April 22, 2015

Russian MMA goes Game of Thrones: New sport has KNIGHTS fighting inside cage

Rebel Staff

Russia is no stranger to hybrid sports – remember chess boxing?

The latest craze involves knights duking it out in a cage normally reserved for mixed martial artists.

According to Bleacher Report, M-1 Global began hosting armored knight jousts as in-between-fight spectacles in 2014.

Now MMAFighting.com reports that “M-1 Medieval” will become a new event as soon as promoters

M-1 president Vadim Finkelchtein said, “I liked the fans' reaction when we did it for the first time in St. Petersburg at M-1 Challenge 50. They seemed to really like it. They were impressed and supported the knights. So, I thought it was worth continuing. At that time, the knight fight was to fill the pause between the undercard and main card fights. If we find enough fighters to make enough fights, we will have a separate medieval show with its own weight categories, title fights and champions.”

M-1 will be publishing a whole set of rules soon as the popularity of this new sport grows.

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commented 2015-04-22 19:35:20 -0400
Back to the past, where men were men and sheep were nervous.
commented 2015-04-22 18:09:35 -0400
Not my favourite spectacle sport.

There is a market in the middle east, though, for those neck guards.
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