August 12, 2015

In defense of Roosh: The man the social justice warriors can't beat

Aaron ClareyRebel Blogger

In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit that:

1.  I know Roosh and
2.  I am an occasional guest writer for his site Return of Kings.

Having said that neither my personal nor professional relation with Roosh will affect nor color my analysis of his Canadian trip and the SJW drama that has ensued. The reason why is simple - his actions and experiences in Canada speak for themselves and tell a story that needs no editorializing.

As this post is being written Roosh has completed one of two Canadian speeches in his world speaking tour.  The first speech (Montreal) was threatened by some SJWs, notably one who set up a petition to prevent him from even entering Canada, while another (Jessica Lelievre, the epitome of "spoiled brat rich daddy's girl") harassed him in public by dousing him in liquor (and foolishly filming it which has resulted in a lawsuit.)

Now I can go on, and certainly the media will cover Roosh's travels through Canada and the SJW circus that will come with it.  But instead of chronicling what's happened and then make some obvious observations about the mentally-ill culture of SJW's, I wanted to explain

1.  Why this time it will be different
2.  Why it is because of qualities and traits of men like Roosh that will make it different and
3.  Why the SJW's will lose

What SJWs, leftists, socialists, and other vermin of society are used to is a tired, old, and worn out tactic of silencing somebody they disagree with or threatens to expose them for the parasites they are by accusing them of an "ism" (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.,) which in turn then threatens that individual's career and thus livelihood. Mozilla firing Brendan Eich, Dr. Palmer's shooting of Cecil, doxxing and SWATing, even I've had people try to tell my clients I wrote "mean racist things."

Though dishonest, cowardly and tiresome, this tactic works and is highly effective. In threatening and holding hostage an individual's career and reputation, they also threaten that individual, his life, and his family. Alas, they can essentially shut down any social or political commentary from the productive classes, leaving only leftist, SJW and politically approved socialist thought in the public forum. 

However, this tactic only works if there is something of value to hold hostage over the person saying things SJW's find disagreeable. 

A dentist with a career.
An accountant with a family.
A professor with a 20 year track record.

But what the SJW's and leftists don't realize is that while they may find the world to be such a place of injustice and they "still have a long way to go," their leftist predecessors have made great strides in the past. They have managed to stagnate the economy. They have managed to create an education bubble. They have managed to destroy the labor market for young people. And, above all else, feminists have largely been successful in destroying young women for young men.

And it is from this environment a new strain of men have arisen. A strain of men immune to all SJW tactics.

Take a look at Roosh and his background and you'll see a man who has nothing to lose, and therefore nothing the SJW's can threaten.

He tried (like all of us) to "do what was right." He went to college, tried his hand at a soul sucking job, and when his employer found out he was blogging under a pen name, they still threatened him with being fired. This not being exactly conducive to having the "freedom of speech" and with no real job prospects that were promised to him like the 1950's, he went on a South American trip which laid the foundation for what would be his career - traveling to different countries and then writing about how to get laid in these countries. 

Of course, while that sounds great it wasn't easy. Traveling on buses in South America, constantly going to clubs, learning new languages, and the meticulous level of detail he had to take in terms of notes and writing made it a real (albeit exciting) job. But the larger point is that SJWs, socialism, leftism and feminism had made the US so hostile, if not impossible for the "9-5 job and wife with children and a white picket fence," he was practically compelled to go down this route of self-employment.

But what is doubly ironic is how precisely he makes his money. Most entrepreneurs can still be threatened by SJW's. The cupcake shop that doesn't make cupcakes for lesbians. The pizzeria that theoretically would not deliver pizzas to a gay wedding. They have a product that can still be assailed, assaulted, held hostage, and destroyed.

But what if your job is merely countering the political, economic, social, and psychological environment SJW's created? What if your job is to unplug as many Neos out of "the Matrix?" What if your job is nothing more than being an SJW hunter? This is why Roosh is simply immune to any SJW's attacks. It's because he not only has nothing they can threaten or take hostage, but because his business is a direct result and response to the environment SJWs and leftists have created.

