October 30, 2016

WATCH: Rookie MP Arnold Viersen makes Members Statements fun, with carbon tax rap

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

You should see this clip from the House of Commons. 

Normally when I say that, it’s followed by “because you’ll never believe the dumb thing [insert Liberal X] said.” But not this time.

Today it’s a fun one:

Arnold Viersen is the Conservative MP for Peace River-Westlock and he’s making boring old member statements fun again. He rhymes them. Actually it’s more of an awkward prairie rap. And it’s amazing.

Watch my video to see Viersen’s latest rap about the carbon tax.

He’s making my days watching the CPAC House of Common’s live feed tolerable.

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commented 2016-10-31 06:39:23 -0400
Sheila-thanks for showing this young man who has injected a little fun into a very painful subject. Keep up with your great work.
commented 2016-10-30 23:07:58 -0400
Loved his rapping poem. He may be a rookie & he may be young, but the beard ages him by 10 yrs. Lose the whiskers!
commented 2016-10-30 22:07:05 -0400
There is nothing humorous about our carbon tax..!
commented 2016-10-30 20:20:07 -0400
Carbon tax rape ,errr i mean rap.
commented 2016-10-30 20:02:18 -0400
Common sense and humour in the House of Commons? This young man has just sentenced himself to a political career in the back benches. Only stuffed shirts and the cronies get to sit in the front.

Track down a career back bencher, buy him or her a coffee, and get them to “spill the beans”. It’s not only eye opening but also disgusting. These people are the true Canadians that you vote for, not the plastic fake crap that adorns the front seats.
commented 2016-10-30 19:54:11 -0400
Justin, Notley,Clark and Wynne
Steal it all with a selfie grin.
NDP and Liberals suck,
And honestly don’t give a fuck
commented 2016-10-30 19:04:50 -0400
Thanks Sheila for always giving us good information on what is happening.
You are greatly appreciated and the time and effort you put into your job.
With a busy life, children and a husband who probably want more of your time, you are doing your country justice and seeking justice for your fellow Canadians.
We appreciate and respect you.
commented 2016-10-30 18:26:34 -0400
Great going Arnold Viersen! There is hope when the young members chime in with their heads screwed on straight!
commented 2016-10-30 18:00:06 -0400
Roses are red
Violets are Blue
Trudeau’s a putz
And Buttsy too.
commented 2016-10-30 17:50:16 -0400
The live feed got cut but MILOS talk tonight at University of California Irvine shows that it is now the college conservatives who are the fun crowd combining halloween with Rocky Horror Picture Show outrageous high kamph. There is nothing less fun that the stiffling conformity of SJWs “celebrating” diversity….whoopie!!!
commented 2016-10-30 17:48:26 -0400
It rhymes and makes reason why taxes should have no season
commented 2016-10-30 15:45:24 -0400
“…awkward prairie rap…”
Are we witnessing the birth of a new music genre?
commented 2016-10-30 15:19:44 -0400
Carbon tax? Bah humbug!