April 18, 2016

Robert Spencer in Montreal: How Islam killed free speech in 30 years

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

As always, Mr. Spencer was brilliant in this invitation-only presentation in Montreal on April 14 2016 

Robert had to be brought in with more than a little security, given how Muslim and leftist groups have deteriorated basic democratic rights in Canada. However the house was packed even with such limited advertising and tight secrecy around the event and his presentation was at his usual very high standard. The Q&A was also interesting and will be edited and posted as soon as time permits. 

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commented 2016-04-19 11:02:38 -0400
“Robert had to be brought in with more than a little security, given how Muslim and leftist groups have deteriorated basic democratic rights in Canada.”

This in itself demonstrates that we are not in a fight to RETAIN free speech, which was the theme of the video. Instead, we are in an insurrection to REGAIN free speech; because it has been lost already. And not just with respect to islamification, but includes environmentalism, LBGQTxyz’ism; or any politicalism. The political class is using these limits to limit the freedom of speech and expression of dissenters against their policies; which is why Clinton discusses with O.I.S. how to circumvent the American 1st amendment or why the supreme court of Canada states the constitution is not law but a changeable document. The political class wants the freedom of speech and expression for the populace censored.

Yes, there is a political class: Paul Martin Jr son of Paul Martin Sr; Junior son of Trudeau; Rachel Notley daughter of Grant; desire of the CPC to draft offspring of Mulroney; Andrew Coyne son of a Bank of Canada Governor as well as uncle to Junior’s half sister; Environment Minister McKenna daughter of Frank; and the Canadian list goes on and on. This class does not like freedom of speech, as demonstrated by Junior’s petulance in not talking to Sun papers or Notley’s petulance in trying to ban Rebel.

So to sum up the tirade, islamification is only one front, probably the most important front, of the greater war against freedom of speech and expression in general. The war is lost, and we are in the insurrection of which people like Spencer, Geller, Rebel Media personnel are the leaders.
commented 2016-04-19 10:20:00 -0400
In Canada, the politicos are using the refugee crises as a diversion so that they can manipulate the laws and in doing so all Canadians lose their freedoms incrementally.
Soon all citizens will be concentrating on what is going on with the Muslims and we will not even see the slight of hand the politicos will be performing to increase our taxes and rob our freedoms.
Welcome to the NewWorkd Order people!
commented 2016-04-19 08:22:32 -0400
Wake up people, or one day very soon you will be living in an Islamic shithole.
commented 2016-04-19 07:53:50 -0400
You can read the Quran in full, in English, here www.clearquran.com
commented 2016-04-19 00:59:08 -0400
Robert Spencer knows more about Islam than the Muslims.