August 12, 2015

Roosh V: Pro-rape sexist/racist/homophobe or hippy spreading love across the globe?

Gavin McInnesArchive

Roosh V is a pro-rape sexist/racist/homophobe who goes on tour trying to repeal rape laws so he can get more raping going on. 


That is the narrative the left is going with and it’s so juicy, nobody’s bothered to look it up. Even the mayors of Toronto and Montreal are on board. So, what’s the truth?

Roosh V is a pick up artist who goes on tours trying to help men get laid. He’s basically a hippy spreading love across the globe. He is at war with loneliness.

The rape thing comes from an article he wrote “How to Stop Rape” wherein he showcased how women’s “inflation of confidence” has made them more vulnerable. I said this too about Spring Break. These young girls think they’re invincible and we need to “teach men not to rape” instead of being careful. We’re trying to teach men not to rape. They get 15 years when they do it. However, nothing is absolute and the crime still exists. That means, you can’t do Oxy on the beach and pass out alone in a sea of wasted strangers. Jon Stewart called that sexist and girls got gang raped.

Roosh was simply saying, if it was legal to do whatever you want to a woman when she invites you over, women would be a lot more careful about who they invited over. I had him on my show to discuss. When I dismantled his argument by showing him these guys who were gang-raping women by storming in after an invited guest let them, he agreed it’s a hole in the theory. That’s what you do when someone presents an outlandish case. You debate him. You don’t ban him.

In the end, he got his point across: Too much confidence isn’t empowering. It’s dangerous. Rape is still illegal as he clearly knows and accepts. His talks have nothing to do with this just as Jonathan Swift didn’t really expect the Irish to eat their own babies.

The hyperbole surrounding Roosh V is a perfect example of how anti-intellectual we’ve become. We prefer Gargamel-type villains over getting to the truth. This is bad for everyone, especially women.

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commented 2015-08-30 04:02:18 -0400
LOL, we’ve become “anti-intellectual” because people want to ban Roosh.

What about the concerted attacks against “experts” and “academics”.

Kudoz, though, for pointing out that it’s better to question people head on about dodgy ideas instead of just trying to ban them.
commented 2015-08-17 16:20:27 -0400
@joan Abernathy:
Roosh’s father is Muslim but his mother raised him as an orthodox Christian. He was baptized for crying out loud and has never converted. He played the Muslim and Islamophobia cards to once again lampoon the left and point out how stupid people can be. You took the bait but at least had the nerve to stand up to creeping shariah law. Most leftists and SJWs were silenced because of the messed up way they will go after Christian men for saying anything contrary to feminism, but yet they won’t say boo about Muslims and their more blatantly oppressive system of beliefs.
commented 2015-08-13 19:04:47 -0400
Jason – Just biding my time, honey, but I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Roosh is a Muslim who very openly claims his views reflect his Islamic beliefs. (John Oakley Show, 13 August 2015)

Views that promote pro-Shariah legalization of rape laws.

To make legal in the west the shariah sex slavery of non-Muslim women, girls and yes, boys.

Legalization of rape under shariah allows the rape of all your sons.

Roosh also hates Jews.

And he calls anyone who disagrees with him an “islamophobe”.

First, they came for the women and children (by repressing feminism), then for the homosexuals, then for the mentally defective, then for the Jews and Gypsies, then for Christians, Hindus and Buddhists … and why? Because none of you he-men stopped them. None of you opposed their rape culture.
commented 2015-08-13 12:55:38 -0400
When I heard Roosh was coming I got in touch, offered some tips on Cdn law, hopefully, it helped. I see he’s laid a charge against that pathetic woman that threw beer on him.

He had on a disguise, so she REALLY had to have strong intent to seek out and assault (mens rhea). CBC reported as much, stating she went looking for him. But she’ll get off light if we don’t put pressure on the legal system to prosecute to the full extent of the law. I hope Ezra and Roosh do a petition demanding justice that can be presented at sentencing – I think it’s key!!
commented 2015-08-13 12:27:13 -0400
d.o.f. lol
commented 2015-08-13 11:10:28 -0400
I’m surprised Joan hasn’t sounded off on this subject.
commented 2015-08-13 10:23:50 -0400
The Roosh must crow! Free speech must stand tall, only defense left for a free society to thrive! The feminist sleaze also allowed freespeech, Speak out loud!
commented 2015-08-13 07:30:34 -0400
The real victims are the men, hard work and integrity isn’t enough. I’ve said before, radical feminism has left men very marginalized. Prince Knight. I prayed for a short tanned brunet nymphomaniac who loved me,and ended up immigrating a Philipino family. I wouldn’t marry any woman who wouldn’t ask me for marriage or any who ask how much do you make? We are doing very well. Feminists want half of what we are.
commented 2015-08-12 16:56:44 -0400
Of course the feminists are claiming victimhood, Gavin! They’ve got nothing else! Everything they’ve demanded over the last 50 years they’ve received, so left? Quit? (Yeah, like that’s going to happen…)

The best way to deal with these “feminists” is to do what MGTOW is doing (as reported by Lauren Southern) — guys, stay single! Leave these female freaks alone! (Personally, I’m going to marry someone not Caucasian, and not even from North America, to bypass this whole mess…)

But I have to laugh at how the “activists” (read, social terrorists) will clamp on the title of somebody’s penmanship/ interview, not read the rest, and make Olympic-worthy leaps to conclusions… and then, with the result of those leaps, make condemnations based on those conclusions. (Hell, facts don’t count, don’t you know!) ALL “activists” do this. Just look back to the tail end of last year, with GLAAD and NAACP and which cable channel was it (?) slamming Phil Robertson for something he said in an interview. These “agencies” misquoted and took out of context his words. (I found, and still have, the entire article!) He was vindicated, and his show re-instated, but these “agencies” never admitted their screw-up. (But we knew!)

And then these same “activists” wonder why the rest of us tune them out (as well as the media carrying their “message”)…
commented 2015-08-12 15:18:33 -0400
The french as*holes (include PIG MAYOR CODERRE) performed ethnic cleansing on quebec for forty years – chasing out anything english including people, companies and any culture. Aside from this “hitler mentality” the real issue is the amount of pure anger and hatred needed to do this.

So feminist pigs doing their hate thing in quebec is a natural extension of this shit*ty province. When the global economy goes for a reset, french should get erased from north America once and for all.