December 04, 2017

FBI’s Disgraced Strzok interveiwed both Flynn and Hillary

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

What’s happening inside the FBI might very well be the worst scandal in American law enforcement history.

New information about senior FBI Agent Peter Strzok being kicked off Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team for sending anti-Trump texts to his mistress, an FBI lawyer, reinforces that belief.

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commented 2017-12-05 10:12:51 -0500
You would be hard pressed to act out treason in a more reprehensible and destructive way…
There’s only one cure for that – and it sends a great message…
State-sanctioned, public execution, by hanging!
Drain the swamp. Send the message.
commented 2017-12-05 02:56:57 -0500
I fervently do hope that common sense Americans much sooner than later appreciate the fact that this is “corruption of oath of office” at the most fundamental root of truth and justice … If not, America is obviously reverting to the level of all “banana republics”… God help us all… And if that is, nations will fall..
commented 2017-12-04 21:47:35 -0500
- The worst scandal in American law enforcement history – first thought was it must involve a Clinton somehow. It sounds like there’s an FBI swamp to drain as well.
commented 2017-12-04 18:47:16 -0500
Canadian Mongrel, I didn’t experience that in either video.
commented 2017-12-04 18:40:47 -0500
Does anybody else have a ‘dust in the needle’ problem with Rebel videos? For this one there were eight occurrences of the video skipping up to five times before proceeding. For Ms. G-R’s video about NL socialist educrats, it was twice. It is only The Rebel site this happens. My device is an iPad.
commented 2017-12-04 17:57:10 -0500
Unbelievable corruption….every few days, there are more bombshells coming to the forefront.
Excellent report John.
Those involved need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
commented 2017-12-04 17:50:55 -0500
What would the left do if they could not count on corruption?
commented 2017-12-04 16:43:15 -0500
Well I hope that the FBI is made to pay dearly for this. Mueller should be arrested and prosecuted and then incarcerated along with Comey.
I have a very strong feeling that POTUS knows exactly what is going on and has taken steps to rectify the damage.
In the end Killary Clinton should be prosecuted and incarcerated along with all her Hollywood supporters.
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