got to do – or a woman – be safe and come back!
commented 2016-08-15 18:20:02 -0400
If Sylville Smith killed a black police officer, would that black life still matter? Or would Sylville Smith be called a hero?

Such BS. How many blacks are killed by other blacks every year, yet these “movements” have no interest in stopping the violence. So far BLM only increases violence where for some reason blacks are destroying the very cities and towns they live in, endangering black lives.

BLM released a meandering and obtuse set of demands. It was essentially Marxist, anti-capitalism, anti-Western society, anti-Semetic, ant-Israel, anti-Democray, anti-US document. They expect society to “redistribute wealth”, making no one responsible to be productive and contribute to a nation’s wealth; no one ends up working. All over the map, but never taking responsibility for any failures of black society. It extended its hand to Muslim nations, forgetting that the African Muslim nations were the slavers who took and sold blacks to anyone who wanted them as slaves. In Arabic, the name for blacks and the word for slaves is the same word. This is whom BLM ties its cart to. How stupid.
commented 2016-08-15 16:29:00 -0400
BLM is a terrorist group funded by George Soros.
How is it that George Soros isn’t in jail by now?
I can see the Old West justice coning back to North America.
commented 2016-08-15 16:25:10 -0400
See, a few years ago we had riots in London because a black criminal was shot by armed police, ruining the lives of others because the police shot someone of you’re race is not justice
commented 2016-08-15 16:21:54 -0400
The founder of BLM was inspired by a cop killer who escaped from prison and made his way to Cuba. BLM has no credibility and are so more than cultural Marxists with an agenda. Doesn’t matter how clearly the shooting was justified.
commented 2016-08-15 16:12:24 -0400
Just sent moolah… Be careful, though. Thugs have been beating up white people.
commented 2016-08-15 15:47:27 -0400
This whole riot conveniently started right after the George Soros leaks which prove he is funding Black Lives Matter. This riot is simply a distraction by the mainstream media to take the focus off of the Soros leaks.
commented 2016-08-15 15:14:06 -0400
The Skinny I get from chatter at ground leve in Milwaukee is the Black community there has failed to put radicals on city council and they really resent the county sheriff ( a Black man who is a real law and order guy who despises punk movements like BLM and gangsta politics – he sees these as the cultural restraint on black society) So the criminal radicals really hate the way their black sheriff has kept order in “the hood”..

These Riots (MSM calls them “protests”) were primarily politically focused at getting more radicals in political office – making an embarrassing headache for the current sheriff and threatening city council with more riots if they don’t get hoodies on city council to raid the treasury for more welfare goodies.

This rioting and destruction only effects the black community there because Milwaukee is infamous for being the first metro centers in America where “white flight” to suburbs and rural bedroom communities has completely left the Milwaukee metro area to black only residents.
commented 2016-08-15 14:46:28 -0400
This mirrors what the Islamists are doing in France and Germany, and every other country that they are trying to destroy, and take over. The BLM movement, is just a disguise for the same evil attacks against society. This is anarchy!