April 06, 2015

Rolling Stone retracts controversial "campus gang rape" article after independent investigation

Rebel Staff

Following an investigation by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Rolling Stone magazine has officially retracted a controversial article it published on November 19, 2014.

In the article, titled "A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA," Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Erdely reported that a University of Virginia student identified as "Jackie" had been gang raped as part of a fraternity initiation.

The story prompted some activists and commentators to declare that a "campus rape epidemic" was spreading across universities in the United States and Canada.

However, from the beginning, others -- including writers for The Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times -- questioned the validity of Erdely's article.

On Sunday, an in-depth investigation conducted by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism called "A Rape on Campus" "a journalistic failure that was avoidable":

The failure encompassed reporting, editing, editorial supervision and fact-checking. The magazine set aside or rationalized as unnecessary essential practices of reporting that, if pursued, would likely have led the magazine’s editors to reconsider publishing Jackie’s narrative so prominently, if at all. The published story glossed over the gaps in the magazine’s reporting by using pseudonyms and by failing to state where important information had come from.

The report continued:

Erdely and her editors had hoped their investigation would sound an alarm about campus sexual assault and would challenge Virginia and other universities to do better. Instead, the magazine’s failure may have spread the idea that many women invent rape allegations.

After the article appeared, UVA president Teresa Sullivan temporarily suspended all fraternity and sorority events.

The fraternity named in the article, the Virginia Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, is now "exploring its legal options."

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commented 2015-04-06 21:40:46 -0400
Anonymous….what you have said is attributed to Josef Goebbels the propaganda minister of the Nazi era…but I am afraid that he has been somewhat maligned and misrepresented in presenting that out of context…he was not bragging that this was the policy of his own department….he was complaining that this was what he was up against in counter propaganda to his nemesis Vyacheslav Molotov of the Soviet Propaganda Bureau.

If you think that the German people would have given him any credibility at all after blatantly insulting their intelligence in such a manner then that would call into question your own critical thinking when it comes to propaganda.
commented 2015-04-06 16:59:02 -0400
just because someone says it or writes it, does not make it true…but repeated enough it becomes the truth?
commented 2015-04-06 15:53:40 -0400
Glad to have an open forum here. Damn CBC is so busy censoring and deleting my comments because I won’t follow their feminist dogma it’s disgusting. Thanks Rebel Media!
commented 2015-04-06 14:12:08 -0400
To Nicole Beaudoin…there is such a movement …it is called Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and I am one of it’s founding brothers. We started in 2005. We now have a world wide network of lawyers, academics, people in all trades and walks of life. This forum was the first place I ever used my real name, I was known by the moniker MAUS.
We have fought back on many things like this issue…but it is like playing whack a mole.
And JR…if you are going to challenge me at least have the courage to attach your name to it. I don’t acknowledge or accept the challenge of a nameless nobody.
commented 2015-04-06 13:38:06 -0400
Our society takes it as granted that some crimes are heinous. Punishment for these crimes must reflect the crime itself, and be based proportionally on how bad the inflicted crime is. False accusations are not only intended to bring about punishment to those who are innocent of the accused crime (this doesn’t mean that the accused are angels, only that they did not commit the crime with which they are falsely charged). False accusations also dilute the “value” of the original crime.

If rape is to remain a creditable crime that is worthy of prosecution then those who falsely accuse others of rape must face criminal charges. Continued abuse of rape charges will ultimately lead the charges to become used as the human rights tribunals were – a court of censure where the accusation and the process is a punishment unto itself, and ultimately a court where no defendant can be found innocent. If rape is really a crime (and I think it is) then throw the book at Ms. Erdley.
commented 2015-04-06 13:19:02 -0400
The US is a litigious nation, it is time to introduce Sabrina to that process along with her anonymous cohort!
commented 2015-04-06 12:59:24 -0400
@ Glenn – “Sorry about that messed up post …”

Well, now we know it’s not an HTML editor.
commented 2015-04-06 12:36:18 -0400
I truly believe that it is high time for men to organize themselves as did women in the 70s when the determined feminist movement took hold. Actually, it is beyond hight time. For a number of reasons, among them not wanting to call attention to yourselves for the “sins of the father” bullshit, men let these stories of how evil you are just float out there and multiply in the ether. There should be a movement showing that men aren’t all panting animals looking to hump the next drunken female, nor are they all out to deny kids and ex-wives their fair share in life. And what about punishing women like the one who duped Erdely and her editors! God only knows that it would be open-season if the false claims had come from a white heterosexual male. Ok, through all of this the importance of fact-checking has not risen close to the top of journalists’ responsibilities, but, the focus was turned on men about how evil they are, knuckles dragging on the floor and all that, and women, particularly university-age women, are once again seen as using the “rape” allegation as a false trump card. Seems to me there could have been a better method to get journalists to stop running after stories—ANY story— just to have their name in print.
commented 2015-04-06 11:59:40 -0400
Glenn Craig: “Any of the white knights on this board who don’t believe false allegation is at least as prevalent as rape I can direct you to a forum I monitor.”*

This is dumb as shit.
commented 2015-04-06 10:02:38 -0400
Sorry about that messed up post I wanted to simply link to the Wiki article on Mike Nifong. Any of the white knights on this board who don’t believe false allegation is at least as prevalent as rape I can direct you to a forum I monitor. And to those who say “women don’t lie” all I can say to you is that you obviously have never had a teenage daughter or step daughter.
commented 2015-04-06 09:54:45 -0400
Michael ByronMikeNifong (born September 14, 1950) is a former <a href=“”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Carolina">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Carolina" title=“North Carolina”>North Carolina attorney.<a href=“”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Nifong#cite_note-autogenerated3-2">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Nifong#cite_note-autogenerated3-2“>[2] He was the ”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_attorney" title=“District attorney”>district attorney for <a href=“”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durham_County,North_Carolina">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durham_County,North_Carolina" title=“Durham County, North Carolina”>Durham County, North Carolina (the state’s 14th Prosecutorial District) but was removed and disbarred due to court findings concerning his conduct in the <a href=“”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_lacrosse_case">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_lacrosse_case" title=“Duke lacrosse case”>2006 Duke University lacrosse case.<a href=“”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Nifong#cite_note-DA-3">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Nifong#cite_note-DA-3">[3] Several criminal justice bills passed by the North Carolina legislature later that same year are believed to have been brought about by Nifong’s actions in the Duke lacrosse case.<a href=“”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Nifong#cite_note-4">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MikeNifong#citenote-4">[4]

commented 2015-04-06 09:50:42 -0400
Witch hunt.
commented 2015-04-06 09:34:58 -0400
Sabrina Erdely made these allegations knowing that they were false; knowing the damage that they would cause; knowing that her liberal friends in the news paper would rather publish questionable allegations backed up by anonymous claims; knowing that she would rather publish lies to advance her career than be honest about a real problem.
Sabrina Erdely and all those responsible for publishing this dangerous and unsubstantiated collection of lies, should be expelled immediately.
commented 2015-04-06 08:47:24 -0400
This is the same story last week’s Law&Order SVU was based on.

Rape culture is a misnomer and red herring for the real issue on campus which is a culture of intellectual intimidation. Of ideolgical indoctrination. Dogma.

Rape is very common. Police mock and ridicule most victims. The Crown only prosecutes a token few to justify its attorneys’ pay cheques and to satisfy politicians for citizens.
commented 2015-04-06 08:07:24 -0400
How much “hush money” did RS have to pay out to make things all better? An article like this is meaningless.