Alas, this is why Roosh is invincible against the SJWs and there's no way they can win. Unlike Mortimer Snerd, loyal accountant at KMPG for 30 years, with a mortgage, two car loans, a wife about to divorce him, and three kids in college, they cannot threaten Roosh's career or family as it doesn't exist. Worse for them, the more they attack, the more publicity he gets AND the more they get exposed for the psychopathic tyrants they are. 

But what's worse for SJWs is there's (what I would estimate to be) millions more Rooshes with absolutely nothing to lose. Men who grew up in and are by products of the SJW/feminist culture, and are thus immune to it.  My company, Asshole Consulting, NEEDS feminist, SJW culture to continue to brainwash young men and women into delusion otherwise I'd run out of clients.  Jack Donovan NEEDS SJWs to continue to emasculate young boys otherwise nobody would need his books on masculinity

And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it has come to what is nothing more than a fully-fledged industry of neo-masculinity that has arisen in the past decade to deprogram, explain, provide sanity to, and provide agency and purpose to MILLIONS of young men (and women) who are slowly waking up and realizing just how badly feminism, socialism, and their goose-stepping SJW's have ruined their lives.

What SJWs around the world need to realize is that Canada is just the first instance where SJWs have met a monster of their own creation in the form of Roosh. And not only can he not be stopped, but there are millions more who also have nothing to lose, are immune to you, and are very, very angry that you not only lied to them about the real world, but destroyed their birthright to western civilization. 

And there's nothing you can do to stop them. 


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commented 2015-08-14 00:56:33 -0400
Jimmy, are you here to fight Ezra-Levantism? The Mozilla losers who fired Eich over the pathetic “gay marriage” charade are as bad as any fascist. Your promotion of homosexuality confirms each and every point Aaron Clarey made in his post.
commented 2015-08-13 21:59:37 -0400
Thanks Jimmah, I now know that I can’t work at a company that supports stuff that I believe against. And it’s in their rights to ensure that I am made extremely uncomfortable and forced out for using my rights of free speech ON MY OWN TIME AND DIME. Thank you, grand master of new think.
commented 2015-08-13 19:52:23 -0400
Kelvin….I often wondered when I worked at Veteran’s Affairs why any self respecting feminist would even want to work in such a celebration of male aggression…and when I said that jokingly I got a response that made it clear that many liberal appointees were exactly what I was joking about.

Jimmy….I have noted that in each and every thread that you do your little song and dance….we are reminded that……wait for it……..

IT IS OK TO BE GAY!!!!!!!!!



Jimmy….there is no such thing as “gay rights” and if there is……it is my “gay right” to be straight…..I will fight for THAT all the way to the SCC…..and make no mistake about it Jimmy…..far beyond that.

Now go complain to my employer and insist that I be fired……:-)
commented 2015-08-13 16:37:32 -0400
Ya cause if I worked in a bomb factory and was against war I should be fired…….. Right?
commented 2015-08-13 10:59:24 -0400

The article above stated that Eich was fired. I was just responding to that.

Secondly, Eich was incredibly hated by many at Mozilla – to the point that some quit when he was promoted. On top of that, Mozilla as a company was incredibly supportive of gay rights to the point that they donated money to many gay causes. So when you do something that is against what the company stands for – of course you are going to be gone one way or another.

The SJW didn’t do anything – Mozilla couldn’t have someone working for them, who went against the company view and culture. Understandably so.

You get that right? You get that someone who is against gay rights and gay marriage can’t work at a company who are incredibly supportive of gay rights and gay marriage.
commented 2015-08-13 02:59:57 -0400
Brendan Eich was hounded and ostracized for having a political opinion that was outside his job. Up until his donation to counter proposition 8 was made public no one had a complaint about how they were treated or promoted. In fact his personal opinion hadn’t coloured his business professionalism. The SJW mob hounded him out of his position for wrong think. Oh, and get your facts straight Jimmy. He resigned he wasn’t fired.
commented 2015-08-12 13:48:37 -0400
You obviously don’t have a clue why Mozilla fired Brendan Eich understandably.