July 19, 2018

Rock legends KISS break the mould with pause for patriotism

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

In the past, musicians have been on the front lines pushing against the establishment.

However, these days they’re no longer the boundary pushers, but more like mouthpieces for the mainstream media.

But one rock band legend refuses to line up with liberal elites.

When KISS paused a recent concert to say that it was great to support the military and cool to be patriotic, and broke into a rocking rendition of the national anthem, this actually made headlines.

Conservatives are the new counter culture.

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commented 2018-07-21 00:42:02 -0400
As far as I can tell, Ben is reporting here on a concert KISS performed in Worcester, Massachusetts in September of 2016. Still, way to go KISS and rock on!
commented 2018-07-20 19:02:08 -0400
I remember when conservatives thought KISS was evil and that their band name stood for Knights In Satan’s Service.
commented 2018-07-19 22:36:27 -0400
Great commentary Ben. Well done KISS
commented 2018-07-19 19:26:35 -0400
commented 2018-07-19 18:36:10 -0400
Don’t mess with KISS. They have their own army. Glad to see this from one of my long time favorites.
commented 2018-07-19 12:19:45 -0400
I love Canada and I love KISS!
commented 2018-07-19 11:36:54 -0400
Damn straight. Patriotism is always cool. Justin would say that’s ‘wrapping yourself in the flag as if that’s a bad thing. He and liberals like him are on the wrong side of history, not the patriots. Patriot is NOT a dirty word.

I remember when this nonsense all blew up when Justin got in, with mass migration and the Islam/rainbow alliance. I said I was a nationalist, meaning patriot, you know , love of country. The people I was talking to basically said I was every bad word in the book. I hadn’t got the memo yet that they had changed the definition of the words to mean ‘nazi’. So I went out and bought the biggest flag I could find and flew it from the roof of my house.
Canada Strong and Free. It is cool to love your country and to want to protect it.
Conservatism IS the new counter culture.

Artists today have no original thought, no one on the left does, because if they do they get smacked down. How is that cool? Original thought has been replaced with a post truth rewrite. That’s not edgy, that’s pathetic, weak and desperate.
commented 2018-07-19 10:57:24 -0400
Well done Kiss, about time we had a bit of patriotism out in the public’s eye. Times are glum in the UK, as May tries to give it away. From the Beatles on Britain ruled the world with song, now the song has gone…….and Britain crumbles.

Can anyone remember laughter?
commented 2018-07-19 09:37:35 -0400
Well said.