May 17, 2016

Rumours of gun seizures in Fort McMurray: How to respond responsibly

Todd BrownRebel Blogger

The events at Fort McMurray were tragic. There is no debate there. The heroic efforts on the part of firefighters and first responders cannot be debated. The selfless way the residents of Ft Mac, and Albertans in general have handled this crisis is not up for debate. But when rumors of gun seizures came to life on social media, a debate started raging.

I would like to interject some reason concerning these gun seizure reports. 

While it is true that a few guns have been taken by police, we do need to know, for certain, what the circumstances were when these guns were taken. These details are critical.

The question of seizures was raised at a Wildfire Evacuee Tele-Town Hall meeting on May 10. (Audio at the 36:15 mark.) It would seem at this point that the RCMP are following the official provincial statements.

Are these seizure instances targeted? If so, these instances must be properly documented to determine if that was the case.

There is a lot of scepticism of the RCMP because of the broken trust caused by the High River incident.

I would urge people to carefully document any incidents with times, dates, what was taken, touched or moved. Take lots of pictures.

We need evidence of wrong-doing that would stand up in a courtroom.

As well, contact media with any proven incidents. Get the information out there.

To keep High River from happening again, we must pay the price of vigilance. No debate.

Watch carefully, and make sure everyone knows we are watching.

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commented 2016-05-23 16:56:27 -0400
Bill, you have a good approach here, wait and see. But, when the residents are allowed back, a careful inspection should be made. If police break trust yet another time, it will clearly show what the truth is. Action’s speak louder than words
commented 2016-05-18 13:38:16 -0400
Will the RCMP once again enter private homes on search and seizure missions under cover of an emergency powers situation?

It’s a valid fear given K division’s record and rumours that the RCMP may be seizing private property after entering homes is more than a rumor. The RCMP themselves admitted on May 5 that “special tactical teams” were searching homes for anyone refusing to obey the fire evacuation order.

A Sgt. Jack Poitras was quoted as saying “Right now we have special tactical operations inside the city looking to make sure that there is nobody left behind,”. He went on to say that the tactical teams will be searching homes and yards for anyone still in Fort McMurray. What is a SWAT team doing “rescues” for? This STO is the same outfit that did the “rescue” in High River.

This house to house search was confirmed by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale later in the week when he stated: “The RCMP have been conducting a door-to-door inventory in Fort McMurray quite literally going to every doorstep to simply check on the state of the property and so forth and they expect to have that inventory completed by probably the end of the day today.”
The Media asked Goodale if there were any directives made to RCMP in Fort Mac to prevent a repeat of the High River break-ins.

Goodale replied: “I wouldn’t expect a repeat of that problem. Because the RCMP will be following the law very closely and they will be making sure that, uh, that all of people, that everyone’s individual rights will be properly respected.”

Excuse me Ralph, but 5 years ago during the Slave Lake fire, and more recently in the High River food the RCMP showed remarkably little respect for “the rights of citizens”.

Ralph’s assurances don’t reassure when you understand that in both Slave lake and High River when they were backed to the wall by outraged citizens they used the trump card excuse – The RCMP broke into homes and seized private property under the auspices of Section 19.1(h) of the Alberta Emergency Management Act, which says:

(h) authorize the entry into any building or on any land, without warrant, by any person in the course of implementing an emergency plan or program. [The danger here is that in law, there is no difference between a building and a domicile, so locked private homes are open to warrantless invasion by any government hack with an axe to grind and bust a door down with.]

This law still stands, they can do this regardless of Goodale’s “hopes” and still follow the law as he directed – not like political promises are disingenuous or anything.

The Alberta Government was told by a policy review commission this section of the emergency act was dangerous to citizen’s property, civil rights and public good will because it was so open to abuse – they were told to change this official break in enabling statute – Notley has so far refused to do so, placing Albertan’s property at the mercy of any government actor during a loosely defined “emergency”. So a lot of the blame for the High River and Salve Lake break ins rests with Provincial Government.

But hey, federal public safety Minister Goodale is “confident” the RCMP (Alberta’s provincial police force) will NOT repeat their felonious High River conduct in Fort McMurray – it appears that so far, the RCMP have been behaving like heroes and protectors worthy of public respect instead of the politically motivated B&E artists of High River infamy – time will tell. The world is watching.
commented 2016-05-17 21:54:45 -0400
Police are the enemy of the people and have been for some years now.
commented 2016-05-17 19:03:54 -0400
Let’s wait for the facts to come out, let’s closely and carefully investigate all claims of police entry and seizure in the fire zone, if any. Public trust of RCMP is at a low ebb but you don’t react to unsubstantiated rumors.

IF – there is irrefutable proof they have been seizing lawfully owned firearms or other personal property after warrantless entry into private domiciles with neither permission or just cause, then they are in criminal and constitutional breech -

If this is a repeat of the Slave Lake gun grab, prosecutions and firings shall ensue, we start with the politicians who allowed this police state atrocity.
commented 2016-05-17 18:54:36 -0400
The first of July is now Canada day. It would really be Canada day if a million people showed up in front of the Tower of Babbling idiots and called for the skin of the Fool on the Hill, his stupidness Justin Bin Trudeau and his wife Sophie The Pig Cow.
We should all meet on the hill and watch him fall!

commented 2016-05-17 18:48:21 -0400
You people actually think the government, military or rcmp care about what we think. They have owned us all for years. You think one person going to court to prove a point, then being arrested and thrown in prison for not even breaking the law is doing something?? The only way we are ever going to get Canada back is to take it back. Every person in Canada just sits there and says “We’ll vote them out” like that is going to change anything. Please. The only thing that is going to change anything in Canada is for people to stand up and fight but Canadian’s are so afraid of dying or upsetting their cute little lives that they will sit and let the government, cops and military walk all over them.
commented 2016-05-17 18:41:21 -0400
They got away with it once. Why would they not try again? The police cannot be trusted. They work for the marxist politicians, not ordinary folk.
commented 2016-05-17 17:33:09 -0400
the trouble with the media in canada is they are all anti gun and all about gun controls of which harper got rid of and turdo wants to bring back using the UN’s system of gun control to subjugate honest gun owners,the media will go out of it’s way to not report abuses towards gun owners like many other stories that they hide and the rebel reports on.